Greetings from the dead

January 10, 2013 10:11

After the death of people continue to sort things out and fall in love.

Greetings from the dead

Lovers tickle nerves remember how watching the film "White Noise", afraid to lift up the phone and see the noise on the TV screen: what voices from the other world to break into broadcasting. The plot of the thriller — the absolute mystery, but there are enthusiasts who claim to establish contact with "the next world" is quite real. In their archives — thousands of votes held by the departed people. Special equipment helps detect messages from the "subtle world."
Artem Mikheev tried to record electronic voice from another world ten years ago. I read the literature — many scientists proves existence of a person does not cease with the death of his physical body. Today Associate St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University, Candidate of Sciences Artem Mikheev heads the Russian Association of instrumental ITC (Raith).

— The votes came after a tape recorder, radio and specially designed devices that identify themselves with the people living on earth in a physical body, now residing in another dimension — says Artem. — I can give you examples of how to link to the "thin world" works in everyday situations. A friend of my colleague, let's call him Anatoly, lost relative. Anatoly asked me to check with my buddy on the other side, whether she is alive. I asked the question — came a clear answer: "Ee have not." It turned out she was in the hospital, but none of it did not say.

Another example. In 2009, we were asked to help in the investigation of the crash of Moscow — Perm, which took place September 14, 2008. Experts said that the commander of the crew Rodion Medvedev was drunk. I spent the session. The link came a voice, who introduced Rodion, and said that the pilot was not drunk. Literally: "Here Rodion," "drunkenness — a minute, will you," "Of course not, not drunk", "Backlog the jump — wanted to plant."

"Medium" performed by Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Swayze helps the hero to stay in touch with your favorite (the film "Ghost," 1990)

"Medium" performed by Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Swayze helps the hero to stay in touch with your favorite (the film "Ghost," 1990)

— The voices from the other world to distinguish from the radio?

— Voices "out there" to apply directly to the other party, often called his name, answer the questions that no one else can hear. Interlocutors from another world often use slang that is not characteristic of ordinary speech, rearrange words. The spectral characteristics of their voices are different from our usual sound.

— When the dead people are "available"?

— Sometimes the world is divided into levels according to the development of consciousness, and not every person can be available for communication. Especially good contacts obtained from people who were close in life. Questions during the session are set out loud, refer to the other person can be mentally or emotionally.

It is difficult to predict what the essence of the parallel worlds will want to come in contact with us

It is difficult to predict what the essence of the parallel worlds will want to come in contact with us

— Who initiates Transsvyaz? In the movie "White Noise" departed loved ones tried to warn of the danger.

— Abroad has been well studied phenomenon of phone calls from the departed. I witnessed this. A friend of my friend was terminally ill. Girls agreed that if disaster struck, late in any way will know whether there is life after death. She died in the fall. Early next year, its numbers began to come SMS. The first was empty, then a lot of time on the screen highlights one word: "Yes!" My friend called her daughter died — she said that the phone after leaving the mother no one touched.
Here is an example, when we are out on bond. February 12, 2012 passed the information about the death of singer Whitney Houston. I asked one of the groups with whom we come in contact, its call sign, "This." A male voice said, "Ladies feel unimportant. Drugs! "And six months later, this reason voiced as a major.

In the thriller "White Noise" (2005), the heroes guessed silhouettes close in the pictures on the TV screen

In the thriller "White Noise" (2005), the heroes guessed silhouettes close in the pictures on the TV screen

— What do you call supernatural interlocutors — "spirits"?

— The most accurate definition — "disembodied interlocutor", "device", "inhabitant" of the subtle world. " The man, who went to the other world, saves memory, consciousness and identity. The existence of disembodied individuals in the invisible spectrum is set by science in the early XX century.

— Is it possible to see the "contactee"?

— Video images from another world were fixed on the television screen, many Western researchers — Klaus Schreiber (FRG), Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach (Luxembourg). Designed by my associates spectrographic method of communication allows us to see a "subtle world" and its representatives on the computer monitor.

— Negotiations with the "world order" is not dangerous?

— Our world is populated by people with different intellectual, moral and ethical level of development. It is unlikely that the other world in this sense is quite different. Home precaution — to be selective about how to talk to anyone who to trust. Conditionally dangerous this practice can only be for the mentally unstable individuals. Especially those who are heartbroken. Catching transcommunication necessary to overcome internal obstacles, not let his feelings.
By the way, a negative story, described in the film "White Noise," has little to do with reality. In practice, the ITC tragic stories are virtually unknown. ITC — positive science, allows a person to discover their spiritual and immortal nature and the world around us.
— Still, honestly, is not terrible to your ear phone and on the computer?
— Antidote to fear — knowledge. Before you go to the contact, should read the scientific literature, and not draw "knowledge" of Hollywood thrillers.

Physicist Artem Mikheev - one of the most enthusiastic developers ITC

Physicist Artem Mikheev — one of the most enthusiastic developers ITC

Officials are not allowed in the afterlife

— Tom, well, tell me how it is there? Where people live, what they eat, what they do? Love each other? Die? — I asked my main questions. I wonder the same …

— "Thin the world" — the world of consciousness and thought, and not matter, — explains Mikheev. — What kind of person will simulate reality, and that will get. Honestly, the "home" side of things I do not really take. But I had a chance to chat with a professor of Geophysics Research Institute of Oil and Gas, PhD Vsevolod Zaporozhets — legendary person in the scientific community. So VEMZ, the name of his colleagues, made contact with his late wife with mediums and with her words gave a description of life "there." The inhabitants of "subtle world" are aware of their physicality and are able to enjoy life. Love and love saved or regaining, but lack of sexuality, although different from friendship. Births not. Food to sustain life is not required, but for the pleasure of eating some fruits, which grow in abundance. Spirits do not need sleep.

Other details of the existence of "there" was given in 1986 by Maggie Harsch-Fischbach and her husband Jules from Luxembourg. During a tape to tape the session they recorded the voice of a woman scientist from another world named Sven Salter. I can give you her story: "Here there is no disease, lost limbs regenerate. Body, mutilated on earth restored. We live in a nicely furnished homes. Our food is produced synthetically. Meat we eat — only the reproduction of matter, no animal dies. The average age of people continuing to live here — from 25 to 30 years. Died on Earth in old age in full waking consciousness after restoring sleep. Children are accepted here are related, they grow and develop until 25 to 30 years of age.

The ambient temperature is very nice, beautiful landscapes on Earth: the forest, the mountains and the sea. The animals also live on after death.

Personality and character of people coming here do not change. However, psychological problems and conflicts, and there is still not resolved. Many of those who had the world by force and power, do not find their way. Some of them do not fit our world, and we have to send them to Earth. Others are engaged in manual work, work in the mountains and on the farms. "

Other important details I found in a book writer, president of the Society for Psychical Research Glasgow Arthur Findlay (1883 — 1964 gg.) "On the threshold of the invisible world", which is translated, "who speak different languages, but the information is transmitted from mind to mind directly. There is no expansion. There is a phenomenon that is similar to what you call death. Over time, as we move into the development of the other plane, from which it is not so easy to get back to Earth. We call this a "transition." Those who have been through it, can go back and visit our world. This is what the Bible calls "the second death."


The first "Paranormal" votes were recorded in 1938 on the phonograph, and since 1950 — on tape. Later communication with dead people was set by radio, telephone, television broadcast, answering machines, fax machines and computers. These contacts are called instrumental transcommunication (CTI). Russian Association of instrumental ITC (Raita), established in 2004.

In the Japanese animated film "Spirited Away" souls moved in pigs

In the Japanese animated film "Spirited Away" souls moved in pigs

Where the soul departs

Scientists involved in research in the field of quantum physics, to explain why people who have experienced clinical death, seeing a black tunnel with a light at the end. They believe that these paintings are born at a time when the soul leaves the nervous system and is part of the Universe.
Before dying vision explained the brain's response to oxygen deprivation. According to the new theory, the human soul is contained within particular structures — microtubules or microtubules, located in the brain cells. Characteristic pattern, which sees the dying man, the effect of quantum gravity in the microtubules. Information contained in them is not destroyed — it slowly leaves the body and goes back into space.

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