Even today, July 29

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Rains …

….and wind. Temperature: 19-23 C.

Do not pass:

At the National Press Center press conference on the topic "On Pension Security of the Republic of Belarus".

In the CIS Executive Committee meeting of the expert group on launching a project of the Interstate Council for Anti-Corruption.


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas meets with representatives of the Arab League in Cairo to discuss the reconciliation process in the Middle East.


In 1883 was born of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, who was also called Il Duce. It is believed that out of it the party started in the world of fascism, then got the ugliest form in Germany. Mussolini dreamed of an Italian empire, the whole power of which would belong to him. During World War II Duce comparing his regime with Hitler's regime. After the war, in 1945, the Duce were shot partisans of the anti-fascist resistance movement, and his body was hung by the feet in the town square.

In 1890, he died the world-famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh (b. 1853), whose work is referred to the post-impressionism. All his life van Gogh was in poverty worldwide recognition of his work came after the artist's death. Today, for the painting van Gogh give tens of millions of dollars.

In 1925 was born a Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis.

There is a reason:

Valentine's Day Olyafa in Norway. Day is set to commemorate the death of the King of Norway Olyafa s Garaldsana, whose name is connected Christianization of the country. Olyaf King was killed in battle with the Gentiles 29 July 1030 and was assigned to the saints in the next year.

Quote to remember:

"Fascism — is a religion. Twentieth century will be remembered as the century of Fascism."

"Fascism is really better to call karparatyzmam because he — the merger of state and corporate power."

"The liberal state — is a mask behind which there is a person, and this platform, beyond which there is no building."

"The truth is, people tired of liberty. "

"I have a feeling that we are stronger when we have no friends or anyone to whom we can turn for moral advice."

Benito Mussolini

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