Generic ABC Drevneslovenskoy Drop Caps

Dear Kindred offer to your attention a book "Generic Primer", which gives you the opportunity to see, feel and understand the original meaning of each of the native word.
Take on this topic have led an increasing from century to century, from one year to the distortion of the Russian language and threatening him Romanization.

Among Rusich-rasichey, carriers of the same language, linguistic alienation grows as the current level of our language does not allow us to adequately reflect the external world and to clearly express his inner world.

Lack of understanding, so necessary today, can be attributed to the fact that:

— from relatives during intercourse does not work their single language genetic code;

— not have access to their ancestral memory by images of our ancient ancestral drop caps;

— distorted perception of holographic patterns that form a thin cloth of speech sounds, and which spreads bezpredelno become images, signs and symbols, has a universal capacity.

The reason for all this is that today we are shaped degraded to the level of thinking phonetic.

For the same reason we do not have and old 16-channel communication that gave our ancestors once possibility of cosmic life. Lost telepathic language, we do not notice and do not understand the language of their own cries and gestures, we do not know the language of the natural color and smell.

In schools, in high schools only teach the Russian language as the state language of the Russian Federation, the language of international communication. In our opinion, the state children — an image of the people should learn Russian as their mother tongue.

Of all currently known species of our ancient literature as the material for the work on the native word we chose initial letter, as it is the basis of the modern Russian alphabet.

To overcome the effects of secular distortion of the native language, for the revival of its definition and the return of a lost way of communication between neighbors, we will:

— restored necessary for understanding of the drop caps in ancient alphabet book — 54;

— returned meaning the sounds of our language;

— revived multifaceted imagery of ancient letters each primer.

The interpretation of the elements of sacred geometry contained in the schedule of each initial and decryption of her name, in the aggregate recreating her multifaceted imagery, presented by us in the form of 54 tables, which are a reference for the reader in his independent work on the mother tongue.

Based on the relationship letters and numbers, we picked up a number in a certain way organized numeric text, translated into literal potential of expression and these texts were readable through imagery drop caps in all directions: from the top — down and bottom — up on the left — to the right and vice versa; podiagonalyam , both from below and from above. You, the reader, the opportunity to own, according to set numeric text, using 54 tables Dressing material Holy Russia image, extract from the storerooms of their ancestral memory Vedic texts character.

Our ancestral memory stores universal imagery and the oldest stratum of our writing — runes. It is not surprising that the language of the ancient runes still rings in our everyday speech, in our exclamations. Well! Aha! Bye!

Come on! It is surprising that this ancient language still serves us to express our inner world, we do not realize it. The plan mypomogaem you Kindred meet with myself, to listen to his speech, understand the meaning of involuntary sound of their own cheers.

In the book, you are given the opportunity to feel the healing power of sound and the native language with examples of lullabies and those that are included in the rank of the people.

You may be interested in and the material provided by us to help you "read" your name, to find in it echoes Bloodname your ancestors.

Your attention we draw to a problem that causes us great concern. This is — the state of children's literature: Alphabet, ABC books and fairy tales for children. Our analysis suggests that the majority is full of alien alphabets for Russian baby concepts and attitudes that contribute to the fact that it comes conflict with himself, his ancestral memory.

On the pages of this book, the Russian folk tale presented as nekayabyl that occurred "when the time was just beginning." Despite the fact that these days there are all the stories in a distorted way, we managed to restore the original meaning of a few tales for our babies.

Every ancient Russian folk tale — is the algorithm output in the "open field", that is unified energy field of the Earth or in the Event "Prophetic Forest" — space is a wise idea, born on Earth and in the universe.

We are convinced that our book will be the basis of education of each of our neighbor, who, after reading it, will undertake the education of his family and his clan.

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The book can be downloaded in one file "Generic ABC Drevneslovenskoy Drop Caps"

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