Helena was not Zaleskaya

On the 78th year of life after a serious illness left this world Vitebsk opposition leader Helen Zalesskaya.

Elena Zalesskaya in the early 2000s led the city, and then the regional organization of the United Civil Party. Under her leadership were numerous "Chain of the people" when dozens of people took to the center of Vitebsk with portraits of disappeared Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry Zavadsky.

The police repeatedly detained Helen Zaleski, pensioner courts impose fines as well as imprisonment for ever and decided not to punish Ms. longer young age, to the last days sought to preserve its beauty and maturity.

Elena Zalesskaya was fine seamstress, well knit, and her outfits often look back passers. And she sewed a white-red-white flags to Vitebsk activists. And the first white-red-white flag that flew over Vitebsk in 1991, was also sewed her hands.

It Elena Zaleskaya invention belongs white-red-and-white scarf that activists are sometimes used instead of flags, adyavayuchy on various stocks. Vitebsk police visited at a loss as to punish for an item of clothing seemed out of place. But kings and for that, and Mrs. Zaleskaya had to sew dozens of new scarves instead seized by the police.

By education Elena was a teacher of mathematics. She knew a lot of folk songs, mostly Ukrainian, as was born in Ukraine. In recent years studied whiteRussian language, but the more I read, than talking — is strictly belonged to the teacher's own speech errors …

The older Vitebsk opposition leader has raised two daughters, who have long had their own families and live in the United States. Say goodbye to the mother can come only one. The funeral will take place on Thursday. The last will of the deceased was that it necessarily buried in the same white-red-and-white scarf, which she went to the shares, the courts and meeting with like-minded people.

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