Flying saucer over Slovakia. 1965




"September 3 at 18:00 pm on Kosice seen flying saucers, flying from south to north. According to Major Boris Domanski, who was walking with his wife on the street. Comenius, he saw a large crowd, gazing at the sky. He looked up and saw a red, round object flying from the East Slovakian ironworks towards Bankovoj. At the same moment he saw a black object, rotating on the spot at an altitude of about 3000 m in about 7,000 meters of Kosice. When the round red object flew past the rotating object, the latter flew and disappeared.

Revision was inundated with calls from citizens who witnessed this phenomenon. According to the Office of the State airline radar station in Kosice has not recorded at this time is no object in the air as they track only scheduled flights arriving and departing aircraft. "

This article from the Czechoslovak newspaper «Pravda» (Bratislava) on September 4, 1965 was found among the documents of the CIA declassified under the Freedom of Information.

Ufonavigator 8.2004

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