Gomel. Technique opposition returned, but not all

Homel KGB returned the civil society activists and the regional office of the United Civil Party selected in January during searches of the computer.

Vladimir Katsora

"In total we have returned 10 computers — both private and those that were in the office. We refused to take only copier that was somehow defective. The staff council promised to bring it to working condition — and then we'll take. There was another funny episode to one of kamputatav was not a mouse. It turned out that one of the security officers gave it to the use of his son — said a member of the UCP and the movement "For Freedom" Vladimir Katsora.

According to the social activist, a technique brought back not only because it had nothing to do with the events of December 19. The authorities are not up to computers — the economy is pushing them to such political steps.

Vasily Polyakov

Chairman of the regional organization of the United Civil Party Vasily Polyakov says that some computers and mobile phones, to all appearances, did not check:

"The government, I think, now do not know what to do with political prisoners, although the trials still ongoing. This is a dead end road. They are not up to computers, so back quickly — so have decided to close the issue of searches committed by equal after protests in Minsk. "


Gomel, search

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