From the history of the cucumber in Russia

Chief Lukhovitskii cucumber. Photo:

Cucumber — annual herb. Family — pumpkin, race — Cucumber. View — ordinary cucumber (Cucumis sativus). Immediate family: pumpkin, melon, squash, watermelon. In terms of botany, cucumber should treat … berries (fruit type is defined as a melon or false berry), but, nevertheless, with a culinary point of view cucumber usually perceived by us as a vegetable.

Cucumber is known as a vegetable for thousands of years. His birthplace — tropical and subtropical areas of India and China, where it still grows wild in the woods, throwing trees like vine.

It is believed that cucumber penetrate into Europe through the conquests of the Greeks in Asia. Image of cucumber can be found in the ancient Greek temples.

The Greeks called cucumber "aoros," which translates as "immature", because the fruit was eaten in immature. The word "aoros" gradually turned into "auguros", while in Russia was transformed into a "cucumber".

Cucumber is known for more than six thousand years. At the beginning of our era plant has spread across the globe. In India, the cucumber has been around for about 3,000 years ago.

Cucumbers are a favorite vegetable plants from Russian for a long time. However, the exact details when cucumber first appeared in Russia, no. It is believed that he was known to us before the IX century, extending to us, most likely from Asia. The first mention of cucumbers in Muscovy was German Ambassador Herberstein in 1528 in his notes on the journey to Muscovy.

Travelers from Western Europe was always amazed that cucumbers are grown in Russia in large numbers and in a cold northern Russia, they grow better than in Europe.

Russian people have always believed cucumbers their national food.

In 2003, in the village of Istobinsk Orichevsky district was first established in Russia the bronze monument to the salty cucumber height of 6 meters. Today in Russia there are already three monuments cucumber.

In 2007 and in Belarus, in Shklov appeared miraculous cucumber in a jacket with pockets.

Lukhovitskii cucumber (photo of his monument in the picture) are small, with pimples, crisp, suitable for pickling, rich in potassium and glucose. Salted cucumbers Lukhovitskii follows. Washed fruit stacked in the bank. Prepare a brine with salt and spices, pour them cucumbers and put in a warm place for two or three days, until the foam. It is removed, the brine is poured and boiled. Then again add to it the spices and pour hot pickles, cover jars with plastic lids and put in the basement.

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