Forest fires in the Vitebsk region

In Vitebsk region because of the threat of forest fires massively closed from visitors.

BelTA learned from the acting chief of forest protection, hunting and hunting tourism Vitebsk production Forestry Association Alexei Shaposhnikov.

On today due to the high fire hazard ban on visiting forests in Vitebsk, Lioznensky, Dubrovensky and Polotsk areas. The same solution is prepared and in the Shumilino, Ushachi, Tolochin, Syanno, Orsha, Lepel areas. It is planned that it will be accepted in the coming days.

In general, the situation with forest fires currently remains under control, although the north-west region have a mean score pazharanebyaspechnasts, and on the south-eastern regions — high.

Since the beginning of the spring-summer season in the Vitebsk region occurred on 21 forest fires in the area of 15 hectares, with nine of them have occurred in the last three days.



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