Free energy, which we refused

In the late 80-ies of the XIX century, trade journals devoted to science related to electricity, predicts ways to get "free electricity" in the near future. Amazing discoveries relating to the nature of electricity gradually became commonplace.

Nikola Tesla demonstrated "wireless lighting" and other wonders associated with high frequency currents. Never has the future did not expect so much. In 20 years there will be cars, airplanes, movies, audio, phone and radio. Victorian era opened up new horizons for the world. For the first time people are inspired, in imagination utopian future in which the most advanced means of transportation, as well as great communication, work, housing and food will be available to everyone. Disease and poverty will be defeated. Life has continued to improve, and seemed to "own a piece of cake" should get all everyone. So what happened? Why at the peak of technological "boom" no longer appear significant discoveries in the field of energy? Was the hype about "free electricity", observed before the beginning of the XX century, due to just wishful thinking, the idea, the failure of which the "real science" eventually proved? …


In fact, the answer to this question — "No". True state of affairs contrary to this statement. Along with other major discoveries were revealed to the world and new technologies in the energy field. Since then, numerous methods have been developed to get an enormous amount of energy, requiring extremely low cost. However, none of these technologies have become available to mainstream consumers in the "open" market as a commodity.

The reasons for this phenomenon are summarized in this article. But first I would like to give a description of all technologies related to "free energy" that are known to me at the moment and the reality of which is not in doubt. A common feature that unites all of these discoveries — that's what they all involve the use of a small amount of one form of energy to control or release of a different type of energy. Underlying many of these technologies are based on the principle of the ether — a source of energy, the existence of which modern science is more convenient to deny.

1. Radiant energy. Nikola Tesla amplifying transmitter, the device on Radiant Energy T.Genri Morey, Motor «EMA» Edwin Gray and machine Paul Bauman "Testatika" — all these devices run on Radiant Energy. This form of natural energy, mistakenly called "static" electricity, can be obtained directly from the environment, or is derived from conventional electricity method, known as "fractionation." Radiant energy can "get up" the same "miracles" that the use of electricity, at a cost of its production is 1% of the cost of generating electricity. The fact that the properties of radiant energy does not correspond to the properties of electricity, has led to misunderstanding of the phenomenon in science.

Swiss Company "Meterniya" currently has 5 or 6 working models without fuel, self-acting devices running on this type of energy.

2. Permanent magnets. Dr. Robert Adams (NZ) has developed astounding designs of electric motors, generators and heaters operating on permanent magnets. Such a device, receiving 100 watts of electricity from the power supply, generates 100 watts to recharge the power supply and 140 BTU (British Thermal Units) of heat in two minutes! Dr. Tom Bearden (USA) has two working models of the electric transformer, working on permanent magnets. To the input of the device is supplied electrical current capacity of 6 watts, which is needed to control the magnetic flux of the permanent magnet. By alternately fast and direction of the magnetic field on the first one and then the other output coil device, which has no moving parts, the electric current capacity of 96 watts. Bearden calls his device immobility electromagnetic generator, or "NEG» (MEG). Jean-Louis Nodinu managed to create such a device in France. The principles of operation of this type of device were first described by Frank Richardson (USA) in 1978.

Troy Reed (USA) has created a working model of a special magnetic fan, which is heated by rotation. Fan, regardless of whether it produces heat or not, consumes the same amount of energy. In addition to these developments, it should be mentioned by many inventors working mechanisms that generate torque in the motor only by the use of permanent magnets.

3. Mechanical Heaters. There are two classes of machines that transform a small amount of mechanical energy into a large amount of heat. The best in terms of design, the data purely mechanical devices, are the systems of rotating cylinders, developed by researchers Frenette (USA) and Perkins (USA).

In these machines, one cylinder to rotate, which is located inside the other and separated from it by a distance of 1/8 inch. The distance between the cylinders is filled with a liquid (water or oil), which is the "working fluid" that heats the device and the rotation of the inner cylinder. Another method uses magnets mounted on a wheel to cause the formation of strong eddy currents in the aluminum plate, which leads to its rapid heating.

These magnetic heaters have been demonstrated by researchers Muller (Canada), Adams (NZ) and Reed (USA). All of the above systems can produce ten times more heat than standard methods. With the same energy consumption.

4. Ultra-efficient electrolysis. With electricity the water can be split into hydrogen and oxygen. Standard chemistry textbooks claim that this process requires more energy than is consumed in the recombination of gases. This is true only for the worst cases. When water is exposed to a frequency coinciding with its own molecular frequency by using a system developed by Stan Meyer (USA) and again recently developed corporation Xogen Power, it (the water) is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen at the lowest cost of electricity. The use of different electrolytes (additives that increase the electrical conductivity of the water) dramatically increases the efficiency of the process. It is also known that certain geometric shape and surface texture of a positive effect on improving the efficiency of the process.

The practical application of this method is that you may receive unlimited amounts of hydrogen as a fuel for motor vehicles, and the cost of the hydrogen used as the cost of water. Moreover, in 1957, the researcher Friedman (USA) was patented by a special metal alloy, the use of which leads to spontaneous decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Process that takes place without the use of an electric current does not lead to chemical changes in the structure of the metal. This means that with the help of a metal alloy is possible continuous production of hydrogen from water.
5. Implosion / Vortex. Most of the industrial engines use the release of heat to expand and create pressure does work. The same scheme is implemented and in the engine of your car. Nature uses the opposite process, which is the use of cooling, which leads to the formation of vacuum and suction force, which, in turn, and perform the work, just as they do in a tornado. Viktor Schauberger (Austria) 48 New Energy Technologies, N 1 (16), 2004 was the first person in the 30's and 40's of the XX century, managed to create working models of implosion Engines. Callum Coates later published a book entitled "Living Energy", which described in detail the research Schauberger. Soon, a few researchers have been able to create working models of implosion turbine engines. Such engines without fuel a mechanical work, receiving energy from the vacuum. There are also more simple designs that use vortex rotation to achieve a combination of forces, consisting of gravity and centrifugal, which provides a continuous motion in fluids.

6. Cold fusion. In March 1989, two chemists from the University of Utah (USA) announced that they have managed to implement a fusion reaction using a simple desktop device. The statement was "denied" for 6 months and the public lost interest in the opening of every kind. Nevertheless, cold fusion is real.

Our experiments not only repeatedly confirmed the release of excess heat, but also allowed to register low-energy nuclear transmutation of elements, accompanied by dozens of other reactions!

This technology will certainly help to get cheap energy, and used in a number of other important industrial processes.

7. Heat pumps that use the sun's energy. Refrigerator, standing in your kitchen, is, in fact, the only available to you at the moment the device running on "free energy." He is an electrically driven heat pump. It uses one amount of energy (electricity) to move three times more energy (heat). This results in a coefficient of performance (COP), approximately equal to 3. Your refrigerator uses one of the electricity in order to push the three parts of the heat from the internal part of the external environment. Although the described process is a standard application of this technology, it is — is not the best use of it.

Here's why: The heat pump draws heat from his "source" to "sink" — a place where heat is absorbed. Obviously, for this process was optimized, the "source" of heat should be hot, while the receiver "of heat should be cold.

In your refrigerator is just the opposite. "Source" of heat, ie COLD, is inside, while the "receiver" of heat — the air at room temperature in your kitchen. The air temperature at the same time higher than the temperature of the source. That's why your refrigerator a low efficiency. But this provision does not for all heat pumps. Efficiency equal to 8 or 10, it is easy to achieve in the case of heat pumps that use the sun's energy. In these devices, the heat pump receives heat from a solar collector and directs heat into a large underground absorber, whose temperature remains at 55 ° F, resulting in the mechanical energy in the process of heat transfer. This process is equivalent in nature to the principle of the steam engine, the mechanical energy which is generated between the boiler and the condenser, except that in the former you are using a "fluid", boiling at a much lower temperature than water. One such system, tested in the 70s, power output of 350 hp, recorded dynamometer, functioning in a specially designed engine and receiving energy from a solar collector area of 100 sq.m. (This system has no relation to the system, advertised Dennis Lee). Power necessary for the operation of the compressor, which the system is consumed at the input is less than 20 ps, which indicates that the system produces 17 times more energy than is consumed in its operation! It could supply electricity to a small house, receiving energy from the device installed on the roof and using exactly the same technology, by which the food in your kitchen is cold. At the moment, just north of Kona, operates an industrial scale heat pump system, which generates electricity by the temperature difference between the ocean water.

There are also dozens of others not mentioned my systems, many of which have been tested and successfully operate like those described, I have just given. But this short list is enough for me to conclude:
of free energy is produced.

It allows you to make the world a cleaner and fill it with the energy available to everyone at any point.

Using these technologies, we can stop the emission of "greenhouse gases" and shut down all nuclear power plants. We also can produce unlimited amounts of desalination of sea water, spending little money, and provide fresh water even more distant, problem areas in this regard. Costs of production and transportation of any goods can be drastically reduced. Fruits, vegetables and grains can be grown in heated greenhouses in the winter, even in any part of the planet. All of these technologies to give us amazing opportunities that will enable a much easier life for all inhabitants of the earth for decades ignored. But why? In whose interests hinder the development of these technologies?


The described situation is a result of joint action against the four powerful forces. Talk about what exists and has always existed a "conspiracy" against these technologies lead us only to understand the world as a unity of supernatural forces and shift the blame for what is happening to something external, which has no relation to us. Our tendency to remain indifferent and passive in the face of this situation are treated two of the above forces as "tacit consent." So, in addition to "undemanding public," what are the three other forces threatening the very existence of the technology related to the free energy?

In standard economic theory, there are three types of industry. This — the industry of capital goods and consumer industry service industry. Within the first class, there are three sub-classes:

1) natural capital. This class is related to the development of natural resources (such as gold mining in the mines), and the sources of energy (such as a hydroelectric dam or an oil well).

2) currency. This subclass is related to the production of banknotes or coinage. This function is usually the prerogative of the government.

3) Loans. This subclass has to borrow money at interest and to expand economic savings through loans due on the deposit accounts of borrowers. All of the above suggests the conclusion that the energy in the economy performs the same function as that of gold mining, the issue of money by the Government, or the issuance of a credit bank.

In the United States, as in most other countries, has a "money monopoly." I am "free" to earn as much money as I can, but I will get paid only bill of the Federal Reserve. And no way I can not get the amount of earned me a gold certificate or some other form of "money." This money monopoly is controlled by a small number of banks with a small number of shareholders, as these banks owned by rich families in the world. Their plan is to control the possession of 100% of all types of resources, which will, in turn, control the lives of everyone, by opening (or closing) of access to all goods and services. The fact that access to an independent source of wealth (free energy devices on) is available to everyone on the planet, destroys their plans of world domination.

Check out this is not difficult. At present, the development of the economy of a country can either slow down or speed up by a corresponding increase or decrease in interest rates. However, if the economy is to attend an independent source of capital (energy) and any company or individual will be able to earn more money without taking a loan from a bank, a centralized management system by raising or lowering interest rates would simply cease to be effective. Free energy technology depreciate the value of money. Wealthy families and lending agencies will not tolerate competition. It's that simple. They want to keep a monopoly on the distribution of funds management. For them, free energy technology is not something against which we must fight, this is something that should be completely banned! So, the Wealthiest Families and their institutions are centralized bank first force, depriving people of the opportunity to use the free energy technologies. They are guided by an imagined "divine right to manage power," greed and an insatiable desire to control everything except themselves. The tools used by them in the fight to ban new technologies include bullying, exposure of the "experts", the purchase of technology to "bury" them, murder and attempted murder of inventors, assassinating prominent figures, arson, as well as a range of financial incentives and disincentives used to manipulate possible supporters. They also stimulated by the imposition of the postulates of scientific theory, which states that the receipt of the free energy is initially impossible (Laws of Thermodynamics).

Second force that prevents the development of new energy technologies is the National Government. In this case it is not so much competition in the issue of money, but in the state security. The fact is that the world "outside" seems to them the jungle, and people — cruel, dishonest and devious. "Ensuring public safety" is a matter for the Government. To this end, the authority of the Government have special "police powers" to maintain the "rule of law". Most of those of us who accept the idea of the rule of law do so because they believe that it is — for their own good. But there are always a few people who believe that their own benefit can only be achieved by following a line of conduct which does not coincide with the generally accepted notions of social order. These people choose to live outside the "rule of law" and are considered outlaws, criminals, people, undermine the foundations of society, traitors, revolutionaries, or terrorists.

Most national governments through trial and error have come to the conclusion that the only policy to other countries, which really works, the so-called policy of "tit for tat". This means that governments apply to other governments in the way they treat them. In world politics always a race for possession of the most influential in the world, with the result that the strongest wins! The economy is the Golden Rule, which states: "Those who have money, and that makes the laws." This law is applicable to the policy, which, however, there is a more Darwinian approach. It is simply a "survival of the fittest." In politics, however, the "fittest" is called the strong side, which does not engage against the dirtiest deeds. To maintain superiority over the "enemy" used by almost any means, the "enemy" is considered a "foreign", without taking into account, it is friend or foe. Tools include violent psychological attacks, lies, fraud, espionage, theft, murder of world leaders, wars on foreign soil, alliances, agreements, humanitarian aid and the presence of armed forces as possible everywhere. Like it or not, this is precisely the psychological arena in which national governments. None of the National Governments never do anything it was that would give their opponents an advantage. Never! This would constitute national suicide. Any activity of any entity, performed both in the state and beyond, and is interpreted as designed to achieve at least a minimum enemy benefits will always be seen as a threat to "national security." Always!

The free energy is the nightmare of any National Government! If it is to be officially recognized, the free energy will result in permanent arms race, which will involve all governments in a final attempt to gain an advantage and domination. Think about it. Do you think that Japan will not feel fear, knowing that China gets free energy? Do you think that Israel is quietly watching as Iraq gets free energy? Do you think that India will allow Pakistan to develop free energy?

Do you think the U.S. would not try to stop Osama bin Laden capture source of free energy? Access to the inexhaustible source of the current state of affairs in world politics will lead to inevitable change "balance of power" in the world. This can lead to all-out war aimed at depriving the "other" advantages of owning unlimited wealth and power. All countries will want to get access to the free energy, while trying to deny others the possibility to use it. So, national governments are the second force, preventing the development of new energy. They are driven by the motive "self-preservation." This phenomenon has three levels. First, do not give the enemy the opportunity to get the outside edge. Second, to prevent actions by private parties, which could become an effective alternative to the police authorities on the country, causing anarchy. Third, keep the same revenue streams coming from the tax currently available energy resources.

The methods used for the realization of these concepts include:

rejection of a patent application relating to the National Security Council,

legal and illegal legal harassment of inventors,

check tax services





theft of property in the process of transportation,

as well as many other different ways of harassment and intimidation that make the process of creating and market a device for obtaining the free energy impossible.

Third force, the effect of which is aimed at depriving people of the opportunity to gain access to the free energy of a group of crazy inventors, obvious charlatans and swindlers. At the periphery of the outstanding scientific breakthroughs in the development of new energy technologies, is murky world of unexplained anomalies, marginal inventions and unscrupulous promoters. The first two forces are constantly using media opportunities to show the public the worst of this group, to distract the public's attention and to discredit the real achievements, associating them with the obvious frauds.

*** C O C A R E N O u ***

So, the third force, depriving people of the opportunity to use the benefits of the free energy — it errors and fraud that are present in the movement. The reason for this is the desire for self-aggrandizement, greed, the desire to have power over other people, and a false sense of self-worth. The methods used by this force — lying, cheating, use of "bait advertising vanishing" delusion and arrogance combined with low-grade scientific approach.

Fourth power, which deprives people of the opportunity to use the free energy — is ourselves. We may easily realize how limited and pathetic in its essence motivation of the other forces, but, in fact, the same motivation inherent in many of us. Would like wealthy families, each of us secretly cherishes the dream of their superiority and control over others, rather than to control themselves? And do not "sell" you, if, say, you have paid a million dollars for personal today? Or, like governments, do not we want to ensure their safety? Is being in a burning building filled to capacity of the theater, we are not in a panic pushes weaker people wading in a mad dash for the exit? Is it like a bewildered inventor, we do not self-deception, facing the "inconvenient" fact? No more are we currently view, being a representation of us other people having often the opposite point of view. And do not fear as unknown, even if it promises us a lot?

So you can see that all four forces are just different aspects of the same process, observed in different parts of society. In reality, there is a force, be denied the opportunity to develop new energy technologies, and this strength — the material due to the behavior of the animal called man.

The very possibility of the existence of the free energy is a manifestation of Divine Abundance. The free energy can be the engine of the economy of the enlightened world, where people voluntarily behave in a respectful and culturally in relation to each other. This is a world where every man is in him is all he needs, such person does not have desired that which is his neighbor. This is a world where war and physical violence will be totally unacceptable social behavior, a world in which the difference in the nature of people will be encouraged if not, then at least the patient received.
A time when people around the world will have the opportunity to take advantage of free energy technology, will be the beginning of the truly civilized age. This will be a landmark in the history of mankind.

Nobody will be able to use the free energy for their own gain. No one can "cash in" on it. No one can "rule the world" with it. It is simply a gift from God. Free energy forces us to be more responsible for their own actions, as well as forces to be more restrained in the right situations. World from its current device can not get access to the free energy without having to completely change, transformed into something opposite. Our "civilization" has reached the top of its development, because the very same and sow the seeds need to be eventually converted. Those soulless animals who call themselves "the people" can not be trusted with free energy, for they will continue to do the same as always: to obtain an advantage over each other, or kill others and themselves in the process.

If you read the book, Ayn Rand's "Atlas of compressed or the Club of Rome report» (Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged or the Club of Rome Report), it will become obvious that the Wealthiest Families knew all this long ago. Their plan is to live in the World of Free Energy, but always brutally cast out of it us. And it is not opening.

Power always thought people (us) soulless objects. The only change is that now we can communicate with each other more easily and efficiently than ever before. The Internet offers us, the Fourth force to overcome the resistance of the other joint forces, preventing the spread of free energy technology.


At this point in time there is the following: the inventors published work on their inventions, instead of patenting it and keep information about their discoveries secret. All people are more willing to "break up" with information about new energy technologies, by publishing it in books, posting on web sites and producing videos. While the Internet is still filled with a mass of useless information about free energy, useful information is growing rapidly. A list of useful links to web pages and other resources listed at the end of this article.

It is important that you begin to gather all the information available to you on Free Energy. The purpose of this is as follows: The first two forces will never allow an inventor or a company to create and sell you a free energy generator! The only way to get a hold of the free energy generator is to do it yourself. This is what is done in secret for thousands of people. You may be completely unfamiliar with this topic, but you should now begin to gather information. You can become a link in the chain leading to the well-being of many other people. Concentrate on what you can do now, not on how much remains to be done. At a time when you are reading this, small, closed research groups are working on the details of new technology. Many of them publish their findings on the Internet.

WE is the fourth FORCE. If we stop being passive ignorant people, we can change the course of history. Only through the joint action can we achieve our goal.
ONLY massive efforts, which would mean we agree, we can create a world you want. THREE other forces will not help us PROVIDE OUR HOUSES fuel free power generator.

They will not help us to get rid of their influence. Despite all this, TECHNOLOGY free energy is here. They are absolutely real, and help us change the way we live, work, and, finally, how we communicate with each other. As a result, the free energy of triumph over evil and eliminate fear neobhodimos Tew survive. But, as is the case with any other spiritual practice, we first have to make the generosity and trust integral part of our existence.

But the biggest source of free energy is inside of us. This is — the joy of free expression. This — our intuition, guided by the Spirit, and to express themselves without being exposed to intimidation, manipulation and distractions. It — heart open. Ideally, the free energy technologies would constitute the foundation of a just society, where everyone had enough food and clothing, would be their home. Every person in this society would respect themselves and have a lot of free time which could be devoted to the knowledge of the higher spiritual meaning of life. Do we not feel the obligation to each other to take action to ensure that it is to build a future for our children's children? Perhaps I'm not alone in its quest for truth.

Free energy is here. Moreover, it is present in the world for decades.
Communications and the Internet have helped thwart veil of secrecy from this amazing fact. More and more people in all parts of the world creates a generator free energy for their own use. Bankers and government permits, but the process does not stop at their mercy. In the near future in order to keep people from joining the movement for the free energy, governments will use the most violent measures ranging from economic instability and ending of war. The media will not contain absolutely no information about what is happening and the reasons. Instead, the truth will be presented as a war or a civil war that took place in some part of the world that, in the end, lead to the occupation of a growing number of "peacekeeping forces" of the UN.

Western Civilization is slowly sinking into the abyss of self-destruction, pushed by greed and corruption, accumulated over many years. Availability of free energy technology can not stop this process. Free energy can only accelerate it. However, if you have a free energy generator, you will be easier to survive the coming political and socio-economic changes. No national government would not survive the process.

The question is, who, in the end, will be the new World kontrolivat Government: First or Fourth Power?

Nearing the last Great War. Grain sown. Its ending will be the beginning of nucleation of this civilization. Some of us who refuse to fight, yet see the dawn of the World of Free Energy. I urge you to be among those who are still trying to fight. After all, will fight for their free future …

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