Hell’s Kitchen Season 2 (11 episodes) watch online

Hell's Kitchen Season 2 (11 episodes) watch online

The most scandalous, most extreme, most edible muse of the show! Every evening, the god of cookery Gordon Ramsay opens the doors of their own restaurants. All the chefs American dream to get into his team. The best students are awarded the honor to participate in its "acute" reality show "Hell's Kitchen." 12 candidates will go through a very difficult competition, to sustain the mystical psychological pressure to overcome stress and justify his boss Gordon Ramsay that they deserve to be called the chefs' dishes of the highest. "Favorite show" Hell kitchen"Get the job their own dreams: it will chief-chef at a fine dining restaurant in Los Angeles, will receive a huge salary and represent a prestigious wine company. The show begins with 12 members, which are divided into two teams: "newbies" and "professionals". The first ever to make a living food manufacturers, and the second official working chefs. In each episode, starting with the first eliminated from the show, one participant. Arranging a mini-competition Gordon Ramsay or encourages, or severely punishes teams participating. This is not just a culinary duel. This is the real reality battle in which heresy, betrayal and cunning may be the only assistants in the battle for the top prize. One of the most difficult tests of "Hell's Kitchen" is communicating with his master and the main arbiter — chief-chef Gordon Ramsay.

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