Generic Transformation

Literal meaning, in this case the word transformation — rebirth, the original development, the natural human nature, sometimes referred to as the method of becoming human.

A distinctive feature of technique is that it is not just the application of thought forms and shaped vibration and deeper into new sensations worldview, health, and the general state of mind.
That is a transformation of the highest level.

The man remembers consciously experiencing a state — intuitive sanity blagorecheniya, health, strength, optimism, cheerfulness, etc.
All that is open to a memory Rod.
It is worth noting that the information from the memory of such actions not only in the information field, but also the impact on humans and on the mental level. Interestingly, all conscious sensations and images from the memory of the kind to which a person enters into your mind, are nothing like the program, which goes into the subconscious, affecting a person's autonomic nervous system.
Also, the person laying the information hologram effects of human will on the info box. It, in turn, optimizes all the biochemical processes that lead to the gradual, in the literal sense of the word, healing and rebirth of man.
So Generic transformation — is emotional — sensual programming itself, according to information received from the memory of Rod, which begins on the thin psychological level, gradually extending to affect more and more new levels and areas of the field.
I try to give is not a universal method, but only general principles. Since everyone is different and requires an individual approach. Rigid sequence of actions is often an obstacle to achieving the goal for some people. Most of the people themselves must think out, to adjust to the knowledge itself. Usually, many people do unconsciously, intuitively in meditation, with a finding their way of transformation, and this is the way for them to have the greatest efficiency.
One theory to explain this phenomenon is the fact that self-hypnosis is hard work thymus, where the oppressed — the earlier stress or intoxication, such as vaccination. As a consequence, fully starts the immune system and restore natural hormonal balance. Information correction, removal of negative foreign programs, harmonization of information processes, including the bio-physiological, add up to a surprising result — a man literally reborn. Transformation expands consciousness, develops the ability to include certain abilities, feelings, manage their own well-being and a sense that it is important, as the impact is not from without by another person, and therefore, can not do any harm.
Generic transformation — the most perspective and a new direction in Rodnoverie. For him the future. But it needs to develop, improve, understanding its mechanisms.
As a result of transformation reaching the brain information is carefully filtered. It only remains useful and positive, corresponding to the memory of Rod. This current program, once the subconscious changes all internal information processes in the body and on a chemical level change in the desired direction of regulation of chemical processes. As a result, a man can order his then state of mind and body, in which he would like to be, but the body obediently team.
By a strong storm and breakthrough thinking to the level of the subconscious starts regeneration program, planted by the man himself at the level of the nervous system, and then turn on and begin to work optimally mechanisms of all human systems. Become prominent brain neuropeptides — endorphins (pleasure hormones), will be free from the constant stress caused by his disfigured energy-informational structure. Moreover the information is correct "channels" with personal fractal vortex and the body includes its locked energy defenses.
At first, the transformation of man seem game. However, it has hidden meaning, as the programming and simulation. The key to the lock that opens the door to the space Roda — Information field. Transformational state passes from the level of consciousness to the level of the subconscious, that there is a hidden access code in the Information field of Roda. Everyone, except for his body, and personal information is fractal vortex born from. Our body is just a reflection, an expression of the physical layer information component.
However, to enter the information level is not easy. People coming up close to it, feel that they are on the way home and often feel agonizing fear the unknown.
Needs to go to a special push.
The true power of clans and our strength and greatness is not a miracle, that we are capable of, but only in our love-giving, to create life and harmony. Love — is the universal power of Rod, it works on all levels. Find it, send to yourself, be natural. That is our strength, if we live in resonance with nature. Restoring data component leads to the rapid recovery of psychosomatic disorders of the human body.
As a result of entering the information level of the human mind and reviving the unshakable foundations of an alien civilization, and religion become unsteady, fluid, a person disappears information root cause confusion, the empire of ignorance becomes the foundation, is a miracle. Practice shows that the miracles of rebirth does not occur often in the energetic and persistent. And who can comfort of trapping in the minds of not only images, but also a sense of memory Rod joined by an effort of will power of faith in its rebirth.
It is this force is the vehicle to make a program in memory of Rod intended. Without it, the whole transformation is often pointless naked imagination.
The whole mystery lies in the fact whether the person is able to connect to this conductor Willpower Faith or not. Not surprisingly, that two people can do the same thing, with different results — one who truly believes, is transformed, and the other does not get any effect.
It all depends on the degree of freedom, from penetrating the consciousness of unity and harmony. Man is able to conquer all, but does not believe in the strength of which he himself is. Lack of faith and the knowledge that we are as much a part of God Principle, blind us to the source of Divine Power Rod. In fact, we are the spark, high-grade, particle, carrying a model all the principles, and the potency of the beginning (yet hidden from us because of our ignorance) this evolving Universal Beginnings — Rod, we are all its fractal and at the same time accept a fully all His Spirit. All His infinite power and laid into us. We did not know, do not remember and afraid to use it.
Prevail over the human burden religion of materialism, our alien civilization. They shackle our minds, do not allow us to use the information field of Roda. Give us the spirit of infirmity, indifference even to themselves, kill our faith and our true abilities. Thanks to them, the "door" to Rod Almighty open to people and we are immersed in a deep daze. People ask, what is the decisive push. How to cross this threshold. It turns out the mysterious code secret impulse, that is, the transition to a true state of transformation, is in ourselves, and it is not necessary to look somewhere on the side. At the time of transition in the edge of consciousness to connect your reflex, indomitable in multiple generations of lust for life, with its powerful energy. Only the absolute belief that everything will be as he wants, people will be able to run the psycho-emotional mechanism, which, like the energy vortex, sweeping all internal weakness and lack of confidence. From this moment begins the process of rebirth. And it's real, one feels, sees a change, the connection to the information field Rhoda happened, now there is no doubt the psychological barriers and alien plants, they are broken, crumbled, leaving only a man alone with his life and the Race. This is a victory!
Now, many scientists believe that the primary disorders caused by the energy-level variation in the structure of atoms. That, in turn, leads to a change in the molecular structure without changing its chemical composition — isomerism. As a result of changing work of RNA and DNA, disrupts the biosynthesis. As a result, degradation and extinction. And we were not even aware that changes have occurred a long time ago and the negative can only fix overwriting of information at the atomic level.
Rebirth — is the way in which a person must go through, and it is full of obstacles. The main thing is to feel that the wall of darkness, collapsed, obstacles to a rebirth is no more. Man is free from the harmful shackles information effects, there was only a man who stands alone with him on the threshold of the universe, you just go on this way, and decides to make an effort for these few steps on the way home.
At this stage, the simulation moves from the psychological level of the physiological and information-space, space-start structuring produced by man. Represents man images, feelings, happy emotions, happiness and other positive Generic program analyzer systems in the body perceives as real and, therefore, for them rebuild their responses, which propagate to the surrounding space, respectively.
Activates all organs. Increases blood circulation, removing stagnant pathological lesions. Stress goes and starts back to the optimal regime of the body. Improving performance of the pituitary and adrenal glands. It is very important that the degeneration again activates the pineal gland, pineal gland, reduced hormone melatonin.
But it is not an end in itself. The main thing — to connect to the information field of Roda.
The above technique can be described as a common transformation is the path of rationalism — the first path. The second way — irrationality and true Transformations way instant insight. In a typical transformation we hope that what we want to happen in the future, and this is our profound mistake, an illusion that keeps us in a state of confusion and helplessness. In fact, in the categories of space the concept of time is not all there is now.
Here and now! Race with us!

Very interesting Ogneyarom raised, the topic Blagorecheniya.
The method of information feedback without substrate carrier is Blagorecheniya words. In fact, any words Blagorecheniya a manifestation of communication, unity and communion of one great start — Rod, who — to create, to generate all the world and spreading the love and the life-giving, of course, gives people the rebirth of their faith. From a scientific point of view, saying the words Blagorecheniya we come into contact with the information field, the position of faith, we obtain a connection with spirituality. But in the words — Please request for information is transferred to the future, that is, makes it possible, but still not real. Past experience shows the impact of the information that if the words Blagorecheniya build as if desired has already happened, then the effect will be much greater.

We in Rhode, Rhode in us! Glory Rod! Here and now!

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