Fly deprives the ants head


. The world's smallest ant decapitating fly. The tiny fly species Euryplatea nanaknihali, belonging to the family gorbatok are storm ants. Putting aside their larvae into the bodies of these insects, they actually deprive them of life.

Hatched, the offspring of ant eats the contents of the head, and she falls off, as if chopped off her skillful executioner. All of these bloodthirsty details become known to entomologists from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County), where they have traced the evolution of a species. It was found that the insect, the size of which does not exceed 0.4 millimeters, is the world's smallest fly.

For comparison, an ordinary housefly (Musca domestica) 15 times, and fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) is 5 times more children parasites. It appears that such dimensions are determined by their lifestyle. suggests Dr. Brian Brown (Brian Brown), lead author of the study.

He believes that the detected species of flies can overcome any ant to the size of the head is greater than 0.5 mm. While this is only speculation, but scientists have a basis for this hypothesis. The fact that the only known form of data-in-law flies (Euryplatea eidmanni) feeds on ants Equatorial Guinea.

"Previously it was thought that smaller species of ants are able to avoid the unenviable fate of being beheaded, as the larvae of flies size of 1-3 millimeters is not physically able to develop in their heads. Now we have proved that even the smallest insect host can not cope with parasites "- says Brown.

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