Glory — four worlds of light Slavs

In the religious and poetic representation of the pre-Christian Slavs were four world-light, two of them on the ground and two below it:
1.BELY LIGHT, our light with solid-earth, the sun (Dazh-God), Perun (black cloud-Khmara), moon-month (Makosh) and stars-dawns. On the ground, covered with vegetation, lived dedki, humans and other earthly creatures. Reigned over this light his Creator — God of gods with Santa Svarog pribogami Svarozhich. Our distant ancestors envisioned a white light in the form of a giant dome, the top of which was the heavenly firmament (sky), framed the sky lows our land.
"Light" is used here to mean "white clarity", white lights, or "beam", which manifests itself in pitch Svarog chaos before the creation of the worlds. Over time, the word "light-shining" has taken the word "peace." In Galician dialect "light" can only mean "the world", and instead of the word "light" in the sense of "clarity" used the word "light" (noun sr.roda with the accent on the first syllable). Galicians but still use the words "pre-light", "pre-illumination."

2.It is necessary to White Light rose spiritual and invisible sky-blue, sky blue light, which the Slavs imagined in the form of the dome over the dome of the White Light. The top of the dome and the slopes of the White Light accounted for Azure Light his hard-paradise, it replaces our firm-ground. Hence in the Old Slavonic language sky (firmament) is called the "firmament." Azure Light had its quiet, soothing turquoise sun-light, which shone among the most self-Svarog Svetozar had azure stars and sky — the throne of God, under the very top of the dome. In this light, the King of Heaven lived Svarog and other celestial beings, as well as the blessed souls. The expanse and the sky, taken together, were called heaven.
3.Pod white light and land for Debra impassable forests, for the Air Sea and the great stream hung as the spiritual and invisible GREY grim — that light or PIT dome down (inverted dome) with solid-Mogilitsa, are he kind of our firm-ground. He darkened (Grey) Light or Darkness Morok as Dazh God-whitening white light white, and Svetozar olazurival light Azure Light. In the gray light of dominion or Morok Morillo God, king of the underworld, and his wife — the queen's Tomb or Haze. Their children were: Mor son, spirit-poshestey diseases and daughters — a) or Mara Moreno (with the accent on the last syllable), the spirit of the sleep of death, and b) Mora (with the accent on the first syllable), the spirit of the living dream. After the fall dedkov and people, when people became mortal, Morillo was sent to earth Mora, who Morillo their various diseases-hvorotami and daughter Morin-Mar, which is 1) put to sleep their eternal death bed, 2) the shear rusty scythe connects the soul with the body "scar plaguing" sewn in the heart of man the sisters of Perun — masticator, and Svetilkoy Gasilkoy at birth, 3) taking out the soul from the body, which was immediately stung rotten aphids and 4) passed this soul afterlife spirit — Vodtse, accompanied her to the Great Stream another spirit underworld — Perevoztse swimmers who took her to the ferry and carried through to the Feed — Light Grey. If the "darling" ran from Mary or Vodtsy, it caught catchers. As a punishment for running away he locked a soul in the mound (hump) Mogilev, where they were her hard work, and then gave it back Vodtse for following in the gray light. On the other bank took her Priemtsya, who had taken off from the soul the query: who are you, my dear, as she was, that made-mended in this world — send it to the court to Morillo. Morena Mara was in the representation of the people twofold: Front ruddy beauty (death tremens), rear — stinking rotting corpse.
In that light temporarily lived in holes in the souls of the dead people Mogilitsa — navii or Navier. After the trial at Morila, leaving his shell (Mary-ghosts, ie to come, the shadows, the astral body) in the gray light, the good soul went to Cote d'light to heaven, and evil — in the black light, in hell.
Mora for his kindness as a goddess of sleep Svarog was taken to heaven, where, after the fall of Perun sent her to the ground, where it its life-giving sleep induced cured her brother Blight disease and, together with the Living, the goddess of life and health, conducted at the patient's bedside ruthless fight on his rotten sister-Starved Mara.
4. Under the dome light gray, separated from him Resin Mountains and the Black (tar) flow, hung as an inverted dome and also spiritual and invisible black light or pitch, and they baked with solid-log construction with black Potma instead of the sun, always outshines Black Light Utter darkness ("temryavoyu"), and the pitch or baked in the bottom (top) of the dome, where the fire was burning eternal pekolny, which melted from the drop-down carcass Resin Gore rocks. Log cabins — here in the understanding of the felled forest, desert with rotting stumps and poisonous mushrooms, dushemorami foul, with the same snakes and all other plant and animal vermin.
Heaven and hell according to the beliefs of the Slavs were, as shown in the attached figure, at two opposite ends of the universe, the center of which was our land. This pekolnom fire suffered untold torments earthly sinners after their souls were at first ("purgatory") passion for log cabins themselves in dens repay (Retribution) and naigorshie suffering — remorse carcass Valley of Tears, where every sinner looked into Mirror of living, in which he saw himself and all their earthly affairs from his birth until the last moments of his life.
The Black Light reigned king of evil and sin, sorrow Pragreh Lyutich Goresey, which at the time of creation of the White Light Svarog fled with fear Black Potma. He constantly invaded with devils in white light to fight against it. Sowed in him sorrow and all evil for future shoots and arranged like a spider throughout his sinful net to catch them dedchi and souls. When the white light came from the sky Svarog with Perun, a black cloud, Nose and Stribog, floods, hail destroyed by grief and evil sown fields, and storms and whirlwinds tore sinful network furious Sin crawled out of the Black Light and, believing himself stronger and powerful Svarog, challenged him to a fight, fight to the death. But after the first shock Svarog iron (lightning) Sin with all accompanied him impure forces rushed headlong back to the cabins, where they continued to blaspheme Svarog and threaten him. Frustrated Perun sent to Black Light your thunder right into the jaws of Sin and tore it into pieces and Stribog stormy wind scattered them among the marshes and swamps of blockhouses. One of the teeth of Sin, driven Stribog, somehow slipped through to the next light gray and then to white light and are stuck in the Carpathian Mountains on the top BELOGORIYA on which he lived Belobog — leader of ethereal forces Svarog — dedkov. (Dedki — disembodied spirits, created together with the people to protect them.) This tooth black snake crawled whore Udynya ("beats" — child-bearing member, pudendum; Udynya would not it be the same as Pushkin's "Shamahanskaya queen?"), Which , having become a matchless beauty-woman seduced Bjelobog and persuaded him to rebel against the heavenly Santa, drop them from the sky and sit on it with their own dedkami. He rebelled. At a time when shelves dedkov winged giants, lined up in military ranks under the firmament, go attack the sky with mountains and rocks in their hands, and when Perun have unleashed fierce gromovikov became rebels strike thunder and lightning to burn them, and they , burnt and black, rolled headlong with Bjelobog ahead to hell right in the teeth of the Black Potma, Udynya, laughed terribly and hissing like a snake had disappeared.
After the destruction of sin Goreseya (Gorynicha) for timber reign was his concubine terrible winged serpent Black Potma. Naplozhennye it with Sin "baystruki" (illegitimate children) — the devils torment for timber and in the thick of the sinful souls, and scour the earth, tempting people to sin.
… A boyachis Perun, log cabins in all she sits — Potma squalid, hellish, evil mistress vsegreshna, and light years from the first spoils darkness Black Light. And it is terrible: Birds and toothy, and horny. Anger is sitting in her eyes, anger angry on his shoulders. In the legs keeps his rod — forks — a sign of the authorities, power, strength. Pitchfork filthy bastard in a subordinate holds hell. Great it without dispute, without borders, all for the eyes: spoiled tail — a hundred miles of darkness, but will stretch — five hundred miles. If spread his wings, darkness covered the universe used for a hundred thousand miles on shoots twice as many x clearance. Sazheyu like a dense pitch darkness so misses all the black look, so trash and shame that Siza Her dove into the darkness — a crow-owl bird with a nasty head and looking at the light owl. Since sulfur and smoke in snoring bastard goes on its hind legs …
Here is what our distant ancestors themselves of hell, mixing children's naivety with inimitable poetic invention:
The Black Light all the opposite of what is available in this world. Go there upside down and look down at your peklosvod. What we have is white, there — black and vice versa — that we have a black to white devils. Our dark night of devils — white day. Hell, even now as they say, are rarely on the ground during the day, as during the day they do not see the sun and terrible cold. Our hot for them — the bitter cold, and our bright light for them — total darkness. Welcome to Black light evil, and evil — the good, there is a sin a virtue, and virtue — sin beauty muck and filth — the beauty, sweetness — the bitterness and vice versa; flour — pleasure, praise it blasphemy, but the blasphemy — praise, rewarding — punishment and the car — and so rewarding Black devils pray Potma serve her life ("read akathists") and sing her songs ("Evil … Mother chernago edge"), blaspheming and insulting her in every way. And sin vengeance to curry favor themselves (read — the anger and resentment) Black Potma. Passion and pain, sorrow and grief for the devils to log cabins — pleasure and joy. They are all happy to roast in hell, accept with pleasure suffering and pray (ie blaspheme) Potma that she sent down to them more suffering.
Devils in black light is divided into different nations and tribes. How many people on earth, the same people Chertovskikh for timber: every earthly people has a corresponding carcass folk devils who "vydybaya" on the ground, there are only among the people of this earth. And devils speak the same languages as the earthly people, only upside down, ie every word uttered from right to left letters in reverse order. Potma they Amtop, hell — trech, sin — herg, walk — tidoh doing — taled etc. They have to cut down their economy: plow, sow and gather all evil. Souls of the sinners of the earth, before leaving for flour in Den repay, to the Valley of Tears in hell, hell serve as slaves, and they perform all of the black-and-dirty work on the framework.
Potma sincerely thinks she, punishing, rewards, because punishment for timber — a reward. Potma "punishes sinners of sin," and in fact, this understanding is chernosvetski "award for the godly virtue." She thinks that the earthly sinners flour as pleasant hill just sweet as hell.
There are a myriad of folk tales about the life of devils and wicked of the earth, and all sorts of varieties and their suffering in the blockhouse. Some to tears tragic, others — to tears comic.
In a black light effect carcass death and new mother of Horus or Hara (accent on the first syllable). Every moment sinners in untold agony from her, Hara, and then die from it again nascent fresh, playful, healthy and strong for the new suffering and deaths. And so — to infinity …
Belobog after riot — Chernobog chained Black Potma to pekolnoy rock unspeakably tormented himself with frenzy and tormented souls, trapped in hell, and with them waiting for salvation from Ray Wells.
Any good human thing on earth emits white light from itself-ray. All the rays of the good works of the earth people are connected to one Ray Wells, who rushes straight to a black light. If the beam is large and powerful, then it crosses the carcass darkness and makes his way to the darkest Potma, burns, worn it, as the sun snow, and eats it. She was terribly tormented and suffering unbearably, beating on all parties and furiously licking Ray Wells stoverstnym language. At this time, all the flour on the log-in hell stop. Carcass eternal deafening noise guki, screens and cod calm down, not bubbling tar, tar does not boil, the lights did not roar, the smoke dissipated, the darkness and the Black Light razrezhivaetsya slightly whitens. Sinners are relieved, snakes Chernobog turns back into a giant glowing zlatokrylogo-handsome — dedka Bjelobog and blaspheming, and the glory of Svarog and leads a fierce struggle with Czernebog, ie to himself (good start fights with the evil beginning), repents bitterly and all sinners who just racked pekolnym fire inspires hope for salvation.
The more good in the White Light, the more Ray Wells, and the easier the sinners in the Black World. But the good deeds on earth a little, and so Ray Wells always weak. Black Potma quickly licks it, and black ray of Evil, which is emitted in human evil deeds and rushes in the black light, helps destroy Potma Ray Good and exacerbates — doubles, triples the total darkness and torment of sinners in black light. Zlatokryly Belobog back turns into the evil serpent Chernobog who starts fighting Bjelobog again cursing and blaspheming, and again begins to angrily punish sinners pekolnym fire. Carcass and the deafening noise of great soul, guki, screens and clicks again more and more intensified, in the thick tar bubbling again, tar roiling boil, fires back with fury and rage with his terrible and long tongues reachable blockhouses and lick them, and all they located, smoke swirling again, the darkness thickens and Black Light again clothed in black resin. And this is repeated, albeit rarely, in the course of centuries and millennia …
And so it will long remain in the Black Light and suffer earthly sinners, how long people in the white light on the ground will be evil and do evil deeds. Salvation of souls in hell depends entirely on the good works of the earth people.
So Svarog people said after the Fall. From luxury dedki and people started to kick in the garden many times, always inclined to sin and Black Potma. Under the whisperings of the impure forces them the way and wanted to grief. Not knowing what the mountain, and, thinking that it will give them a new pleasure, they asked them to send down Svarog. "Though Obtain from the earth, God, we went to the mountain" — praying day and night. Of course, Svarog not give them grief. When dedki and people, calling upon the Black Potma, went against the heavenly Fathers and the fall happened, Svarog grandfather said to them,
"My only mistake was in the creation and establishment of dedka person. In the infinite goodness of my bounty too much I poured into you, the ungrateful and wicked children! .. From them you mind went for the mind and you have lost the ability to distinguish good from evil. You have sinned greatly against good and evil you have invoked, taking you to a terrible vice, punish you mercilessly. Not once, but a hundred times, I saved you in paradise on your sinful desires, overwhelmed you at the instigation of your enemies — the dark forces of the Black Light. I leave you and go away from you. And many will be a myriad of years until you find me again and see. In the great suffering and sorrow black, sent down to you the Black Potma, will look for me, and I pray for salvation … but I save you, not anymore. This will not help you to kick start again! .. Save yourself for yourself: friends only Dobrynia, chase away evil Zlynyu. Sach ace I breathed into your souls Svarog spark my God, my particle nature, with which you will be able to distinguish good from evil. That spark — your conscience. It will serve as a guiding you in all your endeavors and actions. Only your good works can now save you and all of your belonging to a black light in the claws and teeth of the Black Potma. Only after suffering and misfortune and evil you will be able to appreciate the good and will keep him as the apple of his eye. Only good things, good deeds you will find me, and then I'll be back with you. Now you will be in vain without God and the will of the request and prayers to him. Save yourselves: darn good ".
Xie said Svarog left white light and went to infinity to create new worlds.
Slavs … Religion was not a religion of despair, because they believed that the time will come when all people on earth to do good. Then the bright ray of good from their good deeds (Ray Evil then is not at all) would be so great and powerful, eliminating the black Potma and unclean fruit — devils and carcass banished darkness, whiten the black light, and with black and all evil will disappear, and everywhere in the universe shall remain sinless holy kingdom of God.
According to the Greek writer Procopius (YI century AD.) And the German chronicler Gelmolda (XII century.), Slavs believed in only one God, Creator and VSEDERZHATELYA. This deity they considered androgynous, ie androgynous (in physical terms), has two properties necessary for creation — male and female (duad in the monad: plus and minus, and the phallus Kteis, gender and rozhanits). These properties were guided Light the Good Mind (triad in the monad in the spiritual sense), and under the influence of matriarchy in ancient times, when women were heads of families, prepochtenie give his female.
This one God the Creator, they just called God, the Old God, the God of gods, Prabogom, Swa-Swa-God or the Horn, like various other menami: Great Grandfather, Glory, Svetozar or Svetovid, Vladimir, One Troyan-Troyaga-Triglav Rhode rozhanits.
In ancient times, the word "horn" was synonymous with "power is power" ("have horns, but poobterli gods"). "Swa", ie "All", preserved in the Serbian and other Slavic languages, applied to the "horn" in the feminine again under the influence of matriarchy. According to this theory, Swa-rig means — Vsemosh, Ail.

The theory of the origin of the word "Russia", "Russian" and "Slav, Slavic," in the name of god Svarog-Glory will not be weaker than the other well-known theories on the subject — and still foggy unsaid. According to this theory, all the Slavs, the essence and the Russian (and the Czechs, Poles, Serbs, and others), have two names: a) for the Glory and b) on Swa-Horn. All of them, again, the nature and the Russian-Rus and Russia, as they were called in ancient times foreign writers — children androgynous deity (Swa) Horn-Fame. "Russ" or "Russia" — the same as "rougsy" or "rogsy" from the word "horn" or "Rogue" ("ou" is pronounced one letter and is pronounced halfway between D and F). Whistling letter does not stand in the Slavic languages guttural letters and changes it to whistling or hissing, such as Czech-Czech-Czech.
Therefore, the root of "horn" (or "Rogue", "God-Boag," "wave Vaul," etc., as pronunciation is preserved in the Polish language), this change will be: rogs — Ross, rougs — rouss or rugs — russ, horn-sky — grown-sky-sky Roeg — Rose-sky or pyr-sky — Russian-sky, ie Strong, MOSchNYY.Kak in everything else (for example, in their own names: Svyatoslav, Svetlana, Zvonimir, etc.), and not without poetry. People, a poet by nature, has named a powerful and glorious. Under the influence of matriarchy, as stated above, preference was given to the female sex, in this case — glory, hence the word "Slav Slavic" are common, comprehensive title tribes descended from a single once Rhoda, who bore that name. This was seen in the preserved preference bisexual female names of deities (alive and God is alive, swimming and Globe, Rod and rozhanits, etc.), while men were lost and only mentioned in the songs.
It is known for (Lay and other monuments) that Russian called themselves and considered themselves "God Dazh-grandchildren," ie, Children of God, children of the sun. This also supports the theory of the origin of the name "Russian", ie powerful deity of Swa-po (y), as Dazh-God is the same Swa-rig in its manifestation in the nature of light and warmth.
Because of the one God being considered remote, Slavs, all poets, honored him in they understand its manifestations in nature (the sun, lightning, wind, etc.) and these manifestations were given respective poetic names, which are then gradually their names and became personified as a separate deities — or Svarozhich pribogov. These pribogi were only executors of Praboga designed and performed their work in this world in general and in particular on the ground, they were not the creators.
So: in the manifestation of light and heat Svarog was their God-Dazh or Horse, in the manifestation of fire and water — Perun-black cloud, in the manifestation of the air-winds — Stri-God, as the giver of wealth called his hair or Welles (eg nomadic life in the hair-cattle was considered almost the only source of wealth) as vegetable plants, benefactor of all earthly creatures and keeping harmony in nature — Lad, Lada, and as the life-giving spring sun seeds — Yarily, Yaryu, Yarily, as the summer sun — swim, Kupala , baths, ie god of crops and mature fruits.
In the view of the Slavs that only God the Creator and Vsederzhatel was the only head-Prince, the owner of a solar farm and the White Light of Heaven as well as their senior in the family was considered the sole owner, the chief prince of all-Rod or zadruga and their property. They are Slavs, prayed only to him — God the Creator, and surviving chorus "Shine, shine my God", "Glory to God in heaven," "Glorified art Thou, O our dear God, in heaven," and others were sung to him and he . But the holidays with games, dances, dances in bogolesyah (gayah) were associated with accessible and understandable to man manifested deity in nature, ie with pribogami.

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