Heat on the eve of the global chill

The top of the summer. Temperature hits record. However, scientists claim — it is not a sign of the coming global warming, but a symptom of global cooling. Actual solar activity is declining. And the forecast for the next 20 years could be repeated Maunder minimum, which is also called the Small Ice Age.
It has already happened in the XVII century. 70 years at the Sun was almost no sunspots. Thames in London and the Seine in Paris covered with ice: the temperature in the capitals of Europe dropped to minus 30.
"Changing the number of black spots on the sun has an obvious effect on the thermal state of the Earth's atmosphere. Usually people think that the black spots lead to cooling. Actually, black spots — these are the main emitters of additional energy from the sun. Reducing these black spots due to the cooling of the Earth . are three phases of cold waves associated with an almost complete disappearance of the black spots. fluctuations and solar energy is clearly linked to climate change on Earth, "- says climatologist, Professor, Institute of Geography RAS Andrey Velichko.
Sunspots — dark and cold regions, formed where the stars come out to the surface currents of its powerful magnetic field. Their number — the main indicator of solar activity.
Physicists admit that they do not yet fully understand the mechanism of the solar dynamo. To understand its nature, in the next year is scheduled to launch the Russian scientific apparatus "Intergeliozond."
"He will be able to better observe the polar regions, which just happens reversal of magnetic fields in the solar cycle. And also, as we will see closer to the Sun, its fine structure, it will allow us to understand the cause, trigger mechanisms, which just cause such phenomena — flares and emissions "- the director IZMIRAN name NV Propagation Vladimir Kuznetsov.
Although the number and capacity of solar flares this year has increased, the researchers do not rule out — a new solar cycle is abnormally weak and will come only in 2022, instead of 2012.
400 years of observations of the Sun have shown that periods of growth and decline of activity lights come and go about every 11 years. The current cycle, does not fit into the framework of scientific theories, it came up later than expected, and the power of the magnetic field was growing more slowly than usual.
"We are just at the minimum of solar activity. So Sun can be said, has taken a time-out, it rests. If all the parameters by which usually record the activity of the sun, they are minimal. Moreover, even interesting that most of the parameters, this minimum — lower than all minima ", — says the current director of the Center solar space weather forecasts IZMIRAN Sergei Gaidash.
On Earth, the ice age has already been. The middle of XXI century will not end, and peak period, during which time the world will decrease the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, the main culprit of the greenhouse effect.
"The sun shines constantly and provides a constant flow of energy, no matter what level of activity on the Sun. It practically does not change the so-called solar constant — the main heat input to the Earth., It changes to a thousandth of a solar cycle, and even abnormal periods it does not change — it could lead to some kind of disaster simply, "- says the director IZMIRAN name NV Propagation.
At the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism sure — it is too early to panic. That low solar activity can save the earth from global greenhouse effect, which arises due to the fault of mankind. So, and from a catastrophic summer heat.


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