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In Russia going to criminalize the use of Nazi and a similar symbolism, icons, shapes, greetings, gestures, and other attributes that are associated with the Third Reich. The draft law on the inadmissibility of the rehabilitation and glorification of Nazism before the end of the Federation Council, will introduce to the State Duma.

"Over the last 20 years due attention to this issue has not been given at all. And now there was a wild situation, when the Nazis are rukopozhatnymi, and the topic itself — ordinary. The company can meet someone who says that patriotism is akin to Nazism, and no one will pull up ", — told the newspaper" Izvestia "one of the authors of the document — the senator from the Arkhangelsk region, Konstantin Dobrynin.

The Act provides for the introduction of a fine of 300 thousand rubles., Corrective labor or imprisonment for up to two years. Relevant amendments will be written in the article 282 of the Criminal Code ("inciting hatred or enmity, as well as the humiliation of human dignity").

In addition, the law will give the definitions of such concepts and actions as a "Nazi", "Nazi criminals", "rehabilitation of Nazism," "glorification of Nazi war criminals," and explained that a Nazi symbols. It is planned that the examination of violations will be two mutually independent commission — state and public.

The "new" Nazis very cunning. They are characterized by an element psevdoideynosti. They say, yes, I'm a Nazi, but I will not plant! Because I was not a Nazi salute and gesture "from the heart to the sun." But this law says no, if the characters are similar, then it will be evaluated as the propaganda of Nazism, "- said the senator. Dobrynin said that the law will not affect the scientific, artistic and literary activities. According to him, do not be afraid of what might follow bans on some of the existing products.

According to the publication, a bill supported and consider it timely. Member of the State Duma Committee on Nationalities Mikhail Markelov sure to not only increase the punishment for trying to glorify the Nazi war criminals, but also to prohibit the free flow of "specific literature." According to him, this can be attributed to Adolf Hitler's book «Mein Kampf» («My Struggle") and other works, where about Nazism is told in a positive way, and access to them should be left only to the specialist historians.

Ban on the manufacture and sale of Nazi and similar attributes and acts now, but relies for its violation an administrative penalty — a fine of 500 to 1 thousand rubles. with confiscation of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols or arrest for 15 days.

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