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A lot of sinister secrets and mysteries keeps the ancient land of Poland. In the east, the majestic ruins of the towering dark castle Ternuv, once belonged to a noble nobleman, leaving a terrible memory in the stories and songs of both the Polish and Ukrainian peoples. This man, famous for his pathological cruelty, Jeremiah was called Prince Vishnevetsky (1612-1651 gg.).

Hunters of Fortune

The story began a hot summer day July 17, 1998, when two young men from the same town with a castle Ternuv decided to improve their financial situation is not quite the usual way. Kempinski and Janusz Tadeusz Mirsky — frank loafers in life — has long been burdened by the provincial leisurely way of life and work in agriculture, like the parents really do not want. However, life in the "new" capitalist Poland, as well as in Russia, was full of lots of temptations, which are constantly required a lot of money.

The friends had long pondered over how to get rich without much effort, and therefore to offer Mir dig in medieval dungeons, Janusz reacted enthusiastically. The fact that the stories of buried in the castle of Prince Vishnevetzkogo in the old treasures of ternuvtsev passed down from generation to generation, gradually acquiring a variety of mysterious and mystical details. However, under a pile of verbal husks and hiding some real historical facts relating to the time, the Commonwealth conducted intense war with the rebels against the oppression of the Polish Cossacks Bohdan Khmelnytsky …

Gold rush

In the late 40's of the XVII century prince Vishnevetsky Jeremiah was one of the major Polish magnates who fought with Cossacks at your own risk, without being subject to almost royal decrees emanating from Warsaw. The fact is that the majority of land holdings prince was just in the Ukraine, and therefore the war, he pursued not only public as personal goals, protecting the interest of the feudal lord.

Jeremiah himself had Vishnevetskii irascible and pugnacious character that actually typical for the Poles, but a kind of duality situation is further compounded by mistrust of the prince and exacerbated its hidden natural cruelty. The essence of the contradictions of his character lay in the fact that, as a Polish nobleman, nobleman, Prince Jeremiah was Russian in origin, and his ancestors had served the kings of Moscow (in particular, Ivan the Terrible), repeatedly participating in their military campaigns.

The prince, Jeremiah, sworn allegiance to the Polish king, some time remained orthodox, but soon moved to the Catholic faith. In less than a year, as he is in the Polish army invaded the Russian land, taking part in the siege of Smolensk (1632-1634 gg.). Ever since Prince constantly proved by the Polish nobility of blood, that he, as a Catholic, "holier than the Pope." In general, Vishnevetsky was a man about whom Bogdan Khmelnitsky said he was "twice a traitor" because it betrayed their people and their faith.

However, all of the above and does not detract from the many merits of this gentleman: valor on the battlefield, initiative in military affairs, and even a certain leadership talent. Despite the fact that in the battles with the Cossacks Prince often plagued with failures, he always managed to somehow get out of the situation: he repeatedly went from almost complete environment, enemies and bullets never found him. And only one Jeremiah Vishnevetskii was always defeated, his tormented financial problems.

As the prince acted alone, the army and he had to maintain at its own expense. The bulk of his soldiers were German mercenaries. The constant lack of money sometimes Vishnevetzkogo drove into a frenzy, and therefore, being deeply mystical nature, he does not think of anything better than getting him a much-needed gold through alchemy. Search for "philosophical" stone at the time was conducted in secret laboratories in many European countries for decades, but, alas, to no avail. However, the prince was sure that he would be able to master the great mystery of alchemy, because many years ago, a certain astrologer predicted he allegedly unprecedented greatness and called his future "savior of Poland!"

And rainy autumn 1649 in the dungeon of the castle Ternuvskogo on orders Vishnevetzkogo were taken the necessary chemical, astrological and magical ingredients. Soon lit a fire under the crucibles and furnaces, and the work started.

But the days passed after day, and the prince still unable to comprehend the mysteries of the "magic birthday of gold." All night long he spent with the German scholar monk, alchemist Friedrich Zayn specifically written out of Munich, in the laboratory. Head of dope smoke and fumes, the club over the flasks. Rings, bracelets, gold coins from around the world and even sanctified by the Pope precious pectoral cross tenfold melted in the furnace stove. Mix different drugs.

Then green, then blue, then bright orange flames flared at the bottom of the main boiler, and lead, which, by conviction clever German who had become a noble gold, and remained so unprepossessing gray metal.

Sometimes it seemed that the goal is near and the secret is about to be opened, but then the prince, carefully follow the Latin rule "silence — gold", suddenly became chatty. He was showered with expensive gifts and Zayn all reported on the secret court that soon will buy whole regiments of mercenaries: this can only wait for the next experience. But the next experience, alas, once again destroying high hopes. Vishnevetskii darkened, in the silence of walking through the halls of the castle, and, God forbid, these minutes were to fall toward him.

Then one night, tell legends, Prince Jeremiah Vishnevetskii in despair gave his soul into the hands of the devil! ..

Scream in the Night

But back to the beginning of our story. That happened in the cellars of the castle with Kempinski and Mirsky, later wrote many Polish newspapers. Here's how it happened …

Despite the inconsistency of local legends, they all agreed on one thing — an alchemy lab Prince Vishnevetsky was directly under the floor of the chapel of the castle, and a secret door in it was located behind the altar. However, to get into this underground room was extremely difficult because of the rubble — during the war, the castle was the bombing of the Soviet Air Force and was badly damaged. However, Kempinski and Mir were strong guys, and crowbars, picks and shovels, they brought with them, were to help them analyze the collapsed ceiling of the chapel ceiling.

By starting early in the morning, the young men made their way to the floor of the altar of the chapel only to the sunset of the day. Many hours Kempinski and Janusz Tadeusz Mirsky dragged the remains of wooden beams, piles of bricks and assorted shovels scraped fine debris. Fatigue, however, they did not feel: Customized adventurers hope to find something worthwhile. Finally, the most difficult part of the work has been completed, and shortstop, and not finding the coveted door to the dungeon, began gently rattling the floor plate, hoping to discover the emptiness beneath them.

Surprisingly, they did it almost immediately. Just a few minutes the young people were busy, turning out one of the boards with a crowbar. But here it is hardly out of the nest, the sight of treasure hunters opened a square hole leading down somewhere. Unwound long roll of nylon rope, seized from the house thrifty Mirsky, treasure hunters began their descent. The first to include a small flashlight into the basement Tadeusz useful. Less than a minute later, he reached the floor, which is immediately reported to bend over the manhole in the dungeon Kempinski. He did not have to wait long, and a moment later acceded to his friend to include in this powerful caving lamp, once given to him by friends. Pretty excited, friends lit space the hit and … did not see anything interesting!

In the bright light of the lamps clearly silhouetted outlines quite a spacious room with a brick vaulted ceiling. The antiquity and desolation reigned here for many years did not come through here no one. The massive wooden tables stained oak carpeted thick layer of compact dust accumulated there over the years, and just like it was covered with numerous flasks and retorts thick glass standing on them.

A little calmer, friends began to inspect the basement in search of what they are, in fact, come here. However, their hope of finding something of value was soon replaced by a deep disappointment: the coveted gold and jewels was not in sight. Friends have found a lot of glass glassware, bronze mortar for grinding powders, someone lost a small silver coin and a few intricate gizmos unknown purpose.

In the end, annoyed failure and a waste of time, fortune hunters decided to go back home. Taking with them as souvenirs and coin and a couple of mortars, they were approached by a rope hanging from the ceiling. And this is where things began to grow at an alarming rate …

As later told Kempinski, at first they felt a slight imperceptible movement behind him, and then weird voice, to have survived as if out of the void, groaned and gasped strange words: "Hilfe, Hilfe!" Sharahnuvshis aside, the friends turned around and sent rays of light in front of him . Something that appeared before them in bright light, forever etched in the memory of young Poles.

Illuminated against the far wall of the basement before the luck treasure hunters appeared grim figure of a man, or rather what had once been a man. To numb with fear young people were slowly approaching the human remains, dressed in a black robe draped with a hood on his head high! Vidnevsheesya beneath greenish face was greatly touched by the expansion, and in those places where the rags of rotten flesh turned black and fell off, clearly looked through white skull.
Continuing to publish moaning sounds and repeatedly twisted mouth repeating the word "Hilfe" eerie creature approached the people and handed them a hand …

Disappeared without a trace

Mirsky and Kempinsky only lasted for the next day. The fact that they were out all night, did not surprise their loved ones, as young people are not just spent the evening with their girlfriends and often stayed with them until the morning. However, when they came to dinner and the mother of Mir, phoned all the friends and finding his son, sounded the alarm. The fact that my friends are going to visit the ruins, was known to their parents, and soon several police officers have begun inspection of the castle.

The place where the Kempinski with Mirsky shoveled piles, immediately caught the eye, and therefore peace officers were convinced that the missing men were there the day before. Going to the gaping hole in the floor, the police saw a rope stretching down, but when one of them was going to pull it out of the dungeon suddenly heard a heavy groan. Instantly assessing the situation, who led the team sergeant slid along the rope in the basement, and soon Janusz Kempinski was raised to the surface.

As stated later arrived on the scene a doctor, a young man was in a state of deep shock and weakly reacted to what was happening around him. The victim was immediately rushed to hospital where he was given a sleeping pill and an injection sedative.

Kempinski finally recovered from stressful experiences only two weeks later. Only then he was able to give the police more or less coherent testimony. He told everything, including what appeared as a scary ghost, but here's what happened next, did not know he was. Tadeusz Mir disappeared without a trace, but his body has not been found, although additional police units arrived thoroughly "combed" and the ruins themselves, and the surrounding forest.

From the materials of the Polish press is known that after the event village Ternuv became for a while this place of pilgrimage for lovers of all sorts of paranormal and psychic phenomena. All of them have tried to shed some light on what happened and made numerous statements in the newspapers. As for the terrible monster, described the hero of this incident, the views of the majority of researchers agree. They all came to the conclusion that young people have seen no real being of flesh and blood, but the specter of court alchemist Prince Vishnevetzkogo — Frederick Zayn, apparently killed by his master in a fit of anger. After all, the word "Hilfe" in German means "help me!" …

Stanislav Goryaynov

The Secret Power 2004.2

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