Heat. Who fights with humans

February 23, 2004 to the press leaking sensational details of a secret group of American scientists report commissioned by the Pentagon. Quote from the document: "It is a fundamentally new situation in which national security is not threatened by an external enemy that can be fought with weapons, and the elements, which can not be controlled."

Based on the data from this report, declassified British newspaper "The Observer" published a frightening prediction: climate change over the next 20 years could result in a catastrophe that will take millions of lives due to global natural disasters. And wars — for food and drinking water …

Global climate changes irreversibly. And it is — an indisputable fact. But why? Whether these changes are dependent on the person, or is it a natural phenomena? While researchers have not come to a consensus. Sometimes assessment opposite. Academician Yuri Israel blames global warming technological change and human activities, and geographer Nikolai Zharvin — volcanoes. Academician Andrei Kapitsa strongly opposes the theory of anthropogenic warming and believes in all the natural disasters to blame the change of inclination of the Earth axis. RANS Stanislav Levashov pushes and does a sensational trial — use climate weapons.

For the first time in the film scientific luminaries from around the world, not only to discuss the causes of climate change, but also try to give answers to the key issues of concern to all people if we can in time to prepare for climate change? Can a person survive in the new environmental conditions? Will Russia become the epicenter of climate change? And finally, if the Russians last year waiting for summer hell?

Written by:Galina Ashina, Oksana Sobolev
Directed by:Leonid Vodem

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