(Awakening Fire) (2-15 February)

All nature is sound and animated. Strength of wildlife and the elements is a powerful forces of the Universe, who have their own consciousness and intelligence. Our ancestors of the pre-Christian period, deeply understand and be aware of it, to live in harmony with these forces, were able to communicate properly with them.
Natural Colo that time the solstices and equinoxes, the time to fall asleep and wake up these natural, natural forces. Their energies are present not only in the wild, but in humans and other life forms.

Days of waking and sleep Mother Earth and the forces that shape it, is also very important for the man and his life. It's time to wake up the energy of Water, Fire, Earth, etc.

Gromnitsy is awakening elements of Fire, Heavens Fire-Great and Glorious Bozic, who gives warmth in black the Night of Svarog and the heat is not only physical, but also mental and purifying the human mind and the mind, harmonizing yourself.
In February, the first thunder awakens. These days you can hear it rumble and radiance, brilliance of lightning in the sky.

The element of fire is manifested not only in the external fire that we see, but above all in the fire coming from the sun. This period begins its active action of solar energy fiery movements affecting the process of awakening the world of living things. The upper layers of feeling the fiery vibration to the physical eye can not see. A certain type of fire-fire spiritual. Do creative people at this time may want to create and build.
Respond to these changes and plants. Seeds begin to break the eggshell, to go into growth. Summer residents planted seedlings seeds of peppers and tomatoes. There is life energy, hatch first bulb. This suggests that, regardless of whether or not the individual has got the heat to the plant, it feels the fiery energy and germ begins to look the way and begins to grow.

Gromnits time — the awakening of the inner fire, when a person is ready to create, activate creative energy. It is time of the vernal equinox, when waking up Mother Earth, nature. Warm "inside the engine" of man.
In such festivals as the awakening of water, fire, earth, it was necessary to present all the magicians, witches, sorcerers, who uses the power of the elements in their rites and svyatodeystvah because they are in relation to these elements. They held these days in a certain way and spirit.
To prepare for such a celebration to seriously. Conduction of ceremonies for today is nothing more than a touch of the old energies. People take part in the rite at this time observe a strict fast and abstinence in all. On the eve of the bath and drowned Rite were serious cleansing ritual, which involved not only the bones and the physical body, but thin and bodies.

During the ceremony went training. Fire on soluble SvyatoDeystvah was different colors, blue, white, yellow. Purple .. Each of them had its meaning and purpose. Depending on what is needed at a given time and which of the fiery energies had to be present in the Manifest. All this people trained Magi, giving information at different levels for different people. Training went from small to large. Studied various forms of fire.

The highest form of Fire is the Fire of Love illuminates the worlds vast Cosma.

Heavenly fire awakens! Kindled in Svarga thousands Perunits!
Peals of thunder and light Earth, hundreds of lightning in the sky razrozilis
My father woke up, Mighty Fire! We filled the power of his
In our hearts the flame of inflamed, illuminating everything around her crimson radiance!

Father-fire — the heavenly elder, you shine warming world sublunary
And love his clean, strengthens the Soul Rusich-Rod with Chad Lada!
Your power awakens Rusov, Thy Might our Spirit fills him
Our souls — Rusich Sons and Daughters Dazhbog light her up you are granted!

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