Feast of Belarusian independence in the center of Vitebsk

After the city government did not give permission to hold the event in the Park of Culture and Rest named after the Soviet army, the democratic community gathered to mark the anniversary of the Belarusian independence in the center of Vitebsk.

At the event, which was sanctioned by the fountain in the park of Frunze were about four dozen activists.

After a brief opening statement, Chairman of the Department BPF activist Konstantin Smolikau campaign "Tell the truth"A quiz on the works of Vladimir Neklyaeva and organized the Singing Competition.

Accompanied on guitar famous bard George Stankevich, who later played with a dozen of his own songs.

During the event the bushes watching riot police. Another four guys in plain clothes followed the events, sitting on benches next to the activists.

Lieutenant colonel Andrey Ivanov Department of Internal Affairs of the October repeatedly warned those present not to a friendly meeting turned into a political rally. And finally banned inflate balloons with the logo of the "Tell the truth."

Singing Contest

Inflate balloons present forbade Colonel Andrei Ivanov

Bard sings George Stankevich

Prizes from the company "Tell the truth!"

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