Global warming — the evidence from skeptics

Global warming - the evidence of the skeptics.  Photo Aditi.A group of scientists known for their skepticism about the theories of climate change, to re-examine two centuries of global temperature data and found strong evidence for the fact that the Earth is hotter.

Lead author Richard Muller of the University of California at Berkeley (USA) only at the beginning of this year, members of Congress, there are concerns that in the XX century, there was a significant warming.

And his project Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) has completed processing of the temperature, since 1800, from 15 sources, including the World Meteorological Organization and meteovedomstva U.S. and UK. Conclusion: Since 1950, the average temperature of the planet has increased by one degree. In general, this corresponds to parameters of the three major systems of temperature recording: GISTEMP, which oversees NASA, GHCN (the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and HadCRU (UK Met Office). It should be noted that this is a warming of the air over the land, that is, it is not truly a global assessment.

In a series of papers that have been published in peer-reviewed journals, but are available on the website of the project, the researchers argue, how reliable are the data available on temperature. Despite his earlier statements, the skeptics have found that by taking into account the performance of urban weather stations (and warmer in cities than in rural areas), little has changed. Recall: critics used to say that the idea of global warming spawned urban heat island effect, while the average of the planet is not heating up. Some of the most zealous bloggers screaming that weather station is located in the wrong place — close to the heat source. However, BEST found no statistically significant difference between the stations located "good" and "bad."

Many climate scientists declined to comment on the calculations, as they are not yet published. The most daring — Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia (he was involved in "klimatgeyte") and Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University (USA) — express joy over the fact that the science of climate reaffirmed its reliability.

Mr. Mueller said that I decided to post preprints on site prior to publication, so they can be discussed at the workshops. Skeptics do not feel ashamed. Many of them spoke about this: We have never claimed that the temperature does not increase, we advocate that human nature warming may be overstated.

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