Fence as a means of mass media

Fence near the private house of Michael Lukashevich, a resident of the village Vychulki that around Brest, attracts the attention of everyone who passes by. On it, Mr. Michael said everything his critical views on the orders of the country and the city. Local authorities and the police do not like a challenge.

Police initially charged with Michael Lukashevich news of the theft, as posters painted on pieces of metal. Later it turned out that these materials — waste production road enterprises, so the case was opened. However, attempts to destroy the posters was pretty much says Michael:

"Many times the team came to sketch, came to the chief of police with the commission, too many times. Lately, too, not just the police arrived, however, quite politely asked to take a picture of the fence and posters. Already do not quarrel. But I think that something is preparing them. What exactly — I do not know. "

The villagers said that the posters do not have any nasty words and calls to overthrow the government, so I think my way of fighting for justice legal. And write on the fence, he decided to after, he understood that the officials did not hear:

"I have three children, I needed something to feed them, and for medical decisions I generally not allowed to work. Under such conditions, who should I contact? Whom to write? Here you are, then I have the answer from the presidential administration … Therefore only fence and writing. "

According to police comments in the press, Mr. Michael Lukashevich fence and inscriptions on it does not violate the law. According to human rights activist Vladimir Vyalichkin, the owner does not need to worry that the posters and the fence can be destroyed, but that's provocations are possible:

"The fence is not to destroy, but can provoke. This is private property rights, he wants on it, and then can make. Especially since he does not offend anyone by their actions. "

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