Gulf Stream is no more, so expect Europe Yakut frost

Consequence of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico could be the death of two-thirds of humanity to 2030

Consequence of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico could be the death of two-thirds of humanity by 2030.

Last August, a theoretical physicist at the National Laboratory in Frascati (Italy), Dr. Zangazi bomb detonated real information. According to him, based on satellite images, giant ocean Gulf Stream, largely determine the climate in Europe and North America, has practically disappeared. According to the scientist, this was one of the consequences of a catastrophic oil spill last year after the famous disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

But first, a few words about the Gulf Stream. This warm ocean river begins in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida and flowing skirted along the eastern U.S. coast. Further, all expanding and slowing down, head north-east Atlantic Ocean to the Norwegian Sea.

In April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the explosion was the largest in the world history of the oil spill on the platform "Deepwater Horizon» (Deepwater Horizon) British oil company BP. Until August, when the well was finally able drown out from the ocean floor around the clock gushing powerful jets of "black gold." In this case, the word "black" has become absolutely unexpected shade, because to this day it is difficult to fully assess the extent of the disaster.

To combat the oil slick on the water surface are widely used family of dispersants Corexit. Yes, they have helped to create the appearance of prosperity in the area of the explosion. However, today it looks desperately ill. Oil in large quantities cover the bottom of the bay. Thus, in the water column, for example, found a spot 16 kilometers long and as thick as 90 meters. Other, smaller set.

According Zangazi, "a huge amount of oil is constantly expanding in scope, covers such a huge area, which has a serious impact on the entire system of thermoregulation of the planet, by breaking up the boundary layers of the warm water flow. Satellite data show clearly that the North Atlantic Current is now there, and the Gulf Stream begins to break apart, about 250 kilometers from the coast of North Carolina. Thermohaline vascular system, where warm water flow through the cooler, have a much greater effect, not only in the ocean, but also on the upper layers of the atmosphere, up to seven miles. The lack of a common phenomenon in the eastern North Atlantic, had violated the normal course of atmospheric flows in the summer of this year, resulting in an incredibly high temperatures in Moscow (up to 40 º C), drought and floods in Central Europe, with high temperatures in much of Asia and massive flooding in China, Pakistan and other Asian countries. "

If Zangazi rights, the death of the extraordinary impact the Gulf Stream in the years to feel the whole world. It is hardly coincidental Canadian Parliament in the emergency mode, set up a commission to determine the real situation near Canada. Commission is headed by the famous North American scholar Ronald Rabbit oceanographer. Canadians have made two conclusions. The first is the assumption of Dr. Gianluigi Zangar fully confirmed: no movement of water in the area of the former Gulf Stream not found. Second, about 800 miles east of the area of the former Gulf Stream to form another powerful currents!

It turns out that the Gulf Stream is not completely stopped, but it is not excluded, yet changed the trajectory. However, even so, the global climate change could not be avoided. What they may be?

The West has long felt that if Golstrim disappeared forever, the average annual temperature, for example. in Europe for several years, gradually fell to 9 degrees. What would make almost prosper France or Spain in the likeness of Yakutia. But even if the Gulf Stream is not entirely dissolved in the ocean, according to Canadians, and just changed direction and stopped "finish" to the North of Europe, a lot is changing? Well, France would not in the sense of climate Yakutia, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Whence we derive many favorite "Bordeaux"?

Many believe that the situation has started to turn around for a very alarming scenario. Symptoms — here they are. Last winter in Germany remained stable snow cover thickness of about 10 centimeters, which has not been for decades. Not only were unusual for the area cold, reaching at night to minus 20 ° C. Typical for the winter

thaw in the past, the Germans do not see it.

In December 2010, the strongest in the last 100 years and frost covered the UK. Because of the unprecedented cold at times, have been closed both the London airport.

So that there is far to go? Recollect Moscow. Western scholars suggest that last year's icy winter rains in the Russian capital — also "hello" avenging frivolous humanity Gulf Stream.

Even argue that unanimous consent of Europe is building at a feverish pace pipeline "Nord Stream" from Russia to Germany — is not only a consequence of anxiety for the fate of the transit of Russian gas through windy politically Ukraine. The main thing — the desire to escape from his sight Europeans impending new ice age. Therefore, to the joy of "Gazprom" and the gas pipeline "South Stream" they too will build rapidly. And indeed no such pipe from Russia now there does not seem excessive.

In this regard, you should pay attention to the optimistic forecast Chairman of OJSC "Gazprom" Alexey Miller, last month called the European gas market, "soaring to the heavens." Miller added: "Now in May, while the volume of exports of" Gazprom "almost

correspond to winter levels. Application for today — almost 500 million cubic meters. "

Furthermore, the EU is planning to build in the Sahara Project "Sun City", which will cost 400 billion euros. This is the miracle of advanced technologies will be a system of large power plants using solar energy. Want to transport electricity to the EU through the high-voltage power lines. As a result, Europe expects to receive up to 15 percent of all energy consumed. The project involved more than 20 major German companies, including Siemens and Munich Re.

But warm up winter is not even half the battle. Major headache from death Gulf Stream: What is something we? The Western press has even articles that began changing the world's climate in the foreseeable future to kill two-thirds of humanity. How much is realistic?

The well-known Russian scientist-futurist Yuri Shushkevich — completely. In their calculations, it is even more specific: humanity is waiting for a full-scale famine by 2030. The catastrophe will affect not only the advanced countries, but also quite wealthy nations. And it's not just that somewhere in the fertile arable land becomes barren tundra, and somewhere above abundant seedlings will burn unusually hot sun. The calculations in this respect, too, there, "Free Press," a detailed article on the subject published on 19 May this year, titled "The Third World will begin for a bowl of soup."

But, according to Shushkevich, the mass extinction of hunger bring all the same global energy shortage. Food grains have to spend on it. Usefulness of the energy that can be obtained through the biofuel per hectare of arable land, for consumers in the developed world has become higher than the utility of food. The Coming Ice Age can lead to the fact that even in countries produktodefitsitnyh corn will be processed into energy becomes more expensive to export, not bread for the hungry population.

Shushkevich brief conclusion follows. The global energy and food crises escalate it to the extreme in 2030. If at this point in humanity appears fundamentally new sources of energy in the form of controlled thermonuclear fusion biofotoliza or hydrogen, to maintain a minimally acceptable energy supply per capita in developed countries at 18-20 Gcal per year, more than half the world's crop production should be processed for biofuels . This, in turn, means that there will only be enough food for three to four billion people on earth. For a short period scale depopulation can not occur naturally, and it is based will inevitably famine and war.

How many people is elementary freeze on the streets or in homes that are not designed for the coming cold? Such calculations are now unlikely.

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