Grodno anniversary of Grunwald in Lithuanian

Grodno Lithuanians July 24 marked the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald. They decorated the Lithuanian flags wooden statue of Grand Duke Vytautas, who led the troops to ON, then laid a garland of oak leaves. On both sides of the monument were knights with lances.

Chapter grumadka-cultural society "Thevin" Algis Dirginchus said in Lithuanian few words about the significance of Grunwald victory. Attending a prayer with Casimir Zhilis priest who serves in one of the churches of Grodno.

Vytautas statue was installed between the new and the old locks early 1990s. Grodno gave it to Lithuanian Culture Fund, is an inscription on it in the Belarusian and Lithuanian. At the celebration made popular Chapel of Druskininkai, then she gave a concert on the stage in the courtyard of the Old Castle, built by Vytautas once.

At the celebration came from Vilnius Arvydas Davnaravichus — Director of the Department for Relations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Lithuanians abroad. There were also Consul Dahl Mitskene with the Lithuanian Consulate General in Grodno.

Algis Dirginchus invited to the feast of representatives of the national-cultural communities that exist in Grodno.

Wooden head Vytautas

Casimir Catholic priest Zhilis and Lithuanian Chapel of Druskininkai


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