Free Our brains!

Management of the human mind — what could be better and easier for the government to control what people do not, as a herd of "sheep"? False teachings, hypnosis, the art of suggestion, radiation affecting our tired brains chipizatsiya finally — the shortest path to world domination.
In the 60 — 70 years of the twentieth century, the Soviet Union and the West were conducted extensive research in the field of human consciousness with the impact on the brain high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. This was done by criminal experiments on human beings in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and in the Soviet Union and the civilian population in their homes … What to say about the past, now is the same.

In the restructuring of the Soviet Union had filed a lawsuit against the KGB a few thousand lawsuits affected by the experiments on their psyche citizens. And in all lawsuits throughout the country point to one and the same cause of their afflictions — the impact of high-frequency radiation. Results of litigation before the general public is not communicated.

More than four decades in the world of manufacturing technology uses electronic circuits and chips do not build them from individual radio components, and by plotting the laser on silicon, for example, a plate. The entire electronics industry uses this and more advanced optical technology in the production of electronic devices. But the other side of the little-known technology — is the application of laser-assisted information on the molecules of living cells. In the mid-80s. in the periodicals in the USSR, there were articles about the successful experiment of American scientists — recording information on living cells. Consequently, the chip can be not only an electronic device created by a conventional method, but also a set of living cells in the body of information printed on them.

This new generation chip. The capabilities of this chip is incomparably greater in comparison with a conventional chip.

1. The chip can be made by applying laser tattoo on the skin of human or animal. The chip does not require power from an external power source, since composed of living cells that naturally function.

2. When applying the method of bar coding, for example, the chip is not visible to the eye, but visible to the scanner.

3. When applied to the bar code on his forehead or hand of the person is an individual determination algorithm functions of the brain through receptors in the skin, the identification and connection to the global computer "beast" via satellites orbiting the earth.

4. Individual algorithm functions of the brain — the most important information of all the biometric data of the person recorded on machine-readable strip on his passport and entering into the database, "beast", resulting in the brain allows direct high-frequency "radio", although the "radio" in this case, the term is very conditional.

5. Unlike conventional chip implanted in the human body, the mark is useless to cut from the skin to get rid of control. After removal of the normal chip can get rid of due to the controlling electronic device tracking center (so do the escaped prisoners), and laser tattoo removal does not destroy the relationship between man and machine, and the label itself is no longer needed. Satellites are the most powerful energy sources, providing the ability to transfer high-frequency signal at any distance. Under President Reagan in the United States launched satellites with nuclear power plants on board.

7. The impact on the human psyche through the normal chip does not control his mind. The chip can be connected only with a limited number of nerve fibers, and acting on the microscopic regions of the brain, thus negligible.
In addition, the advertised capability of the chip supply due to the temperature difference in some areas of the human body — a lie. First, such regions (c differential temperature sufficient to potpitki chip) in the body is not at least a portion of the body, equal to the value of the chip and, secondly, if they were, then receive energy from these temperature mikroperepadov not enough, because the thermocouple converts temperature difference (at least 100 degrees Celsius) into electricity, has a very low efficiency The temperature difference between the right and left side of the human body in a state of prolonged standstill — less than half a degree.
There are chips fed to them from the incoming signal (it is reported the developers), intended for introduction into the body, which may be identifiable only as beacons and ID card through a mobile communication system, for example — chips for prisoners or for animals in order to control their location. But to stimulate or inhibit specific areas of the brain, while being in the "reception — transfer" because of a lack of energy is not possible.

The chips operate in a mode of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, which has the effect over short distances due to the low power consumption of signal to be sent. For use over long distances requires a network of repeaters, as well as a mobile phone. But cell phones and laptops are powered by energy-intensive batteries that must be recharged. And the power of the battery is not comparable to the "power" radiopotpitki chips. Based on the foregoing, it is easy to imagine that the advertised univesalnost this technology — a big lie.

8. Another thing — the effect on any part of the brain or the entire human brain by electromagnetic radiation through a system of satellites. This extensive range of options. In the above experiments the 60's — 70's following results were achieved: the possibility of introducing people to a state of stress, melancholy, hearing local radio stations by the brain, rather than through the radio, the suggestion of certain actions, the repetition of them unknown to him texts in unknown languages, bringing guinea to suicide. In this case, the man himself and his family taught that it's hallucinations — a consequence of mental illness.

Maybe also bring people to the highest degree of euphoria direct stimulation of the brain that controls the release of dopamine in the body — substances is relaxing and anesthetic properties is 50 times superior to morphine. These technologies can be used to control the worship of the Antichrist — for example, can cause euphoria among the nations as it appears on TV. Normal chip features such has it because of the low power consumption, small operating distance and the inability to contact with all parts of the brain. Subject patent Thomas Hitter published media — "Application of the bar code on the human body."

However, recently appeared on the Internet mistranslations (or even disinformation?) Of this patent, which is just one of the many options satanic technology propechatki humanity. Technology is in constant evolution. Mind control techniques are rarely given in the description of patents and know-how to make the invention. But the range of possibilities of these methods are disclosed developers laser tattoo in the documentary, which appeared on the channel "Discovery". This film shows how, in accordance with the new nanotechnology electronic label — barcode was applied to the right forearm KFOR soldiers before sending them to Serbia.

Reported that after applying the barcode soldier can detect satellite even deep underground diagnosis in case of injury to the distance and influence on metabolic processes at the cellular level, stopping bleeding, for example. Speeding up the process of regeneration (recovery) of damaged cells provide certain parts of the brain that control metabolic processes in cells. To achieve the accelerated regeneration of damaged cells at a distance is not possible, if not influence relevant areas of the brain directly from the satellite, once connecting to that brain (in the film drew attention to the fact that health care can be provided to the wounded man, even if he is in the environment).

Thus, from the information provided that the brain acts as a transmitter or receiver is essentially a bio-processor, and the soldier (or any person who has suffered the barcode as the connected device, modem) — controlled cyborg. Printing of bar code laser scanning image of a human face for the manufacture of biometric documents — the most convenient way for the authorities quietly, quickly and painlessly solve the problem propechatki population, which can then be managed as a submissive flock. Lasers are now so small that they are inserted in the camera.

This version propechatki population is the fact that biometric, passport and usually in Ukraine, as well as IDs of Interpol, made by one organization in Ukraine (EDAPS firm), while the facial image on any passport is scanned SAME CAMERA in the central OVIR (Visa and registration of citizens).

It is appropriate to point out that in cases where a person is not possible because of a disability to visit the regional visa department, the staff leave at the location of the patient is with the camera, which they scan at (a patient may be hundreds of miles away from the central oVIRa). Everyone knows that at the moment there are many computer programs that can help you create a file for each format with a photograph taken of any digital camera or camera. But the staff explained that only use a special camera, which is not sold in stores, and come from the warehouse of special equipment from Kiev, where this special equipment imported from the U.S.. And all the millions of the area photographed only in the regional department of the central and nowhere else. Is not it easier to do a photo in the district OVIR to avoid the queues and excessive stress on the employees of the Central Division?
The procedure for fabricating documents also differs from the one that was old when issuing passports. Earlier in the passport office first brought the necessary documents for the issuance of a passport, a photo and a receipt for payment of services for the production of a document or form, and then did a passport. Now, first take a receipt for payment of services for the production of the necessary documents, including VAT or vnutrigrazhdansky passport with a numbered stamp on the right to make payments without VAT, and then assign the scan faces in the Local Police Department. That is, forming first data file info passport inject it into the computer, and then converting to a barcode scanning put it on the forehead — and this chamber is connected with a shielded cable.

Information on citizens in their passports which is a mark (with the room!) On the right to make payments without VAT, of the electronic register of tax payers not seized, because when receiving inquiries from the tax office to make these marks, the citizens were painted in the Journal of the tax immediately after the two rooms — TIN and reference numbers that match the numbers mark. So that the person who received the mark have VAT, except for those who had never taken INN, received a mark on the court and the level of which is not numbered. But from those in obtaining passports require re-acquire the mark, with the number already, otherwise the document is not to be. This seemingly absurd demand, shows in itself that has been said above — a man not zaregistrirovannny under a given number in the registry, can not get a passport, because there is nothing to scan applied to the forehead.

Of course, this does not by itself rule out the possibility to form a file of that citizen in the period prior to scanning in the Local Police Department, assigned to him without his knowledge VAT and apply formatting. Firm leaders EDAPS officially announced that the passports are made by it in accordance with international standards on a single modern technology used around the world. A similar statement was almost simultaneously reported on TV channel "Inter" of the Japanese universal biometric documents.

Advertising their "super price", showed an overall plan of Japanese airport and going of passengers. In the bottom right of the TV screen showed a close-up of individually scanned faces of the passengers, over the left brow which caused barcode (very large, clear and long-term time-image). By the way, all plastic foreign passports in Ukraine is not clear, but a clear image of a bearded man's face, and everyone is asking: "Who is that?"

Nikolay Bogolyubov in the book "The secret societies of the twentieth century," writes: "Such considerations — is not utopian, but a bitter reality. Laser tattoo for 15 years is being tested in Disneyland. Those people who were detained there for several days, were offered the choice of a permanent card or laser tattoo on his arm. Thus verified how people will react to it and whether they will get used to it with time. The same international preliminary surveys on where people want to wear a tattoo: F = Forehead (brow) or H = Hand (hand) have been prepared. All of this — check to gradually accustom people before it becomes a duty.
In the Netherlands seven years ago we started to put the homeless laser tattoo on his forehead. The people at the same time saying that so you can keep the crime, especially in Amsterdam. In the meantime, this laser tattoo already partially introduced officially. Under the pretext of a more rapid clearance of the road business in U.S. airports are already installed devices for reading this invisible markings on his right hand. And the number of those who are drawn to this service has been steadily growing since the time — money. "

In 1974 (!), Professor at Washington State University, Dr. R. Keith Farrell invented the laser pistol, which can be applied to the number of fish. The gun performs less than a second. When asked whether it is possible to use this gun for the application of tattoos on men, he said: "Yes, of course, the gun can be used for this purpose." The laser beam can not feel, can not see the number of plain looking, the tattoo is constant, like your fingerprints. " In October of 1980 (!) An issue of the journal «Advertising Age», the company TeleResearch Item Movement, Inc. (TRIM), in which an entire page was devoted to advertising computer scanner for supermarkets. In the advertisement was inserted picture of a person with a number UPC (universal product code) printed on his forehead.

Dr. Ray Brubaker wrote in his book «Is the Antichrist Now Here?» («Here there is the Antichrist?"): "In Cincinnati, Ohio, an experiment was conducted in which the hands of supermarket shoppers was marked with a number, which was read a supermarket scanner. When shopping system transferred the information directly to the bank of a buyer who make purchases, and funds are automatically debited from the account. " The illustration on the whole page, which appeared in 1993 in the release of «London Daily Mail», showed European housewives who were shopping, holding his hands to a computer scanner at the checkout. Perevod 702str. (2004). pdf

Also, bring a message from the Russian forum: "At the moment in the world of typeface used two types: laser tattoo and isotope labeling. Put it to everyone to get new biometric passports. Placed under the guise of scanning the "digital" picture. The man's face and his biometric data changes in the growth and formation of the skull, but the so-called. "Biometric photograph" is done once and for all life, even in infancy, that the head of the Federal Migration Service confirmed on Kaliningrad, scanned face for a trip abroad his 5-month-old daughter. And the question of ORT correspondent: "And do not have to take a photo again, because the baby's face is constantly growing and changing?" He said that "this procedure once and for all life, to re-do it do not."
Monitor CCTV center airport scans do not all face the passing of passengers and their foreheads (seen in all records). Owners 'bio' passports accurately determined kompyuternoy video surveillance program and have a simplified customs control mode. Post about measuring the distance between the pupils of the computer, which, as they say, is strictly individual — tales for naive people. Identify the distance between the pupils of the computer can only in a static (non-moving) position and at different angles, and these conditions at airports not.

In an official order number 311 of August 7, 2007 Approval of Electronic Industry Development Strategy of Russia until 2025, signed by the Minister Khristenko on page 59 there is a paragraph: "The introduction of nanotechnology should further expand the depth of penetration into the daily life of the population. It shall be a constant relationship of each individual to the global information and control networks such as Internet. Nanoelectronics will be integrated with biological objects (so they call people), and provide continuous control over the maintenance of their life, improved quality of life, and thus reduce the social costs of the state. Widespread get a built-in wireless nanoelectronic devices that provide a constant human contact with the surrounding intellectual environment will become common means of direct wireless contact with the human brain surrounding objects, vehicles and others. The circulation of such products will exceed one billion units per year due to its ubiquity … "Quoted from this strategy, downloaded from the official website of the Russian Federation Industry and Trade Ministry (if over time the link becomes unavailable, the full version of the strategy can be found through search engines):

Words from the above text "built-in wireless nanoelectronic devices that provide a constant human contact with the surrounding intellectual environment" are perceived by all as ordinary chips that are not nanotechnology. Because of the subsequent words of billions circulation of such products (which may well be attributed to a billion pieces exactly conventional chips — they are also commonly used) for some reason no one is paying attention to the words, "nanoelectronic devices", ie, a device created by nanotechnology described above. In Revelation says nothing about the introduction of chips, but said of the application of the mark — the barcode. Reinforced advertising chips are used as a red herring.

So, under the misleading mankind media chatter about implantable chips in the human body (which is really implanted — this one does not argue, but that can be removed from the body by cutting it) is quietly drawing of the mark — the barcode chip, because it is flattery in the world is coming Antichrist. If the servants of the Antichrist announced in advance of their intentions regarding the revolutions in France and Russia, killing kings and many millions of believers and the seizure of power in the world, who would have allowed them to do it? No world government, nor the Antichrist himself will not declare all slaves to the establishment of absolute power, and no one will say openly that causes the mark. So do not wait for an invitation to apply the mark, because it is said: "Bow to him to receive the mark" (Revelation 19gl.), ie, those who first took the mark, then to worship the beast.

And nowhere does it say that anyone will be in advance of this report. Need to remember the words of An. Matthew: "The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from heaven. And he said to them: In the evening you say, "will be fair weather, for the sky is red," and in the morning, "foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening. ' You hypocrites! Discern the face of the sky you know how, and the signs of the times? A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign will be given it except the sign of Jonah the prophet. And he left them and went away. "

Something I did today caught the theme of science and mass greenhorn … sorry, brain zagazhivaniya us. Fuuuuh already really do not know what to believe and what to trust …



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