For crimes in Russia are not judged, but for preventing them — the death penalty

True death penalty commuted to life, we're such humane

April 7 at night in the city of Tula region Bogoroditsk to local businessman broke into the house armed robbers who demanded money. The victim in the city there are several grocery stores. After the money attackers course, no one has given, they started beating bits of the entrepreneur, as well as his wife and children.

52-year-old man grabbed a kitchen knife, a refuge from the death of his family, he went alone to the four robbers, who besides bit also had a gun and knives. Although he was hit hard on the head with the bat, he was able to mortally wound the three assailants, who soon died at the scene, the fourth, frightened, ran away, reports

A businessman has an older daughter, 28 years, four children from 3 to 7 years, two children a 3-year old child and has appeared in the past year — Komsomolskaya Pravda — all of them started beating bandits broke into the house.

All this of course does not bother neither the government nor the police, because against the owner of the house was a criminal case under article "murder of two or more persons" with the maximum penalty — the death penalty (though we have a moratorium, but the measure still has ).

That is, for the beating and attempted murder of seven children bandits not showed anything, and for saving children from death — the death penalty. Great, is not it?

Also today, it was reported that the police refused to prosecute the teens who beat a girl in the Kaliningrad region.

Thus the position of the police is clear: to prevent the killing of unprofitable, on the contrary — to more deaths. The sad fact is that the police do not pay for it in order to save human lives, but for the fact that you died, and then the killer was in the cage.

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