Film 10. 5 points: Apocalypse / 10. 5: Apocalypse.

For some moments tremor force 7.9 on the Richter scale transforms Washington in piling rampant land. Next strike force 8.4 points falls on the northern California, literally splits the surface. Chain reaction threatens to sweep the ocean all the west coast of the United States.

When the shock wave covers San Francisco, its power has already reached 9.2. Assumption expert on crustal faults Samantha Hill confirmed the most horrific way: force next push should be not less than 10.5 points. To prevent a disaster is only one way — towards nuclear explosion, which permits only the president can give. If the plan of work of scientists, will be saved 50 million lives. If not … come to an end.

Since a year ago, the most powerful earthquakes in history shook the west coast of America, a seismologist Samantha Hill is leading the country through the worst natural disasters. Working together with geologist Jordan, Samantha is a symbol of courage and resilience. However, when the tsunami washed away Waikiki to the ground, their fears about the effects of the earthquake are met.

Seismically quiet for centuries the region awakened. In the deadly cloud of smoke and ash disappears ski resort, the boiling water rises out of the ground, flooding the valley, the Hoover Dam breaks, freeing the flow of water crushing force, and Mount Rushmore explodes in a fiery hell of molten lava.

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