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Irina Cherepanov, a professor of Perm State University, studying spells, prayers and incantations of different nations, has opened a way to turn a loser in the lucky

In Perm, where Irina Cherepanov led scientific and practical laboratory "Vedium" and where it is made and is making the most of their discoveries in the field of linguistics, which then become the legal management of advertising campaigns and are actively used by spin doctors across the country, it is sometimes called … a witch. Strange, but Irina, at least, do not take offense. Smiles back. Laughing quite happily, though praised.

Only once roused herself and decided to sue the person who said in the press (!) That Professor Cherepanov nearly a fiend.

Irina court, of course, won. Moreover, sociologists and lawyers of the United States, summing up the last decade of the twentieth century, put that process in the top ten most original processes in the world!

A one-Archbishop

— Why do they call you a witch? Witch's brew you do not cook, do not fly on the Sabbath.

— Yes with nonsense began. She participated in a seminar on psychology, where made a sort of game of the Inquisition. I got the role of a witch. In the middle of an argument I threw up his hands to heaven and cried out something pathetic. And here again — and electricity is passed out. The entire building is in the dark, only lit candle in front of me. Stage effect turned out. But the people so impressed that he later came to me and asked in all seriousness rain cause — the heat was unbearable. I jokingly said, "Okay, I'll do." Nothing, of course, did not do, but the rain really gone! Coincidence. Only after a legend about a witch tightly stuck to me. Yes I am in that period and the release of a book about his verbal magic called "witch house".

— But sued, then you are not with anyone anyhow, and with the Archbishop of Perm and Solikamsk for what it is you are the bearer of Satan's ideals Announced!

— So Athanasius because of this book to me and latched on, although it purely scientific. Mine, in fact, a doctoral thesis, which in Moscow at the Institute of Linguistics, defended.

On the other hand, His Eminence was amusing to sue. Historically funny. Previously, the woman declared a witch, one on fire sent. Now, this is — an action for defamation.

— Besides the fact, in the course of the hearing was fun out?

— Athanasius as a witness of the Muslim Mufti led, they started a theological debate. Mufti shouts that I devil and archbishop — no, not Satan, and his sacrifice on the network captured by Satan. In the courtroom laughter is worth it! .. In general, people at the hearings, as in the theater, go.

— And the archbishop in the book do not like it?

— My method of changing the destiny of which is called "Face". For fellow scientists I transcribe it as "linguistic encoding", and for the masses — "personal icon." The idea is that a person begins to feel strong and becomes the master of circumstances. A religion is a position in principle welcomes.

Security text for pregnant graduate student

— Author of the method tested it on himself? You are the mistress of herself-that circumstance?

— I — yes. And, like all scientists, it first tried out on himself. Fifteen years ago, when embarking on the development of "Face", surrounding me tears poured. Their housing was not there in the dorm with two children, the third son pregnant, and her husband was in the process of divorce …

— Have we bred with pregnant women?

— So it's me, not him, was the initiator. A guy just swam. Began to divide garbage — this is mine, and it's your child, you're it, and carry them out. Fuse pulled out of the TV, so the boys did not watch cartoons, and he was not disturbed. Well, all of that sort. I decided that since we were children without him it will be easier. On me as a fool watched, the mother said, "Where are you poverty fruit? '. Live it fell to a post-graduate scholarship, my husband I did not want to take the money. Of course, with three small, one smaller than the science is not very handy to move forward. She went again to Moscow, the Lenin library for a couple of days it was necessary, and the youngest, three-month, fell behind the battery and ass burned himself. Overlooked him.

— As for the battery child can fall?

— Couch next to her stood. The hostel also closely. No one believed that the people of Cinderellas in vybyus. And I — all cried. Now I have all that is necessary for happiness — three smart healthy son, the beloved creative job, great apartment, a decent income. Finally, a lot of fans. And — thanks to that long ago established herself-inspiring feats of legend. That's the point, "Face" and consists — to find a man for protecting the text, with which he will be able to influence their own destiny.

— But such texts have long existed and is widely known. It spells and incantations. And the legend — it is generally something of a spy arsenal.

— Security or, as I prefer to say, the text can be cherished by your name, prayer, fairy tale, myth, legend, story — it does not matter. It is important that it be yours and only yours, that you played such a character in it, which would be in life. I think that the ancient mages and priests have created for themselves such a plot, but why should they have to publish them? In addition, many magical texts obsolete. Modern man, for example, the "nuclear warhead" says a lot more than the prophet Elijah with his arrows, lightning.

The principles of creating magical texts are one. But in the case of a particular person and the particular problems have to do everything all over again. Immerse it with centuries-established techniques of verbal magic in a trance, in the subconscious. He was there, as in a mirror looks, and begins his perfect image, create your personal icon. The following common features of men's and women's legends, but only just. And the rest — sacred words, methods of connection, sounds and rhythm — is an individual matter.

Color wedding night

— Than male legends of women's different?

— Men usually need a description of the specific actions. I came, I saw, I conquered — such a scheme. Typical men's stories — about the arrow hits the target, about the awakened volcano, about the racing car that travels on the road ahead and all. Our mayor Yuri Trutnev us during the campaign created a legend about a man who goes on a bear and does not pay tribute to the bandits. And he believed in it, and the voters. The result — a victory in the first round. Although at first about it and knew something only 5% of Perm.
Women's magical texts are always romantic, they have to talk about feelings. Women are much more likely to turn amorous collisions. Many of husband and lover can make a choice can not.

— And in such a situation, what legends are born?

— There was, for example, the legend of the birch tree, next to which are growing poplar and ivochka and protects them oak stump. With birch identified the lady herself, with little trees — the children, and on the stump — a spouse. I'm at it I specify: a lover-where? She replied: "In the forest, there were other trees." Folded her story. And immediately untied the guy who tormented her tantrums! Instead he found a lot of "other trees."

— So on your system, you can not only win the election, but the marriage announcements and make up!

— It is possible. Was. Only important that the announcement of the desired color is obtained, and then casually sadistic privlechesh.

— How is it — the color you want?

— Every sound in the subconscious of a person with a certain color associated with certain qualities. This is a general rule, it is the ancient magicians and sorcerers were well aware. If there are too many "a" and "I", the announcement will turn red, the color of activity and mentor. It will attract men who are looking for a woman to a support advisor. The abundance of green "e" on the contrary, would be interested in independent people who would prefer to lead. A black ad for sadists — is where a lot of "s" and sizzling.

Personal dictionary sex

— It is believed that only women love with their ears.

— Lies! Men came up with it on purpose, that knock us off, and so we have even suffered defeat in bed. The fact that I'm talking about the color value for brides say no to sex is less true. In a love for sex inarticulate groans to punctuate articulate compliments. And for every member — individually ohmuryayut text. If the eyes are dark with a partner, let it be a lot of "s" if the green — the "e", and the blue-eyed firmly binds "and". Hair Color sets the rhythm. Blondes need a smooth, melodious murmur, dark hair, on the contrary, energetic, marsheobraznoe.

— The content of compliments are not important?

— Important way in which a woman appears, the legend that she is playing. It should be sharply contrasted to that for which the person is used to. Let's say, for the semi-literate "new Russian" style should be elevated, refined — "your eyes", "your nature," and so on.

— Laugh at the "Natural" will be.

— Do not be. Against the background of the usual mat — it is exotic, like a foreign language. And the exotic — so interesting, mysterious. Here is an intellectual on the "nature" to have fun. His babbling in erotic obscenity astound, verbal emancipation. With him in an intimate situation, not to gasp and groan for the riskiness of the total need.

— You these techniques in their own sex life use?

— I say nothing. In my case, it just turns the contrast and exotic. Because all eggs and also formed the habit of professional people to start talking to plunge into a trance. If we consider that women are not so many of the really interesting interviewees, it appears that bewitches without any special intentions. Then, sometimes, I am suffering — sorry craziness men. It is often said that I rock.

— That's what you might call a witch, too.

— I think so. But the truth is, I'm against "witches" does not particularly have. Who were the witches? Typically, the most educated and free women of his time. The first feminists. For this they are burned.

— You are not afraid to communicate with people by appealing to their subconscious? From there you can climb all.

— This is so, in the subconscious of every person is nasty. But I pull out only the good. Because my program is called "Face", "personal icon." And not a "personal face" or, say, a "personal demon".

— What happens after a person made personal protective text? It needs to be repeated in critical circumstances, like a prayer or set of self-hypnosis?

— No, none of this is necessary. The main thing is that the legend was born, what your personal word, paraphrasing the Gospel, embodied in the speech. Next it itself will protect you as a personal guardian angel. Even in the event that one day you will forget about it at all.

Anna Tkachev


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