Haast eagle — a giant ruler of the sky!

Model Haast eagle in natural sizef

Giant squid, octopus, giant scorpions, and who has not been in ancient times. On them are legends and they frighten children at night. There was another lover feast on human flesh: Giant Eagle Haast. never heard of such a thing? Let's fill in the gaps.

In New Zealand, there is an ancient legend about giant man-eating birds. Preserved rock paintings depicting birds of prey. According to local legend, flying monsters with a red crest on the head, people hunted and ate human flesh. It was long thought that the terrible bird — it's just an invention of Aboriginal people. But in the late 19th century German scholar Julius von Haast found on one of the islands of New Zealand bone huge eagle. According to this researcher remains unknown restored image of poultry science. It turned out Haast eagle wingspan reaches three meters, weight — 18 kg. Long, powerful claws bird did not concede a tiger. The scientist had no doubt that it is a predator, but did not link the find to the legend of the bird-eater. Moreover, he suggested that the species of birds became extinct about 500 years ago.

But in the 20th century in New Zealand began to receive disturbing news. Local residents claimed to have seen the giant flying creatures. In the statements of the witnesses said about trying to attack these birds to humans. Then again, Australian zoologists studied the skeleton of Haast eagle. The research results of scientists hit — an ancient legend was not lying! The bird could really attack people. Bone structure allowed the eagle to strike with its beak at a speed of 80 km / h. This predator is able to grasp and hold prey in the air. And the size of the victim may be several times larger than the hunter.

Perhaps, the modern inhabitants of New Zealand observed just such a flying monster? The next discovery was even more surprised scientists. At a height of about 2 million meters of land was found a giant nest. Do relic bird of prey has not disappeared, but still hiding in inaccessible high cliffs of New Zealand? Investigations are continuing …



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