Groenewald in the dungeons

July 24 opened in Grodno exhibition of the results of the international art plein air on the anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald. Paintings on display in a private gallery "Tyzengauz" that in the dungeons "curve official"-curved tower, erected in the time of the last king of Poland. It stands on the square Anthony Tyzengauz.

Plein Air has established unrecognized Union of Poles, with the financial support of the Consulate General of Poland in Grodno. The opening was the Consul General Andrzej Khodkevich.

The head of the Artists of the Union of Poles Stanislav Kichko explained to us that this plein air — the fifth in a row, each time he devoted to various events and figures. At present were invited three artists from Warsaw, Gdansk, one of two of Salechnikav — from Lithuania and seven participants from Belarus. They worked from 16 to 24 July, except Grodno, visited the August channel in Svyatsk in Navahrudak on Svitjaz, as well as in the World, Lida and stopped at Vasilishki, the birthplace of Czeslaw Niemen. The exhibition features 35 paintings.

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