Grove Saints

Sacred Groves were among the Slavs and samymrasprostranennym main object of worship. Ancient princes went deep into lesreshat power issues to resolve them fairly, in the presence of the gods.
As a rule, the Grove is a sacred center where stoyalodrevneyshee tree, which subordinates all its adjacent area lesa.Hotya in gardens, and plant fires, there could not break trees and trepatlistya under penalty of Gods. Cutting down trees in a Grove led to skoroysmerti woodcutter. A built from sacred trees house quickly sgoral.Raspashka land in the immediate vicinity of the border Grove also was unacceptable.

Sacred Grove — a living temple, the symbol of the continuation of life, faith, truth, peace and kindness. This is the place where the gods descend. There chuvstvoorientatsii broken, lost view of the compass is broken privychnayageometriya space, possible bio field and magnetic anomalies. Vsemuetomu can be judged by the place is sacred, but it is secondary. The main thing is that the grove allows for a direct connection between man and the gods. There igovoryat donate them. Gods word there spoken such words, the source said, also is available.

In the Sacred Grove every new guardian can take osvyaschenienaibolee naturally, is only one human wishes.
Natural to understand that next to the houses of the man-made-a temple and grove was — not man-made, the actual home of the gods, honored differently temple. Who came to the Gods offers two options: read Bogovv image or idols in their spiritual form, in Grove. And people of different levels moglivybrat the holy thing that was clear to them. Most people spervaobraschalis to the priests who offer sacrifices to the pagan temple, and then went to the Grove vsevmeste to talk.
Ability to communicate with Grove did not require special attributes, and the priests provided only as her guardians. In Groves had to play naguslyah.
The phenomenon of reincarnation was closely linked to SvyaschennoyRoschey that played a significant part of our Ancestors in all areas zhiznicheloveka. This conclusion can we draw from the analysis of the word "grove." Suffix SCHA in Russian means more features, such as: power — tremendous strength, beauty — How nice. Grove is closely related to a term such as rotation, kotoroene identical mechanical torsion and meant ROTATION kolesapere-avatar, from the Russian word the return, ie ushedshegoPredka incarnation of its descendant back to that life.
It was at the Grove with a person place all transformations, (remember Russian fairy tales), because right organizovannayaSvyaschennaya Grove was able to arrange the metamorphosis of man into направлениисовершенствования. Occurred in the Sacred Grove Growing new vidovrasteny and animals, build new skills, because Sacred Roschabyla divine instrument in the hands of a man with kotorogopreobrazovyvalsya world. Current attitude to fairy tales, as a fiction imposed namspetsialno invaders. Save Russian expression "this tale ives" indicates, the story — it is an independent neprelozhnoeutverzhdenie, which has nothing to Fiction has. Russkieskazki so if they have not been processed by Christian storyteller otrazhayutrealno happened events, which, depending on the meaning tale, neobhodimosovershat or, conversely, it is better not to do.

In the Sacred Grove grew 24 species of sacred trees, relate to specific gods of the Pantheon. The remaining word "Zodiac" (sadiak) as constellations before nosiliimena gods, and the gods corresponded sacred trees, which formed on nebesadik. Realizing that which is above, then at the bottom of that outside, and inside that vkosmose, even on Earth, we will understand how to properly planted grove.

One can argue that the sacred grove grown inamolenny this time Kood called together Tabernacles. Remember the phrase "paradise." Incidentally, the foliage has yet to "rayskoederevo", and really, that name still exists yagodnoederevo growing in India.

The phenomenon of the sacred grove, we find in Russian fairy tales where the hero helps the tree, animal, and even a stove. Of course, such pomoschsegodnya we will look fantastic, but if the trees raspolozhitotnositelno each other according to the laws of symmetry, then the person will get realnuyuvozmozhnost use their strength. No accident that the sacred action vdrevnosti and modern shaman ritual occur in the meadows around a circle kotoryhpo trees. The effect of these actions is much stronger esliderevya not just form a circle, and planted with each other naodinakovom distance value that resonates with any sposobnostyucheloveka.

Today entropic processes istroeniya destroy our homes, while the house built by the laws of the divine symmetry outputting not only not destroyed, but rather is built up and even becomes razumnymsuschestvom. Remember how in Russian fairy tales the hero turns to a hut chtobyona faced him before, and his back to the forest. Art revival iprevraschenie animated objects in gods hidden in complex types of symmetry that our ancestors used in practice.

The remains of the ancient knowledge of symmetry, as already mentioned, mynahodim the Chinese, who have kept a science — fengshui as pravilnostroit house, how to arrange things so that the house could go from odnogomira to another, or become invisible.

The main purpose of the Sacred Grove was organizatsiyanegentropiynyh processes. In other words, if people are to a goal budutdeystvitelno fixed, not just declare it, then they vsebiohimicheskie process changed its direction. The famous philosopher Plato WSS dialogue "Politician" describes a strange phenomenon when vseprotsessy in nature changes its direction. It happened at the memory nasheytsivilizatsii, when the Earth was destroyed all the Sacred Grove and Paradise bylokonchatelno destroyed. One can assume that the reason for this was zahvatchikichelovechestva, that's when all processes in nature razrushitelnyyharakter purchased. Tricked the invaders failed to approve a murder on our planet, and vchelovecheskom society made possible war.

Biological induction applies not only naotnosheniya transferred between species and organisms, and it works at the cellular urovne.Poetomu military relations between people, swearing, squabble, chicanery, are transferred to the cellular level. Thus, there is a war between tkanyamivnutri body. First discovered and described this phenomenon Russian scientist and physiologist Ilya Mechnikov. He opened a real war in the human mezhduego cells and tissues, and as a result — the rapid aging of the human body and uvyadanievsego. True, he does not have that for this prichinustareniya responsible human language and emotions.

People familiar with the practice manifestations chelovecheskoyenergetiki involved either martial arts or ezotericheskimipraktikami know that very important first level energy obtained otpischi some efforts and transforming it, you can get the energy impact energy of the second level, but it can be used as a positive and with a negative vector, and not the fact that the accumulated energetikavozdeystviya will lead to the creation of energy, energy tretegourovnya, spirit level. It is therefore very important to the quality of food consumed and sochetanieproduktov.

Today, the most powerful energy is nuclear. But eslisozdat in chemical energy (corresponding to the etheric body) zheplotnost such as in nuclear, chemical energy that is three orders of magnitude greater than nuclear. But more on power — biochemical energy (astral) isovershenno fantastic scope has psychic and spiritual energy that can influence the entire cosmos. Here is where moguschestvonashih Ancestors. They could save money and energy through it to manage Vselennymi.Vozdeystvuya thicket of God. Magi synched it all rhythms ieta powerful vibrational amplitude of all the transforming power peredavalascheloveku, utters the sacred syllable. It is because the Holy Roschadavala people the opportunity to become, masters of the universe, they were prezhdevsego, conquerors destroyed the Earth.

Twinning with Grove.

Modern scholars believe that all living informatsiyarasteniya see, whether animal, A man lies in the genome. To put it mildly etoneverno. And though the man most complex formation of these and egoinformatsionnaya structure consists of several bodies (which was known nashimpredkam and came to us through the Vedic sources), but also plants poluchayutinformatsiyu for its growth and development, not only on physical channels (DNA), but also on other sources.
Plants also have their information body and through it sposobnypoluchat information from the environment. Ideally Grove dolzhnarezonirovat with sensual sphere of man, for this it needs to grow poopredelennym rules. One of which is the "Twinned".
Seed before planting a tree to hold nekotoroevremya mouth (different researchers call different times, who a few minutes, who all day long), just before planting the seed to hold vladonyah and to "circle Alive", then connect their mental sphere, the germ of the future and the Sun, (redeem seed in the joyful thought to provide kakono will absorb the sun's energy and the energy of your love).
Then you can plant, but once water is not necessary. Polivatnuzhno start in three days. And do not forget the friendly vysazhivaniyakazhdogo specific seed days of the lunar calendar. Weeds around semechkatozhe not all need to clean up, as weeds and have their importance in the ecological community, they can be cut.
Well, that, during the growth of the plant is necessary to communicate, has been known to many.

In conclusion, in spite Christians, God who ordered vbiblii "cut down the sacred groves," you can say: plant svyaschennyeroschi and grow them in the Magic Grove Rusichi known for their drevnimskazaniyam, find the lost connection with nature, it will give you strength. Saints

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