Geniuses and Villains. Christopher Columbus watch online

Geniuses and Villains.  Christopher Columbus watch online
In the days of our two countries — Spain and the Dominican Republic — are fighting for the honor be the last refuge of Christopher Columbus. After voyages Columbus and the discovery of America was revised medieval view of the world. But history his life — this is a genuine drama.
Excellent navigator and discoverer of the population of the earth has presented new islands the Atlantic Ocean, the South American coast, made 4 swimming in search of a western road to the Asian mainland, and has not been evaluated nepriznatelnymi contemporaries. He izderzhal 30 years of their lives, proving that, moving to the west, you can reach the east. And yet, 1500 Columbus was charged with treason in the desire to completely rule them all open lands and assign all revenues that benefit the land. Shackles instead of the monument, shame instead of honor.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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