Gaddafi may settle in Belarus

Libya's former ambassador to the UN, Abdulrahman Shalgam sure that Muammar Gaddafi to leave the country soon. This writes the Corriere della Sera.

"Gaddafi leaves Libya in 2-3 weeks. This is the opinion Abdulrahman Shalgama, former Libyan representative to the United Nations and former Foreign Minister of Libya. Back in February of this year, Shalgam called Muammar Gaddafi "my brother", but then condemned him for the killing of fellow, "- said the publication, quoted InoPressa.

"According to him, Gaddafi is negotiating with friendly African countries, perhaps with Belarus to find a solution that would allow him to avoid the Hague Tribunal, and, most importantly, to save its state," — says the publication.

Shalgam believes that Italy can not now turn its back on Libya because "Libya for Italy's security is just as important as Sicily or Sardinia." The ambassador, who knows more than 40 years, Colonel, very afraid of what might come up Gaddafi before leaving power. "Gaddafi dangerous man. I rely on the power of the population of Tripoli. Townspeople want freedom, and I am sure that they will save the city from destruction, "- he said.

Responding to a reporter's question about whether Gaddafi burn oil wells, as did Saddam Hussein before he left Kuwait, Shalgam said he was not afraid of such a possibility, since 40% of the wells are controlled by the rebels, and other wells are located in the desert. Diplomat have fears only to oil wells, which are located in Ghadames, "but here, the damage will not be too big," — says the publication.

The new information

Speculation and profiteering called Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh statement Libyan politicians that Muammar Gaddafi reportedly in talks with Belarus in search of political asylum. "All of these assumptions are baseless speculation and speculation and have nothing to do with reality" — said on Friday Savinykh RIA "Novosti".

On Friday, the former permanent representative to the UN, Tripoli, went over to the opposition, Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgam in the interview, a video of which is available at the Milan newspaper Corriere della Sera, said that Gaddafi might leave Libya after a maximum of two to three weeks.

According Shalgama, currently the Libyan leader is in talks with a number of friendly countries in order to find a solution that will allow him to avoid the process in the International Court in the Hague, and to leave the country to save their money.

The diplomat did not rule out that such negotiations may be conducted with Belarus.

Since mid-February in Libya began mass demonstrations demanding the withdrawal of the ruling the country for 40 years, Muammar Gaddafi, which later escalated into armed confrontation between government forces and rebels. UN Security Council on March 17 adopted a resolution calling for the introduction of a no-fly zone over Libya and opens up the possibility of foreign military intervention in the North African country.

Coalition operations began on March 19. Leadership campaign in Libya on March 31 is completely taken over by the representatives of the NATO command. The mandate of the operation was due to expire on June 27, but on June 1 NATO operation extended by 90 days — until the end of September.

RIA "Novosti"


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