Funny BAZhinki 2010 in Volozhin forest

The Belarusian Association of Journalists, 30 — 31 July for the third time spent summer festival "BAZhinki" on a forest farm in the Volozhin Borok forest. Camp Bazhan collected about 30 journalists from independent media in Belarus forest estate of artist Ales Elk.

Participants of the "Bazhynak-2010"

Olga Babak invites you to "BAZhinki-2010"

Presentation of the teams. On once were all Indians

Jeanne Litvin, chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the first Squaw "Bazhynak"

Organiser of most performances of "Bazhynak" Andrei Alexandrov

Vladimir Dziuba with a team — to win the competition for the rope

BAL Championship Cup

The representative of the "Freedom" to "BAZhinki" Valery Kalinowski

Friends Bazhan share their experiences as behave during searches

Nicholas Dyabela analyzes the experience of conduct for journalists during arrests

Expert of the International Federation of Journalists of Ukraine Oksana Romaniuk conducted a workshop on "Safety of journalists during demonstrations and work in hot spots'

Journalists are not ignored and their professional duties

All independent journalists participating "Bazhynak" in a good mood

Musical accompaniment is provided Anatoly dojo

In the "BAZhinki" involved journalists from Belarus. Larissa Shapovalov represented Lithuania


Camp BAZhinki

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