Hand instead of a head: BigDog robot learned to rake debris

Hand instead of a head: BigDog robot learned to rake debris
Company Boston Dynamics has made a bot that can practically throw right and left debris. This machine probably will find implementation in the army and rescue services.

On the background of its own «big brother», AlphaDog, BigDog quadruped his predecessor left in the shade, because to create memories that developers have forgotten about it. So, AlphaDog migrates load up to 200 kg and is capable of without the help of others to get up after a fall, and Cheetah bot will run at speeds of over 120 km / h

And now the smallest size BigDog got his «superpowers»: a powerful manipulator capable raise languid objects and fling away their side. Manipulator with strong hooks located on the site of «head» bot. So makarom thanks perfect stabilization systems and sturdy frame BigDog-manipulator and has even bolshennymi abilities than «inhibited» manipulators modern koelchnyh and tracked ground bots.

The video provided by Boston Dynamics, BigDog just enough languorous cinder blocks and throws them aside for a few meters. Kinematics robot movements are impressive: it is surprisingly similar to the movement of living creatures. With all this bot can for many hours doing work which forces people knock out a couple of minutes.

Boat Boston Dynamics BigDog company

BigDog-new opportunities and can be used for removing the debris and the occasional slozhnoperesechennoy areas. Hitherto bots shirk rubble debris, broken bricks, pieces of rebar and other obstacles, which are in excess on the battlefield and in the areas of natural disasters. Now at Boston Dynamics, has a bot that is able to move confidently into these criteria and work perfectly massive manipulator. It is possible that a similar crane and install a heavy army AlphaDog. This will allow to use it for breaking the doors, barricades and debris analysis, loading and unloading, pulling the wounded under fire, etc.

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