Expert: National Bank has lost control over the processes

Less than a week ruble in commercial banks depreciated by 50%, but as bankers predict it — not the limit. As soon as the National Bank will cease to control the step size of the devaluation, jump in the cash market may repeat the records that are placed daily on the interbank market — the dollar there are going to more than 7 thousand. Meanwhile, the authorities did not explain the results of their policies, which led to the collapse of the economy — for a few days to pay the equivalent of $ 500 spavzli to 300.

The exchange rate for commercial banks are still governed by verbal recommendations of the National Bank. Last week, the central bank has raised the bar to a maximum height of 4,000 rubles to the dollar at the beginning of this week — to 4,500 rubles. However, neither then nor now did not feel any relief by bankers and those who hoped for the emergence of currency in the public domain. Acute shortage of funds has led to the fact that the dollar quotation on the OTC market reached 7,000 rubles, and the money changers began to buy and sell American money at rates in the range of 4800-5500 rubles.

Senior Advisor to the International Finance Corporation in Belarus Valery Fadeev says that the next dosage National Bank weakening of the ruble resulted only in a loss of control over the processes of:

"In a sense, the situation is really out of control. We see that taking certain measures, but they are not quite adequate, they are not systemic. Today, one decision, tomorrow is another. So there are suspicions that it out of out of control. "

If it was decided to devaluation may such a high rate would not be

Reporter"Dollar hits record on the interbank market. When the National Bank is yet to release cash currency, whether the numbers achieving the same performance? '.

"I think that if you just let go (and it probably should have been done much earlier), then it seems reasonable to set a certain course. Because right now, from my point of view, established a speculative course. This is due to the fact that there is no certainty in the position of the government or the National Bank, the people simply do not know what will happen next. And if the decision was made to devaluation may all gradually "vstakanilasya" b, and such a high rate would not. Where somewhere around 5000 rubles — yes, but 7000 — too. "

Authorities at the chaos that is happening in the financial market, do not react. Alexander Lukashenko last week only ensured that a month or two Belarusians will forget all the "mess" with the currency. All other communications between financial institutions and the public come across occasional comments press service of the National Bank. Analysts believe that samavhilenne officials from the problem that has affected virtually all — is immoral. Director of development communications agency "ARS Kommyunikeyshnz" Roman Kostitsyn in videakamentary online in this regard stated:

"In this situation, a profound surprise is the persistent silence on the part of public authorities, with the exception of some press secretaries, whose status does not always correspond to the seriousness of the moment for comment. And some conclusions about the causes of the situation that has developed. Rather than analyzing the actual situation in economy — and it is nothing unusual, in fact full of countries where there is complexity where there is inflation — talking about something. On some gymnastic exercises, "slopes" — hear about it all the time. On some external enemies . And also the fact that the Belarusian people to himself the chief enemy, because he bought imported cars. Perhaps the meaning of those words the other. But I understand it is, and the Belarusian people, obviously, too … ".

Instead of analyzing the situation in the economy, talking about something completely different. On some gymnastic exercises, "slopes" — hear about it all the time. On some external enemies

As a month, and two years ago, today people are going to exchange points for one purpose — to buy the currency at commercial rates as determined by banks. But to capture 10 or 20 dollars, we have to palyavats hours, if not days. Those with dollars or euros are, take them to the current date is not in a hurry. Says financial analyst Ekaterina Smirnova, people are scared before unpredictability of the financial system that will keep the currency at itself to the latter:

"Who was holding up to the last dollar, but life is not enough, then maybe go and pass the top ten to visit the store again. But the rest — is unlikely. Recall any previous tuzanni rubles by bank transfer to and fro, some strange team — let's let go, then let's not going to let anything — it is natural people wise shall see that in this situation will happen next. Of course, one can not say that fundamentally changed the situation completely. We need to look at that aspect, which is good although these steps are done, that they happened at least now that did not pull some more time. But sorry, it's not was before. Then everything would be decided not so much blood. "

Meanwhile, "Belarusbank", in whose jurisdiction the right to be transferred to waiting lists to buy foreign currency on the "social goals", said the currency will be sold not at the official rate of the National Bank, and the current that is significantly higher.

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