Faith Saints. A series of films about the basics of the Orthodox faith watch online

Faith Saints.  A series of films about the basics of the Orthodox faith watch online
We offer a series of films about the basics of the Orthodox faith. A series of movies "Faith Saints' consists of 5 units, which include inside stories on the basic tenets of the Orthodox Church. Text films made from the works of St. Philaret Metropolitan Metropolitan (Drozdov) and St. Nicholas Serbian. movie of their content and the brightest impressive video material is fascinating and useful not only to beginners that makes the first steps in the Church, and the people, and has long been firmly linked their lives with the Orthodox Church.

Part 1:
01 Series — What is faith?
02 Series — Faith as a revelation. The Bible and Tradition
03 Series — Old Testament. The law, history, prophets
04 Series — New Testament
05 Series — Holy Tradition. Zhihni in God. Church
06 Series — The sign of faith and its origins. Ecumenical Councils

Part 2:
07 Series — God the Father. The Creator. Creator
08 Series — The Creation
09 series — Jesus Christ. Son of God. Rescuer
Episode 10 — The Descent from Heaven. Incarnation. Our lady
11 series — The Crucifixion. Godmother victims. Redemption
Episode 12 — The Resurrection of Christ

Part 3:
Episode 13 — Accession to the heavens
Episode 14 — the second coming. Last tribunal. Kingdom of Heaven
Episode 15 — God the Holy Spirit
16 series — Church Uniform Holy The Cathedral Apostolic
Episode 17 — The Baptism of sins ostavleine
18 Series — Universal resurrection from the dead

Part 4:
19 Never-ending life
20 Sacraments. — Epiphany. Confirmation
Mystery 21 — Communion
22 Mystery — Confession
23 Mystery — Priesthood
24 Sacrament — Matrimony

Part 5:
25 Sacrament of Holy Unction
26 Commandments of God. Sinai Revelation
27 first commandment
28 second commandment
29 third commandment
30 fourth commandment. The sacred day of rest

Faith and religion

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