Genocide of Humanity (2012)

What is this movie? The fact that on the surface, so close and so obvious, but no one sees. The leaders of the so-called higher-level officials, have long since become of "public servants" servants of other forces, the purpose of which — the use of mankind in their own interests, with its stupefying and turning into a tool for their evil designs. Many people now reject his choice, because the level of their intelligence drops sharply.

And many believe that they make the choice, not even realizing that there is a chain of actions by the government, forcing them to make this choice. And those who speak about freedom — is likely to face a well-functioning system for their public ridicule, persecution and even "accidental" death, for particularly stubborn. This film shows how you are not protected in this world in which literally everything is against you, but at the same time, provides knowledge on how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Category: Mad World

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