For a drunk policeman shot at point-blank Nina? New details

The news of the murder of 22-year-old Nina Karaseva village of New Zhuravichi shocked the whole country. Woman shot not a gangster or a maniac, a policeman, a deputy, a father of two children. For what offense the police committed a violent act? These circumstances from eyewitnesses figured journalist "Stars" Evgeny Voloshin.

Proceedings of the Belarusian press, which came immediately after the tragedy, have left many questions. The people there were rumors — "killed out of jealousy", "accidentally shot", "the trigger is pressed the policeman's wife," and so on. What is really happening in the town Dovsk Rogachev district terrible Kupala night?

"It's a district Klimenko" called "very important", the result is engaged in Gomel Regional Prosecutor's Office.

Part of the country is aware of the dry and maloobyasnimyh circumstances of the tragedy. On Tuesday, July sixth police precinct police station Rahachou shot 22-year-old girl. From the shot point-blank victim received a "focal brain injury, open fracture of the skull." Was several major operations. On Friday, July 16 girl died …
Journalist of "Stars" has met with a direct witness of the death shot.

— Talk about the fact that Nina met Klimenko — a lie. A year ago, he tried to take care of it. But Nina refused to meet with a married man, the conversation ended. And so they met for the first time in This year,. Klimenok, Kurgan district of the village council, came to Zhuravichi together with his mistress — says a witness of how the police "carried a duty" on Kupala night. — Some newspapers wrote that he disconnected the phone to Nina. This is not true, and this information can be easily checked by making printouts of telephone conversations. Nina was friends with the district Sergei K., who served the territory Zhuravichi village council, where she lived. They were just friends, nothing more. It was fun, in company with her was fun. That night they had agreed to meet, walk together in the company. The policemen and the mistress came to Zhuravichi Klimenko, they were joined by three local girls, among whom was Nina. Together, they sat on the lake, drank half a bottle of vodka.

— It's a little, why do they say that the police as "a walk", which barely stood on their feet?

— A police driver who brought all was quite sober, other police officers — more or less. A Klimenok was no. Already on the lake, he began to quarrel with Nina.

— For what?

— She was a very friendly girl, all defended in front of everyone was trying to be nice. Aleh, with whom she has worked together, the problem happened. Once solved, it will be punished or not. She started to stand up for him, "Why the guy lives cripple?" Kohl was drunk and began screaming: "Yeah, I'll put it at all, he is a freak, so-and-rastakoy." Then he ran off somewhere, caught on the stump, fallen. He began to shout that broke the ribs. Lost from the gun holster. We have found it. And he began to cry out: "I can be all, kill all". Heard, and such that said: "We have to shoot." Thought the man was drunk, is nonsense, did not pay enough attention. And Kohl's silent …

— What happened after that?

— Let's go to Dovsk, briefly — then to return to Zhuravichi on duty. We sat in the car outside the bar, "Alexander." Talked about various things and laughing. One of us went and got some more vodka, zapivona. Thought back.
Klimenok demanded the car, wanted to go home. He said, "Where are you behind the wheel in such a state? And how can we give you to my wife, you're on the horns." Finally he was going to walk home. And he gave to the lake lost service pistol. Klimenok took the weapon suddenly instructed to Nina and shot at point blank range in the head. Was like a spark on the front of the machine gushing blood.

— … How so? Just instructed gun and shot?

— Yes, and said thus: "You, and … well, a long time I had to bang." Maybe in the other began to smoke, but the gun right away. He was sitting in the front seat and said nothing. Only after a while began to say: "Kill me …"

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