Executioner Cambodia sentenced to 35 years in prison

July 26 military tribunal in Cambodia, held under the auspices of the UN, convicted a former warden at the "Khmer Rouge" Kang Kek Iev. He was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Many people in Cambodia angered soft sentence. Sentences are waiting for another 4 figures of the former regime, in which 4 years was killed about 2 million people.

Sentence, voiced yesterday, Cambodia establishes justice, sums due to his past Grozny.

67-year-old former chief of the most terrible Cambodian prison "Tuol Sleng," known by the nickname "Comrade Duch," admitted that he personally directed the torture and murder of thousands of people. In prison, contained 17,000 people living there came a dozen now survived three. One of them, 79-year-old Chum Mei, told the court how he was tortured 12 days. He was indignant that his main executioner was sentenced on 35 years. "We are the victims twice — Mei shouted outside the court — the first time then the second — now."

All the time the process of the court building were thousands of people, the course of events of national television broadcast on live television.

The first case in Cambodia, where a high official was convicted of crimes against humanity

In fact, "Comrade Duch" received yesterday only 19 years in prison: prosecutor requested 40 years, was given 35, but took into account the term, a former prison warden has already spent in jail before trial, as well as reduced time for another 5 years as compensation for procedural violations .

Kang Kek Iev deal — the first case in Cambodia, where a high official was convicted of crimes against humanity, and the first time it was in full compliance with the standards of international justice.

In passing sentence, took into account the fact that Iev cooperated with the investigation and the court and partly confessed to their crimes.

However, when he asked during the parsing of pardon him, the audience burst into anger.

"Just following orders"

During the trial, he tried to draw a line that, well, just following orders. But the defendant has summed punctuality, when he was the chief of the camp, then kept a detailed file of orders, photos, confessions. Preserved orders signed by "comrade Ducham" sanction torture with electric shocks and vyryvannem nails, he personally approved all death sentences.

The wounds inflicted by the regime, "Khmer Rouge" to still not healed in Cambodian society. A huge number of people have lost their loved ones, many regret that there is no death penalty for such as "Comrade Duch": in their view, he deserves a life sentence.

But, according to the journalist Zuy Wanaka, even if cut "Comrade Duch" 2 million pieces, it does not resurrect the dead.

Vessels in prison waiting for another 4 figures regime "Khmer Rouge" in including former head of the country Khiev Samphan and foreign minister Ieng Sary.

Those who takes a lot of lives, you can not escape justice.

Chea Ling — the prosecutor at the trial of the former head of the prison, "Khmer Rouge", said today at a press conference:

"This verdict — a clear message to anyone who makes a crime. Those who takes a lot of lives would not escape justice."

Simple words that are important not only for Cambodia. Of the latter, they can confirm the recall process in Chile over the executioners of the Pinochet regime and conviction in the Czech Republic prakurorki which demanded the death penalty trial of communist dissidents in Czechoslovakia.

Not a law of nature, of course, but the fate of "Comrade Duch" — really a lesson for many who are confident of their impunity and to justify the stories.

Forced labor during the regime of "Khmer Rouge"

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