Front. He is mine and yours revival …

"FRONT. OH MY And your rebirth …"
(From the hymn BNF. Author Sokolov-Voyush)

These photos I've printed many times in his books, and in the "Belarusian statements." These are good pictures. They reflect and capture the spirit of the Popular Front, and our national revolution in the early 90s. And most importantly, it shows images of beautiful, sacrificial people light Belarusians who fought against Russian communism for the independence of Belarus and a free homeland.

Unknown even to the authors of these photos. I forwarded them to the Warsaw-frontovtsy our party members without any copyright marks. The one who shot, did not labor for themselves. Therefore, I believe that the author of a collective one here: The people of Belarustion Front.

The first picture is called a "demonstration of the Popular Front in Grodno. 1991"The people of Belarustion front in the early 90's — it's a real people's movement. It was attended by the working people, intellectuals, workers, engineers, civil servants, former vayskaviki, small businesses, health care professionals, scientists, artists, housewives — the whole spectrum of society. These were the people who created the material and spiritual values, had a solid social status and respect in society and the responsibility for their actions. The average age of people in the Popular Front corresponded ideal political scale: 40-45 years. It is they, these people, Kurapaty took heart and supported the struggle for the independence of the Fatherland. They bring their energy, humanity, faith and a healthy spirit in the fight for the ideals of freedom.

The second photo is called "It's us, O Lord." Here photographed people in the guise of BNF rally in the early 90's.

Here they are, these people Popular Front in front of us in the photo. At the meetings they went BNF as the temple as a prayer, as a breath of air, whole families with children and parents. It is on their shoulders rested our independence. Let's take a look at their open, filled with inner beauty of a person in their eyes, shy smile … It's our people. That's what we do. Lyubem is this people, he is very good.

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