Everything is interconnected — Anisotropic world

How is our world? Why are not things, but the principles of symmetry? Where are the origins of the inconceivable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences? Is there any scientific evidence Pythagorean idea that all things — a number? These and other questions are given by the authors of the popular movie "Anisotropic world."

Their answers, they try to look in the direction of replacing the ordinary space-time geometry on Finsler, which, figuratively speaking, the Pythagorean theorem relates not to the square, and the fourth degree of the legs and the hypotenuse. The film presents the point of view of professional physicists, the combined natural desire to seek extension of the theory of relativity, not in conflict with the concept of the latter. In a sense, a continuation of the movie "The geometry of the universe from different points of view", as well as a popular exposition of research, part of which can be seen at:

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