Flying subs — lurking becomes apparent

In almost all textbooks can meet the mention of the event in 1963 off the coast of the U.S. state of California an unidentified flying object. This fact is impossible to refute, because it is actually the only case in the history of mankind, when the appearance of a UFO was captured on film.

But over the years remained a mystery than it was this mysterious object and for what purpose, he appeared off the coast of the United States. Now, in the era of the declassification of documents by the CIA and the KGB, it's safe to say that there are reasonable grounds to assert that rising out of the water and surging object did not come from outer space, and has a fully terrestrial origin. But is it?

Flying submarines - the secret becomes clear

The plane-submarine Conveir, 1964: This project could be one of the most successful in the development of winged submarines, if not resistance, U.S. Senator Allen Elendera, suddenly closed the financing

Flying submarines - the secret becomes clear

Winged submarine Donald Reid Commander-2
Developed with the assistance of the U.S. Navy in 1964, the submarine was in the form in which it is depicted in the diagram below, and was never in fact

First confirmation that seen and shot on film object has a fully terrestrial origin, can be found in the report by Richard Knee, while working as an assistant sheriff of the local police. On that day he was on duty and in his own management report pointed out that not only had time to see the object closely, and take it on film. "It's definitely not a UFO. Outside, he is identical with the plane, so we can say with confidence about his earthly origin, "- Colin writes in the report.

Only after the footage with a sensational content spread all over the world, and a report by Colin just added them, the U.S. government has put forward an official version of the occurrence of an unidentified flying object. "UFOs off the coast of California — nothing else as the standard hidden developments Russian designers, and specifically this device Soviet military tested the island Catalunya", — said the press service of the white houses, in response to numerous questions from reporters.

Charles Brown, an employee of the Office of Special Investigations of the U.S. Air Force in the 1965-1983 biennium, the subsequent told: "In my opinion, it says only one thing — neuzh is where we are in the truth behind the USSR in science? No, I do not think so. Maybe that's the case, we are witnessing oploshki deficiencies or intelligence? Of that I am sure. " From the words of a man which took an active role in the investigation of the mysterious incident, it can be concluded that in the United States at that time were all convinced that the appearance of the object — it intrigues of the Soviet Union, and the main blame for the emergence of Russian objects from their own shores was assigned to the CIA.

In turn, the Soviet Union all the statements of the U.S. government reacted very relaxed. There was no public statements denied the versions put forward by a political opponent, no ultimatums, everything pointed to the fact that all of the expressions from the ocean is not related to Russian Union. Information that in our country are conducted entirely hidden development of new submarines, the country's top management has not confirmed, nor denied.

Flying submarines - the secret becomes clear

And now, when a significant part of the Russian military archives were declassified and made available for review, the researchers were able to establish that the mysterious object that the South American military explorers encountered in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, could indeed be a new development of Russian designers.

Back in the 30's of the twentieth century, Russian designers have tried to build a unique design — a flying submarine (LPL).

The main designer of the unique features of its technical military facility was Vasily Ushakov — a talented Russian designer, which is connected with the name of an unlimited number of development of marine hardware, both military and civilian purpose. The idea designer, LPL must remember on his own form of the plane, whose body is made of a superalloy. LPL had to climb to a height of 800 meters and with 3 engines to reach speeds up to 300 km / h It was assumed that the air LPL will be able to travel long distances, and then again immersed in the square. Especially for that designers have provided airtight compartments for hiding engines. To go with the regime of flight and landing on the water to a total immersion LPL took only 90 seconds.

Flying submarines - the secret becomes clear

"The plan Ushakov, his submarine, given the fact that the aircraft flies faster, — says Konstantin Kulagin, an expert historian of the Navy USSR and Russia — should swim out and air by simultaneously change the position, which is very profitable in a confrontation with the enemy fleet. "

At the same time, Russian historians in the version that in 1963 off the coast of California came out specifically LPL Ushakov not believe. First, they point to the fact that there is no evidence that a similar device was ever launched. Of course, what a great project Vasily Ushakov has remained a project on paper.

But if USSR have not been able to build aircraft designed to start out of the water, the South American designers coped with this task, and it is recognized very well.

Flying submarines - the secret becomes clear

In 1975, the South American concern Lockheed Martin introduced the world's first flying submarine. The newest ship Karmoran was able to soar into the air from a depth of 150 meters and to accelerate to 400 km / h, and with all this, thanks to the Stealth, remain invisible to enemy radar. Thanks to our own very small weight of LPL in the air makes maneuvers that are not subordinate to even the mundane modern fighters. The main objective of Karmorana — is an exploration and data transmission to the main vessel or into the main command center. To carry out exploration on the unmanned vessel has all the necessary technical equipment, from cameras t
o signal interceptors.

At present, the only South American LPL Karmoran in the world, but the science is not static, and can be very recently, such devices will appear in the Russian army. Or maybe they already have?

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