History of gray people

Grey (Greys) — Slave Koshcheev whisspiritual spiteful
people out of the dark worlds, who goes by the technocratic way of development
(Imperial laws, the power of the slave-owners, etc.). This TVandrhenium
God (Genesis 2), a name which Statanail [Secret
Gray — the inhabitants of the Earth Eden and Nod with Galactic East (galaxy under
named Sunshine, ie baked life, infancy), where he was a bio-cloning
to the creation of Adam, Lilith and Eve, "And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden
(Mountainous giants) in the east, and there he put the
man whom he had formed
"(Genesis 2:8). Cain flew east to another
the land of Nod, where he found himself a wife, "And Cain went out from before the LORD, and dwelt in
land of Nod, east of Eden
"(Genesis 4:16).

Skin color pale gray color of iris eyes with black pupils. Growth of up to 3
meters, but there are dwarf species is not greater than 150 cm As
Tool steel grayandRena Satanailom unlike us
born (Bogorozhdennyh, t.e.detey God), then
these creatures (created beings) and the slaves of their father Lord (as evidenced in
Bible), do not have the Spirit and Conscience: The Bible, Genesis 2:7 "And the Lord
God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a
living soul
"(That gave the soul ). Genesis 3:21 "And the LORD God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins, and clothed them"(That gave the body ). Ie God gave them the body and soul = .

From the Bible (but not Jewish) removed information about Lilith — Adam's first wife, and later
first wife of Samael. Satanail created Adam (translation of "clay"), and in the likeness of Lilith
angels of the second heaven. Adam
Lilith strongly debated which of them is the boss that "get" and he Satanail
created Eve for the first heaven like an angel (lower level than Adam and Lilith), who became the wife of Adam, and Lilith was given in marriage to Samael. By Samael Lilith bore the Father and Belial. Due to the fact that these children were
very nightmarish and ugly even by their standards, they were called demons.

Samael — The biblical Yahweh, Jehovah, God, who is described in the Old Testament as
spiteful, vindictive, self-serving nature. According Bibilov, he was alone,
it did not recognize any nation, for which he avenges them: 'I have trodden the winepress
one, and of the people there was none with me, and I will tread them in mine anger, and trample
them in my fury, and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I stained all my raiment;
For the day of vengeance — in my heart, and the year of my redeemed is come. I looked, and there
any helper, wondered that there was no maintenance, but I helped my muscle,
and my fury — she supported me: and I will tread down the people in mine anger, and crushed
them in my fury, and poured their blood on the ground
"(Isaiah 63:3-6)"All nations before
Him are as nothing — less than nothing and emptiness are counted to him
"(Is 40:17).

Ie the absence of the people and not subordinate to other peoples aroused in him
pathological rage, and he decides to get hold of his people, slaves for himself, "This
people have I formed for myself, and he will proclaim my glory
"(Is 43:21). His
people in the Old Testament, he kept insisting that he was their god, calling them slaves, and
people did this as follows: "When your birth, on the day you were born … you
cast out in the field … And I passed by you, and I saw you,
abandoned at the destruction in your blood … you grew up and became great, and reached
excellent ornaments: thy breasts are fashioned, and thine hair is grown up … And when I
passed by thee, and looked upon thee, behold, thy time was the time of love, and I stretched
voskriliya Reese My thee, and covered thy nakedness, and swore to you and entered into
covenant with you
, says the Lord God — and you will become by my
"(Iez16 :4-8). 'And
took your sons and your daughters, whom you bore me

Ie Samael inseminate
abandoned girl — Eve — tvareniya Satanail she reached sexual
age 'Samael
angel of air, went into a snake, and took the form of a handsome youth, whom he had seen at
land in the country Hyperborean, and deceived the first angel of the sky, which was in
the image of women, and persuaded Eve to eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, and the taste
it is the forbidden fruit, and know good and evil. Samael is beguiled
gentle words, and made her carnal deal. Adam, seeing
this, too, partook of the forbidden fruit, and became willing to sin and
fulfilled his desire to Eve in praise of the serpent … And the serpent Eve gave birth to son
Cain and daughter Kalmenu and from Adam — Abel, then Cain killed
."(The Secret
Jn XVI, XVII). There are other sources who say that Samael
left his image (or Rita Laws on modern Telegonia) in Eve to Adam.
For example, under "Pirke Rabbi Eliezer" Cain was conceived by Eve
In "Yalkut Bereshit"
describe a connection with the death god (Eve with Samael). And in the Bible, "I got
man from the Lord
"(Genesis 4:1). And the Jewish Talmud, "Jews nicer
God than the angels … the Jews of one being with God, just as the son
one substance with the Father
". Ie gray in the image of Samael, who first
"Print" her virginity (for this we always took care of the girls
virginity before marriage, otherwise shame).
Ie Gray went from Samael and Eve, conducting the sort of test tubes Satanail.

Gray arrived at
our Earth 30 September 1748 SMZH or 3761g. the birth of Christ and without permission
settled on the free island of Lanka (Sri Lanka, o.Tseylon). Hence they are
your calendar and we impose his term on Midgard-earth as
the date of the creation of the entire world.

Lived 800-900
years in his homeland, but our sun over the spectrum they are not fully fit and not to
they have begun to die out
mimikrirovaniya for genetic experiments and mixing with the local population of the ancient Dravidians (India), where the black people lived Dravidians and Nagas.
The result was a humanlike creatures with genetic, sexual and mental
deviations. Because creature
bisexual (hermaphrodites)
which, depending on the moon, change sexual
orientation. Now you understand why they have a man gave birth to men, "Isaac …
father of Jacob, Jacob the father of Judah …
"(Matthew 1:2). This androgyny very
often expressed in their offspring in the form of anthropoid homosexuality, bisexuality,
lesbian and bisexual. To give himself not they hide the body and introduce
commandment "yes no body baring his neighbor". The Hasidim it got to the point
they beget children through a small hole in a sheet. And when they came to power in 1917, the
first decree was not on the ground (as taught by the Torah used-I), and the abolition of the criminal
penalties against morality, that is, from prosecution zhoposhnikov
(Homosexuals). Stalin returned the criminalization of homosexuality.

On mixing the gray line is the people of the Bible, Genesis chapter 6:1 "When men began to multiply
on earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God
(Gray) saw the daughters of men were beautiful, and they took
(Stealing) their
wives of all which they chose
". Ie stole or took their wives for great gifts
that it was a custom (bride price, redemption), ie buy daughter because Woman behind their man is not considered up to now, because Eva likeness
Angel of the first, second and Adam sky over top.

When mixed with the local
population instead of the many hundreds of years have been living for 120 years. At first there were a lot of children
akseleratov (gigantism). From childhood to their children they put gold jewelry:
chains, rings, earrings. Gold and crystals they need to store vital
psychic energy to power the body to survive on our planet. Without
gold they have a physical structure fades and they grow fat, which can be observed
at Novodvorskaya refused of gold.

The gray 10-channel system energonovaya
blood, ie, 10 channels for perception. Ie his brain can
process once 10 data streams. Therefore, they have
10 tirichnaya system. The Slavs (White) 16-tirichnaya system. In yellow — 12th. I
Red — 9th. In black — 2nd:

Black. 3 male and 3 female channel. Three blood groups: 1 +, 2 +, 3 +, 1 -, 2 -, 3 -.

Gene pool is transferred to the father.

Red. 5 male and 4 female channel. Four blood groups: 1 +, 2 +, 3 +, 4 +, 1 -, 2 -, 3 -, 4 — and more "rare group."

Gene pool is transferred to the father.

Grey. 5 female and 5 male channels. 5 blood groups: 1 +, 2 +, 3 +, 4 +, 5 +, 1 -, 2 -, 3 -, 4 -, 5 -.

Women dominates men, the gene pool is transferred to the mother.

Yellow. 6 female and 6 male channels. Six blood groups: 1 +, 2 +, 3 +, 4 +, 5 +, 6 +, 1 -, 2 -, 3 -, 4 -, 5 -, 6 -.

Gene pool is transferred to the father.

White. 8 female and 8 male channels. Gene pool is passed through the father, but added, and the mother, as system
Hindus(Black + Yellow) 3 female and 6 male channels.
Gray initially mixed with the black population of the ancient Dravidians
and later with the yellow:
Grey + Black 3 female and 5 male channel.
Nepalis, Hindus, Romany(Grey + Yellow) Unstable system introduced caste, that this branch

not mixed with the other, as die.

Heredity serokozhih transmitted through the maternal
Hair color black with reddish or red (not to be confused with the color of straw)
blood group 4 and 5. Taking human form, they also remain
"Dark" in essence. They create all sorts of false cults,
including religious, aimed at the destruction of the Cult of the RA — light or
Heaven (no imp) — spiritual (Jan), with the imposition of the Cult of the Moon — Dark
or Earth — tangible (Yin).

Who had no contact with them against declared enemies
which used the information weapon: lies, treachery, bribery, fraud, and
etc. Set up some tribes and nations against the other and push through its
technocratic outlook
(Divide and rule). When it did not help that acted openly, which can be
read in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Prior to their arrival, the internecine conflicts in various
trifles arose. All the final word (the negotiations). Changed history
Dravidians, inscribing themselves as if they were there originally. This technique they doing a

Hindu labor Ramayna arrivals gray calls "Rakshasas",
and states that the
Ravan called (hence the Rabbi, Ravi, ie teacher), who reports Rakshan.
Sita and Ravana like he stole it. Husband of Sita Ramhat (Rama) in Uman asked for help from
our and Sita returned, and all the gray humanoid sent to the country to man-made mountain
rehabilitation, namely
in places where there were Zikuraty (Babylon) between the Tigris and Euphrates and in Ta-Kem (Egypt), where
were the pyramids. Taught farming to no longer live off others.

There they lived compactly with no one mixed, apart
calling their separate settlements Ghetto. Continued experiments with blood, as range
our sun has them needed range of mental energy that they
made up for gold and crystals. This time, they consider slavery as Moshe (Moses) is not
I brought them out of Egypt, and they were 40 years of war and plundered the neighboring land
the leadership of Joshua, in order to cure his tribe from these lessons honestly
to work. This will further detail.

In gray polytheistic (many gods) teaching Sephira (CEFIR,
tsehir), where ten of the gods and their allotted each CEFIR (CEFIR) — the teachings of the ten
tsefirotah about ten gods with their names. Ie they
revered ten shimotov, ie ten names of God and are called gray humanoid shimotnikami.
Hence the decimal system imposed upon us, the figures, though we have always had
Hexadecimal and number.

Later came other gray, our ancestors who were called
egg heads:

Skulls, exceeding the volume of normal human is almost two times (on
Sketching is visible)

Eggheads soon seized power at the head of the pharaoh
Amenhotep IV (1389-1358 gg. BC), changed his name to Akhenaten ("he
that is pleasing to the god Aten "). Like all "professional revolutionaries" Akhenaten
had all the signs of physical degeneration, namely androgynous figure (very
wide hips and protruding female breasts). Too thin and weak neck
irregular, sloping and elongated shape of the head egghead, he and his
sister-wife Nefertiti hidden under special hats. And all of them
daughter had the same symptoms. Naturally, it is promoted and Nefertiti was a symbol of feminine beauty.

Eggheads studied knowledge and skills lost Atlani left
white gods (the first
4th Dynasty pharaohs were white), and studied the movement of Osiris (tk they read
Conversely, the Osiris of "Siris", ie Sirius on the current). Explored how to get rid of
diseases like heart izrechat (effect on the psyche, psychology, hypnosis, NLP and
etc.). Through certain crystals, they emit wavelengths that
change people's minds, and subsequently created a
system and apparatus for the psychological impact on people (in modern:
psychological processing apparatus, torsion psi generators, etc.).

Akhenaten had tremendous revolution in
religious, secular and economic life of Egypt. He forbade the knowledge of the many
Gods and forbade the chief god of Egypt —
The sun god Amun-Ra. Akhenaten one of the first
alter history. He ordered in thousands of monuments to erase and
to destroy the name of Amun. Sanctuary of the ancient Egyptian gods were
desecrated and looted.

Repealing all the ancient cult of the gods, was installed cult
Tawheed (monotheism), which became the basis for the cult of Seth. Set — is Samael (Yahweh), that is
Seth snake worship that you can see (the snake) on their hats and
Christian churches:

A triangle indicates three entities: Satanail, Samael and Lilith —
it is their all-seeing eye, their trinity, they impose
us under a different name: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit:

According to the Bible in Eden the serpent tempted Eve and she and Adam disobeyed and violated
instruction of their creator — Satanail. The same snake (Seth, Samael, Yahweh) can see on many posters. For example, the
World Health Organization (WHO), where he "hangs"
over all the earth, encircled Staff Moishe
(The Biblical Moses). This snakes and managed the re Jews
in the desert (more on this later):


It was forbidden to utter the name of his god, not to be
and unmasked words were introduced replacing the name Seth: "He who is"
"Almighty," "God," "Almighty," "ubiquitous", etc. To suppress the mind developed by priests special
rituals and ceremonies. Installed in the temples of the psi units and accelerated
secured mental treatment population. Greater effect produced these
psi-generators on the gray than the local black population, which came into

Akhenaten was not long
managed izgalyatsya over Egypt. After 16 years, he was overthrown and the coming to power of
Tutankhamun. Aten temples destroyed and the name of Akhenaten also not only betrayed
abuse, but also to prohibit call.

As there is a further seizure of power,
You can read the Bible, the book of Exodus. Was chosen for this "God's chosen"
people: "I will take you to the people themselves, and I will be your God" (Exodus 6:7). "I am the Lord. He was a
I, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, name
"God Almighty," and the name my "Lord" is not known to them. " Ie
Seth (Yahweh, Jehovah) is saying that He is Lord (less powerful entity), and
says God Almighty.

The Bible says that the Jews were even sun-worshipers, ie
re gone 'and your altars shall be desolate, your columns in
honor of the sun will be defeated and cast down your slain men before your idols and
I put the bodies of the children of Israel before their idols, and I will scatter your bones round
your altars
"(Ezekiel 6:4-5). But this is clearly not in the plans of the biblical
God (Samael): "Lord of Hosts (Son
Samael) — His Honor the sacred, and he — your fear, and he — the thrill of yours! And he
a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense to both the houses of Israel,
snares and traps unto
for the inhabitants of Jerusalem. And many among them shall stumble, and fall,
and broken, and entangled in the network, and shall be taken in
"(Isaiah 8:13-15).
Ie children resist his father, do not want to be with him, then they will be caught in the

'You measure chastised him
when it rejected
(His people)And through it … purged lawlessness
Jacob and the fruit of this will take away his sin, when all the stones of the altar, he
turn in pieces of lime, and shall not stand groves and graven images of the sun
"(Is.27 :8-9). Ie The redemption price of
guilty before God — is the destruction of the cult of the sun on Earth. Ie were themselves
sun-worshipers, but were caught in the net of this god, and to make it up
guilt, must destroy the cult of the Sun on the Earth, that is, Vedic culture. That
see now — solar cult in the shade, and dominates the Moon.

Exodus and Egypt

After receiving instructions from the snake over (as
transmitted instructions: Bible Exodus 19), one of the priests of Set, named Moshe (Moshe,
ie Moses of the Bible) with the other priests, assistants brought from Ta-Kem (Egypt)
zombie people, but not all. Those who do not
visit the church and failed to brainwash remained in Egypt, saying that further their shimotov
God (Shimotniki, the modern name — Sephardi, now the most
oppressed). In the Bible, it is described as follows: "And I will give this people (Israel)
grace in
sight of the Egyptians, and when you go
(Ie run away from Egypt) we shall not go
empty-handed. Each woman
(An Israeli) borrow of her neighbor,
and living in her house
(That is, Egyptian) ineschey silver and
gold, and raiment: and ye shall put them upon your sons, and your daughters, and oberete Egyptians
"(Exodus 3.21,22).

For 42 years of walking in the desert, which can be completed in two
Weeks went cultivation, generational change and world instead of the old faith
imposes new and strengthened. "You shall have no other gods before me"
You can read the Bible and instead of ten gods they slipped one god and ten
Commandments as number ten for them sacred.

In the desert
selected the most brazen, whisconscientious representatives of their people. This selected
coming out of the desert "elite" called Levites.

Levites — Priests of the new monotheistic religion. I
They had knowledge of their world and knowledge of Egypt that elevated them above the other
people and the knowledge they used for their own selfish purposes.

According to the Old Testament and the Torah, only direct descendants
high priest Aaron, brother of Moses (Moshe) have the right religious rite
Jews! 'And I will sanctify … Aaron and his sons, that they
I officiated … and it will be for Aaron and his sons in the land of eternal
the children of Israel … This statute for ever shall be unto him and his seed after
"(Ex: 29,44, 29.28, 28, 43). That is strictly adhered to for thousands of years,
Jewish rabbis and become only the "sons of Aaron." Proved this group
Scientists from Israel, the U.S., Britain and Canada conducted extensive genetic
study male Y-chromosome. As a Sephardic (Middle East and Southern Europe)
and Ashkenazi (Central and
Eastern Europe), all priests are strikingly similar Y-chromosome
dramatically different from the Y-chromosome to average citizens. Ie special "Levites gene"
have all the rabbis — Talmudic commentators.

Seth promised them the land
blasted mill — Palestine. But just as there was with the charter does not enter. Levites misdirected
to the promised land of their instigators
and release the Greeks and Trojans. During a 13-year siege of Troy helped Jews
both sides, selling food, weapons and much more in this rich man,
at a time when
belligerents to destroy each other and poorer. By the same analogy, their descendants
enriched in all subsequent wars between nations amassing untold

Moshe patiently waited in the desert as she walked the siege of Troy. The goal was
achieved. Troy fell. Over time, the invaders are gone and Troy was naked was taken
Jews under the leadership of Joshua. He introduces the troops and all
destroys, except virgins. It can be read in the Bible:

'When the LORD shall bring thee, thy God, in the land to which
thou goest to possess it, and drive out from before you great nations,
greater and mightier than you, and you shall give them the LORD thy God, and
smite them: then shall utterly destroy them, does not enter into an alliance with them nor show mercy to … and
consume all the people which the LORD thy God giveth thee,
"(Deuteronomy 7.1-2.16). 'Hear, O Israel: now you are going over the Jordan
to go in to possess nations greater and stronger than you. Know therefore this day, that
The Lord your God which goeth before you, as a consuming fire he shall destroy them
before you, and you will drive them out, and destroy them quickly, as the LORD said unto thee
(Deuteronomy 9.1-34).
'Go ye after him through the city, and smite: let not your eye spare, and do not spare;
old man, a young man and the virgin, the infant, and women beat to death
"(Ezekiel ,9.5-6 .5).
'and they slew all the males … and mediamskih wives and children of Israel took in
prisoner … And Moses was wroth with commanders of thousands and
hundreds, who came from the war, and Moses said unto them, Why have you left
all the women alive … so kill all the male children and all women
known man by man's bed, kill, and all the women children, that have not
know the man's bed, keep alive for yourselves … a woman who did not know
male bed, (was) thirty-two thousand
"(Numbers", 31.7-35.1). 'Smote
Joshua all the land of the hill country of the hills, and the valley, and the land lying
from the mountains, and all the kings of them, did not leave anybody who is remaining, all delivered dyshuschee
curse, as the LORD, the God of Izraliev
"-"Lord-punisher"(IisNav. 10.40; Ezek.
7.96, MIS. Nav. 11.14-15.2).

First of all the Jews destroyed the spiritual capital, Rousse
— Rusol, which was called in honor of those who built, that is, in honor of Russ.
Conquerors renamed Erusalim, now we know it as Jerusalem.

Jew — A visitor from a foreign land, from the Hebrew verb "ever"
— "Passing through" (Encyclopedia of Archimandrite Nicephorus
1891.). But not so long ago our ancestors used the Greek word "planetos"
(Wandering star) and the planet called Earth, ie, the Jews in the modern language
came from another planet (aliens). Jews — one of the tribes of the anthropoid
gray. Their sacred books and say that they are people with
divine soul, and the other bad people worse than animals that can be done
anything (their commandments). According to scientists the DNA Genealogy argue that a branch of Abraham
The youngest — her 3000 years as opposed to the Slavic-Aryan, which according to
scientists for more than 10 000. Symbol of the Jews — a triangle in a circle. Character very
similar to the above:


Jews — a tool in the hands of Seth (the Biblical God) and

Jews in
all times, the Levites were used as cannon fodder for the seizure of power and wealth
other nations. And all the buds get Jews. Particularly affected are the Jews "left hand"
(Jewish father, the mother of another nationality). Because their genotype is passed by
female line, these Jews for Jews, and are not considered to belong to the Gentiles. All of them
time "thrown under tanks", then to shout to the world what the Jews and poor

Bible is a good description of the Jews as a tool of biblical
God in the destruction and humiliation of other nations. For the God of the Bible —
Seth-snake Yahweh destroy all main high, proud, and only cowards they are
pardoned him, and only the need: "Blessed are the poor in spirit", ie Briefs for
He Blessed "Shall be humbled
proud look of man … and the greatness of the human fall, and the haughtiness of men
"(Isaiah 2:11-17)"to whom I will look, to the humble and contrite
spirit, and who trembles at My word
"(Is 66:2).

'people, listen and attend tribes … the LORD's anger
all nations, and his fury upon all their armies. He utterly destroyed them, he put them on
slaughter. Their slain also shall be cast out, and their corpses will rise stench, and the mountains
melted with their blood
34:1). Ie Biblical God who hates all people, wants us all
destroy, but need a tool — the Jews, as this without the help of God on earth
can not do anything, he is doing someone else's hands. For the fact that the Jews will do
his every whim, he unlike us not destroy "They that sanctify themselves, and purify
themselves in groves
(And covered our ancestors) all shall perish, saith the Lord"(Isaiah 66:17)
'I completely destroy all
people have scattered you, but you will not destroy

house of Israel, Thus says the Lord God: I will do for you is the house of Israel,
but for the sake of my holy name, which you have profaned among the nations to which they came
(Ezekiel 36:22) Ie He not only hated of all nations on earth, and hates
their children — God's chosen people, and not for him and in his name, he is working.
Why Jews and cries: "misrepresented my ways and devoured me, led me to
"(Lamentations 3:11).

Instructions for the seizure of power and wealth of others

I will give them princes, and babes shall rule over them. And the people
one will be oppressed by another, and each — his neighbor: the child shall behave
himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honorable
"(Isaiah 3:4, 5)
You are nothing like? Civil war, the cultural revolution in China and
etc. Ie principle is simple — children are given the power to hand and are told that they are smarter
seniors. This simple principle is used for grazing and destruction, and
after the seizure of power in different nations.

'Thy God shall bring thee into the land which he
swore … to give you great and goodly cities, which you did not build, and
houses full of all good things, which you did not fill, and the wells
carved in stone, which you have not carved, with vineyards and olive trees,
which you did not Sadil, and you will eat and be satisfied
"(Deuteronomy 6:10-11).

Jewish world domination over other nations through
money and financial credit "and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and
you shall not borrow, and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they
over you will not dominate
"(Deuteronomy 15:6).

Reward from the mission of the biblical god

covers the earth and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be
before you. Nations will come to your light … the Gentiles shall come to
you … all of them … bring gold. The sons of strangers shall build up thy walls,
and their kings — to serve you … And will be open continually thy gates shall not be
shut day nor night to bring to you the wealth of the nations
(Isaiah 60:1-11). 'you will be called priests of the Lord, the servants of God
Our will call you will enjoy their people and be famous
their glory
"(Is 61:6). Well it is so sensible people and see. See who and
what's going on in the world that all the "rudder" control power, worldview. Sees
they attributed the glory of others currently rewriting the story for themselves, etc.

'That is,
name of the Lord cometh from far, burning his wrath, and fire it … to allay people to
istoschaniya, and will be in the jaws of the peoples a bridle, to err. A
You shall have a song as in the night when a holy feast, and gladness of heart
30:27). Ie religions — Christianity, Judaism, Islam — is a bridle, leading people to
belief, and those who put this bridle, those fun and celebrations, but this
Jewish holiday will get a great price. Ie when they do their
mission to destroy Vedic solar culture, "The Lord …
recover the balance his people, which will remain …
", That is, he
beat, beat them, natravlyal, killed, tortured, abused, and the rest he would collect and
Just who will survive and they "is a great way"(Isaiah 11:11-16)
ie they fell off the planet, destroying everything and removed all the natural resources.

Rescue of Jews

To save the Jews (so they Elects) was sent
Jesus, who carried the Jews of the Holy Spirit — the third do not have enough items to have them
began as all three elements: body, soul, spirit: .
For those who take the Holy Spirit, in the conscience wakes up — the fourth major
element is represented in the symbol of the star center Ingle .
Jesus said: "I
sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel;
"(Matthew 15:24);"on the road to
(Sun-) Do not go in the city of the Samaritans enter ye not:
but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel;
"(Matthew 10: 6);"No
whole need of a physician, but the sick. I came not to call the righteous, but
"(Luke 5:31,32). Of course, any Christian will object, and
how "and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name
Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you:
28:19,20). It is a late additional notes at the end of the Gospel. These additional notes scientists
found to be photographed in the ultraviolet spectrum, the oldest manuscript

Jesus also said to the Jews (John 8:22, 8:31), that they are "father
, And you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the
the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies,
speaketh of his own for he is a liar and the father of lies
"(John 8:44). In
Apocryphon of John,
Gnostic myth of Irenaeus, Hippolytus, in the role the Archons, and the best in
the book of John about this all very detailed written.

In the Slavic-Aryan Vedas about jews (gray) and their salvation
reads as follows:

"… But it will come from the gate of the World of Darkness outlandish, and will begin
Verbs of the children of men flattering words, lies covered … Their purpose, to destroy
Souls of the children of men, that they had not reached the bright world of Asgard and the Government of Heaven, the abode of the Gods — The patrons Rod Heaven and the Great Race.
And the Heavenly Lands and villages where peace Svyatomudrye acquire your ancestors …
The gray skin them, you know … The eyes of alien gate of darkness in them, and bisexual
they may be a wife, like a husband, they paint the colors of their faces (
from them
went Cosmetics) To be like the children of men … and they will create their faith, and declared himself the sons of the One God, … because they do not have no soul, no
Conscience. And they will create the Golden Tour, as a symbol of his power, and will
worship him, tacos as their god … and send them gods … Great
we are talking about Jesus Christ), Love of the carrier, but the priests of the Golden Tour
give him a martyr's death. And after his death, will launch his God … and create
new faith built on lies, blood and oppression … and declare all people lower
and sinners, and call before the face of God, created to repent, and ask
sorry for the acts of the past events and accomplishments … and on the advice of strangers, secretly
arrived at the Midgard-earth, people will deny each other's lives … for sip
fresh water for a piece of clean food … and they will not forget the ancient wisdom and
Laws of God the Creator … One Great Disunity comes to Midgard and only
Priest-keepers of the Holy Land of the Great Race will keep the purity of ancient knowledge
Despite the hardship and death … Many Circles of Life will be held on the Midgard-Earth Ways Svarog righteousness …
and a happy return to the land of the Great Rasen.
But the priests of the temple of Strangers … Golden Tour (Judaism), And the priests killed Wanderer
Christianity and Islam) Want to destroy their peace and quiet, for the priests of these live
the fruits of the labor of others. And many people will renounce the Holy Faith of their ancestors, and
will heed the words of strangers, Koya essence lies unjust, knocks Children
Men from the path of the Forces of Light … They zaryatsya all someone else they do not belong … All their thoughts are about power. Goal
strangers — to break the harmony prevailing in the world of light … and destroy the descendant of
Heaven, and the Great Race, for only they can rebuff Peclet Force (which is why the main blow was struck by them in our state, as well as other
States where our Family.) Servants of the World of Darkness believe that only they should belong to all the worlds, created a koi
Great Ra-Ha-M (the Creator-God) … And coming on the earth blooming, seek
They teach the children of men to greed, because greed is ruining knowledge when
Cognition is killed — killed Shame Shame … When killed, oppressed However, the loss
Truth and Happiness killed — A man dies, and if the person dies, then all
his wealth freely obsess … Strangers in the World of Darkness is available only habitation
those who have the wealth, the poor man is dead in the desert …. They take plenty of people, the strength of his hope of Deception … Knowing that if
taken away from the people support the Faith, the purpose of life and liberty in the Spirit (Covenants Kin
Gods), Then the people themselves will destroy … the children of men in this position in the World
Reveal to elect freely the way of death, and their weapons directed against
Strangers-villains, for it is better to take a glorious death in battle with a righteous
Gate of outlandish than submit to the enemies … People lose their minds the faint of heart,
or under the authority of Strangers — enemies fall, others are in thirst grubbing to
Foreigners are in the service .. Misfortune of lost people is worse than death, so
as death, according to the Law, is an eternal way of the world, and no one in the World Reveal
living, who would dwarf death. PS therefore good to think about the data
Commandments! "

When mixed gray with white people is not that stable
system. From the white base — four of gray — triangular structure — turns
Star of David
out of 13
elements. They use this system of thirteen (non-standard, inadequate —
much thinking). Can use and learn the system of 12, 10, 9-minute,
6. They can find a common language with all
these peoples, with all but 16, ie whites.

This system of continuous mixing trinadtsatirichnaya displayed
on the dollar. The eagle at the hands of thirteen arrows in the flag have 13 stripes and 13 stars over
head of an eagle, the pyramid of the 13 series and so on:

They ponabrali of religions of all nations for a bit and created their own
mystical-philosophical doctrine. And impose it to others under the guise of the ideal of brotherhood,
equality and freedom. Brotherhood can not be — can not be the people to each other
relatives, as will incest, and people die. Equality is also not
can be. With all the so-called equality, no one will ever make
man to give birth and breastfeed. Freedom can be from something or someone.
Freedom get only slaves. And our
Ancestors were free
people. Free man — Is the person controlling the mind,
feelings, emotions, mind and deeds (free — will, save — the paradise).

They add a ritual blood in Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. A drop of blood
contains all the information about the person. And getting into the body with the "Pepsi" or "coca"
Liven up, begins to destroy the structure of DNA.

The system of 13 is not stable, because 5 +8 = 13, and 13 is not divided in half (hence
change of mentality — breakdowns, etc.). The first image of the man of the spirit and lays
blood, and because Jews have no spirit, it is only a system of blood, according to the law he Slav — Jew,
Jewish — not a Jew. Boys called bastard and a girl — shiksa. Externally
dominated something more. Appearance is similar to white, and the inner
No content, in their emptiness. Consequently, the gray not assimilate (get used) and mimic (imitate);
crossing with other people, they get face of other people, but
inner nature does not change. Jews have only the first child of the white + gray is
not Jewish
(8 male and 5 female channels). In the Talmud it is written that the first need
kill all the Jews and the rest, that is, subsequent
their children were considered (8 female and 5 male). They are called the Jews the right hand.

Those with dad — a Jew, and my mother — white — called Jews
left arm, called the bastard boys, and the girl shiksa, ie no
Thoroughbreds. They are usually destroyed during the massacres (not your own, do not mind), but
but on every corner, you can shout that destroy the Jews.

In the past,
Jews expelled from various countries a large number of
time. About them negatively echoed many famous
personalities. About this tribe you can in a clear form learn from books
Gregory Klimov — lectures highest sociology: "Red Protocols",
"The Protocols of the Sages of the Soviet", "Red Hog", "God's people", etc.

Hasidic Judaism came from,
and from the Hasidim —
habadovtsy — the richest sect, which controls almost all the levers
government, creating a Jewish information field created by the Jewish capital and Eber media. What
very detailed account Kharkov Rabbi Hodos:
http://hodos-video.com and
According to the holy book habadovskoy
Tanya, their god created the world exclusively for Jews. The souls of the Jews,
There are really only 600 thousand (!) are parts of God. Thus, the Jews explain
— There are two kinds of souls:
divine (s) and animal (our). Divine soul have only Jews.
Which for many years from their arrival (5.5 thousand years) reincarnated in the body of
body, and confirmed in one of videoconferences Laitman Kabbalah, which is the secret
their success. Jews also have the animal soul of the first category, which is a
invisible life force contained in the blood and the life-support body. This
soul comes from some spiritual source, referred to as "klipat leg"
(Radiant impurity), related to the tree of knowledge
good and evil. From it are the life force all kosher (allowed in food)
animals and plants.

But there is another animal soul, the lower order, who have allegedly
exclusively Jewish, who from an immaterial entity called
"Sitra Ahara" (the other side). Rabbi Schneur Zalman was convinced that non-Jews are deprived of the Divine soul,
and, therefore, deprived of spiritual life. If you listen to them, the actions of the Jew is always dictated by the good faith and
actions goy — evil. That's what Chabad rabbis taught in the synagogues. "There are no bad
Jews. All of the Jews — the good, "said Librarian of Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi
Baruch Levine, commenting on the story of the Jewish role in the October Revolution of 1917.
According to him, the Jews, the Bolsheviks were guided by good intentions of its
Jewish soul. Ie millions dead, two world wars,
all disasters and communism regarded Jews as the right choice.

But the above state of the world by the "Tane", will not last
forever. "Sitra Ahara" — disgusting for God that he hates "(p. 127),
ie their god hates the people of the world, as well as all animals
supported videos. In the future, when it is Mashiach (Messiah), all clips are destroyed before
their god, as if they had never existed (Chapter 19, page 117).

The historical process after the arrival of Mashiach, who see Chabad
Chabad and certainly a descendant of King David through Shneur Zalman, the "Tane"
is as follows. God annihilates the three clips, and accordingly,
destroyed all power of unclean animals and peoples of the world. Then transformed klipat leg, which is for the Jews and clean animals
the source of life, and misguided Jews return to Orthodox Judaism.
Land, oddly enough, is not considered Schneur Zalman impurity, and
therefore maintains its existence, or converted into an ethereal
body. Hydrosphere, atmosphere, supported by the logic of "Tanya", the clips also
must destroy. Millions of Jewish souls, sparks together in wilderness 600
thousands. Thus, the 600,000 Jewish souls hovering over the desert (or
ether) the Earth — that's the apotheosis of stories on "Tane"! Why not
Armageddon. That is why so hastily disposed pace our nature, all living
on planet Earth. Instead of building wind, hydro, geothermal and
solar, etc. plants they infest her burning millions of tons of oil,
coal and gas.

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