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Against the background of events almost nobody seems strange attention of some foreign organizations to Lake Baikal. On the contrary, signed the new "joint" projects on Lake Baikal and to keep trying. There is a purpose for which the money is always, in any crisis. Usually it is Extremely urgent goal, is not it? So what are looking for foreigners Insiders at the Baikal bottom? Discover the secret. They seek a nondescript gray rock-crystal, and the modern language — USB flash drive, the content of which is invaluable in the right hands it can change the destiny of mankind, save the world from impending disasters and catastrophes, in the same evil — this is better not to think.

I'll start with peresskaza ancient legend, because nowadays the legends come to life, and even the stones start to speak. And sometimes a legend changes the course of human civilization. So:
"Harati Light" reads as follows: "
"… And plucked Chernobog first Sentry Printing, Printing World Arlegov Ancient Knowledge and knowledge are widely spread over the Worlds, World Arlegov lying below, down to the depths of the inferno of …". No matter how fantastic a legend, but … a repository of pure knowledge (PervoZnanya) is as real in our world, libraries and museums.
In general, as a result of the raid of the knowledge robbers still managed to steal, and then extend to all the worlds, as we say, in the form of pirated copies. But any knowledge can be used for good, or bad, depending on the level of spiritual development of the person who owns it. Using the good of our ancestors hundreds of thousands of years of living well and is perhaps the gods. And if the Supreme Knowledge to use for evil? In the history of the Earth is — invasions Gray (entities Dark Worlds), to deal with which was committed two military campaigns of our ancestors in Dravid (present-day India) to a centralized location from which spread across the planet bloody cult of Kali We (the memory of These events are stored and Indian legends of Old Church). The success of the campaign was incomplete, as gray crystal Kali We could not be found, that's why after some time the bloody cult Dravid flourished with renewed vigor. The second campaign has brought a complete success. Crystal Kali We (flash), which contains the ancient knowledge, including the attainment of complete power over the people, has finally been found and confiscated.
Long stay was Dravid, while there was the identification of all the supporters of foreign cult. The prisoners were collected and sent to a long link, but that's another story. The main thing that lacking a source of knowledge, the real danger they were not represented. Already in the next generation from the past reared their sverhmoguschestva remained ordinary primitive ritual. And how else, in fact no longer transmitted PervoZnane, but only its interpretation.
That came at last to the point. The main base of Russian-Slavic army was located in the region of Tibet, and from there went winners return home with a stop in the south of Lake Baikal, then bore the name of the sea h'Ariyskoe. Tom was a good reason — the Great Dragon (China), intention was to take revenge for past defeats. The appearance of its border, and then on the shores of Lake Baikal huge army quickly cooled the ardor martial strategists China. And there, on the shores of the Sea h'Ariyskogo — Baikal, decided the fate of Stone Cali-We. He was buried in the depths of Lake Baikal to the end of Night of Svarog (ie before the end of the 20th — beginning of the 21 th century). To honor our ancestors, for all the millennia information on where the crystal stone remained a mystery to the gate of. It was not until the sixties of last century.
But those were not dozing, and again dream of world domination. Over the past millennium shoveled up and down India in search of the "magic" stone as expedition in the mountains of Tibet, how they perished there, as in the Arctic and Antarctic — all do not count. Looking for the emperors of Rome and China, the fathers of the Holy Inquisition, Napoleon, Hitler, etc. etc. — Not found only in the morning … Svarog came around — is not there looking for. A time — to spare. And dashed black flock under the guise of "environmentalists", "science" and "tourists" to the shores of the sacred lake that holds an ancient secret. Big money offered for a piece of land of Baikal. By hook, crook try to catch because they are numbered years.
Hard to believe, and to fully understand who and what we're dealing with. In the meantime, gentlemen, tales are over. Is the very war of the worlds, Light and Darkness, which lifted the mountain of useless entertainment kinushek. Reality, it is more terrible than any movie, even though we live, not knowing how unreliable hair, which hang over the dark abyss. True say, the less you know — sleep tight, do you?
Meanwhile full swing tourism development zone of Lake Baikal. Oh well, all the people working so families wealth. A stone-flash at the bottom of Lake Baikal let seek. Let longer looking for the longer look, the more to spend, the less time they have left. They — they find, although the legend do not lie. Lake Baikal — they find, even though all the bottom sieve proseyut. Because Sacred Lake Baikal, and that he knew how to keep their secrets.

Here's a mystery as a mystery: thrown to the bottom of Lake Baikal, no one touched, suddenly … gone. Guess-ka at leisure. If you do not guessed — like to think that they never guess.

By the way, the second stone. To the end, he was kept in Hyperborea (Arctis), although a couple of times to leave the continent. Once legendary Apollo brought him to Olympus. Should not have done. For it was there that, without permission, for the sake of curiosity, frivolous Pandora had the imprudence to include a rare miracle. And while the adults did not understand what had happened, the vast vision of the mountain, which reveals the hidden secrets of the universe, PervoZnanem penetrated into the depths of the consciousness of people who are within its range. Crystal was returned to Hyperborea, but it no wonder that soon because of the people on the Olympus began discord — eventually quietly Olympus empty. At the same time, and the former glory of Greece faded. And young Pandora became a legend, how to open jar of evil. I said and I say, good and evil — the two sides of the same coin.
When left under water Hyperborea, Crystal has long been kept in Asgard. Last century it is securely stored clerics true keepers of ancient knowledge. Store in decades. The hour, and then open the Wisdom PervoZnanya new humanity, ready to take it for good.

So, what is the evidence of the real existence of stone-crystal I managed to collect. The first thing I did — go for specific information on the Internet. When you know what to look for — is fast. Slavic-Aryan Vedas, ballads, legends of India and Tibet have shown that, in general, the events themselves were quite place. I do not need to give citations and abstracts of the legends, type in the search box query — the second hike in Dravid information sea. Dig a little deeper — and you are "a little bit" disappoint many "neoslavyanofilov" — on Dravid actually moved Plurinational troops, mostly from the ethnic groups living in the time of the Urals to the Far East, but they were all together as one people. One excerpt from the book Nikolai Levashov "Russia Distorted Mirrors," written on the Slavic-Aryan Vedas, though the ladies:
"During his first trip to the Dravidians in Summer 2817 from S.M.Z.H. or 2692 BC, Aryan tribes made their first attempt to stop human sacrifice, and stop worshiping the goddess Kali-Ma. Expelling the priestess of the goddess Kali-Ma — Black Mother of the temples, they returned home …… so it took a new, second hike in Dravid Aryan tribes, who, for various reasons, took place only six hundred ten years in the summer of 3503 S.M.Z Kh. or 2006 BC The second campaign in Dravid was fundamentally different from the first. Part came to forever remain in Dravidian and started formation of a civilization that is now known as the Indian civilization. KHAN Uman (High Priest of Light Goddess Tara), who led this campaign, was appointed spiritual adviser to King forest people Dravid and Nagas. That's what it is reported to us Slavic-Aryan Vedas: 8. (72). Others Childbirth Great Race
scattered across the face of the Midgard-Earth …
and go for Himavat-mountain …
and teach people with skin COLORS
Darkness, wisdom of auroras …
Lest they cease to bear
Victims of terrible, bloody,
Their goddess — Black Mother … "

Much more difficult case with stone-crystal black goddess Kali-Ma. No information anywhere, not to catch hold in general. I know that should be, and nothing — zero. I had to go the other way — start with origins. That is, with Arctis (Hyperborea). And the fun started when in my V.N.Demina came across the book "Secrets of the Russian people." In it I found the following:

"A. B. Barchenko (1881 — 1938) — one of the most tragic and mysterious figures of the twentieth century. The support of the Great Mystery, he seems to always carried her to another world … "
"… Barchenko (and he is not alone — there was a whole community of keepers of ancient knowledge) had read and understood the ancient texts written" ideographic "letter. Moreover, it seems that the surviving photographs of these texts. Maybe they have that coveted key that otomknet doors in such recesses of antiquity, of which yesterday did not even dare to dream the most unbridled imagination …
And then we read this: "… One of the hidden sub Kola Expedition (A.V.Barchenko) was in search of a mysterious stone, neither more nor less than with Orion. This stone was allegedly able to collect and transmit to any distance psychic energy, to provide direct contact with the cosmic information field, which gave the holders of such knowledge of the stone of the past, present and future. This question is academic and spondylitis. In any case, he was aware of the intentions Barchenko. Barchenko convinced … once again in their assumptions, when suddenly confronted with a Russian hermit of the Kostroma deaf forests — the keeper of the Ancient Secret Knowledge. "

Well, do not trust Professor V.N.Deminu I have no reason. He writes what he knows. So, Bekhterev interested in the same question? I wonder who else? The answer there, we read:
"This knowledge is owned and Nicholas Roerich, when together with his wife and sons prepared the expedition to the Altai and in Tibet. Actually, Roerich in Central Asia were seeking the same thing as Barchenko in Russian Lapland. And it seems that in the beginning they had the same source. Even personal contacts between them are likely to have been: in 1926 in Moscow, when the message of Mahatma Roerich brought the Soviet government (one of the mysterious episodes in the history, but it is associated with the Roerich family). "

Yes, most historians and biographers, seen, and really believe that Roerich, Barchenko, and before they even Blavatsky (yes, and it, too), among others looking for a well-known "stone from Orion." Then, I'm sorry, there are more questions than answers. First, why look for him, if he is in Tibet? Vaughn even brought some of his Roerich. And then, well, find what's next? Etc. And most importantly, if the stone is in Tibet, over what devilry AV Barchenko went to look for it in the North? By the way, after the failure of Hitler in Tibet also sent an expedition to the North, in the wake of Barchenko. Coincidence? And yet it A.V.Barchenko knew much more than others, because able to read complex ancient writings known ancient history, was an extraordinary psychic … even in its death manuscript (he was arrested in 1938. shot) wrote a few. And if you think about what him a stone from Orion, which is called the Grail? He was a major figure in science, pragmatic, result-oriented, and not an adventurer, besides acting on the mandate of the government. We also know that he is in touch with the custodians of the ancient Russian tradition, learned from them and regularly received new information. Here it is, A.V.Barchenko well understood the difference between a rock and a stone from Orion-crystal ancient knowledge. And he knew that by chance about 4000 years ago the Earth was two stones crystal. Here's one of them, the one that was in Hyperborea, he wanted to find. But once at the beginning of 1927. guardians of ancient Russian tradition was academic in their midst, he completely "forgets" Hyperborean stone, now directing his efforts to seek a second (Stone Cali-We), the trace of which is lost in the region of Tibet, where 4,000 years ago, celebrating the victory of Russian-Slavic army.

We will not find out the reasons for his "forgetfulness", and will make sure that he does next. And then he is in correspondence with Buryat Buddhist Tsybikova. In Ulan-Ude really stored archive emails Barchenko Tsybikova. It is only in these letters there is evidence that the search-stone crystal A.V.Barchenko of Tibet came to Lake Baikal. Suddenly, after a genuine interest in Shambhala and Tibet (and Tsybikov guise of a pilgrim monk visited almost all the shrines of Tibet) Barchenko cautiously begins questioning the existence of the ancient runic characters in the coastal zone of Lake Baikal (Tsybikov, too, was familiar with the runic letter) , the ancient sites and burial grounds Four thousand years ago, etc ….

Only then we can find a, you begin to understand the seriousness of the findings. No, that's why my attention was focused on the individual academic Barchenko. He was informed by the Priests of the guardian, I — the other way, but both said unequivocally: the legend is now a fragment of our rich history, and a mysterious rock-solid — all the more real. Academician Barchenko could only find a place to have a "command" and the high priests of the northern army, and I think he would have made it to the stone. But providence intervened … (or Higher Power), because it was still — not the time. According to the prophecy of Priests, which decided the fate of stone-chip: "… To the end of Darkness Svarog conceal (him) in the dark depths. And people will forget about it, and will not be the way to it to the end of Darkness …… But it's time to come Atonement turns Svarog Circle, illuminating light to the earth, people will remember where the wisdom of the ancients and of stone, in whom the eternal knowledge. Light will reveal it (the stone) the soul of righteousness and power shed unprecedented stone Eternal Knowledge of the Holy Land Rod Great. And you shall know (the people), and hidden wisdom of the ancient forces of nature, which they did not know before, and have known it, will soon cope with troubles, both terrestrial and celestial. Well gate of evil umoyutsya blood from his evil self vymyvayuchi. Sing while birds of the air, urging the High Priest of the Stone of Wisdom Rod Great … " etc.
In the end, when there will be 'on' both rock crystal on Earth should come golden age. So, like it or not, and Russia will fulfill its special mission.

Well, things get interesting? You continue to consider it a fairy tale? And how would you react if, for example, is quite terrestrial origin of most UFO? Along the way I'll get to that. And while I tell you how to find the first real traces of ancient flash. But that's not all.

Come to the most unexpected turn of events. Remember I said that the stone-flash "in the lake — do not find, even though all the bottom sieve proseyut"? Interesting to know what was the mistake of all would-seekers? In that poorly taught geography to history. Here would ask keepers of ancient legends, they would say that is not always so Baikal was, as now, it was once boolshim sea. Is it true? And last year, in 2009, took place a scientific expedition to Lake Baikal our scientists. By the way, the last two seasons, "studying" the bottom of Lake Baikal, in 2010 most research plan (which is a short concise note http://www.baikal-center.ru/news/detail.php?ID=97036 …. even let deepwater robots ). But I am more than convinced that neither the President nor our honest scientists do not know all the reasons for the interest in the mysteries of the bottom of Lake Baikal. Not the level. And in a new expedition will again be some invisible "Gray mouse", whose mission, if successful, will be "accidentally waving tail" to need "stone" fell … and disappeared. Just think, one, when there are so many discoveries. How much time this was …

But I was one of the important findings of the expedition of 2009.: Contrary to popular belief, modern shape of the coastline of the lake have a relatively young age, about 4,000 years. That's just what I was looking for. Yes, Northern priests knew what to say: "… and no way to it …" With regard to the opinion of our scientists we can say that by the time of the return of the Northern army after the second trip to the Dravida shoreline of Lake Baikal (Haariyskogo Sea) has changed, Sea melelo and priests is noticed. And we already know that he was then the army in the south H'ariyskogo Sea. So where was it on the map today? Clearly not what is now Slyudyanka or tanha. But south of the ridge, then the Khamar-Daban? So he baffled the alien hunters new to the features of the area. And for good reason. First, the ancient priests knew more modern scientists and location for the weary troops in the field have not chosen at random. Needed a place that gives people the power. Look at the map, in the south-east of the Khamar-Daban mountains originate Yablonovy Ridge. According to ancient legend, somewhere in the bowels of the earth, there is something very important — a source of strength. What is it? Referring again to the Slavic-Aryan Vedas and N.Levashova book "Russia in the mirror curves." Next to not much bother, I'll just give a brief summary of excerpts:

"That's why Light Forces have placed on our planet an additional source of life …"
Vedas: "Recharging RACE treasured source
that remained in the tract of the ancient …
Anticipated Darkness on Midgard Gods
HEIRS and race they decided to help ……
In the depths of the earth …… PLACED was the source.
Access to it is hidden in the long tracts.
In the depths of the earth he accumulated power
at different locations on the surface being.
But the Eternal Source of Divine Power
not every edge of the Holy Race jets.
And only in the places where, according to legend,
Gods in Midgard life force invested … "
"Thus, in the dark times, the Night of Svarog mainly operated source of strength, premises light of hierarchy in the bowels of the Midgard-Earth. Indicated and the time when Power Source was placed in the bowels of the planetary ….
Room … a source of strength in our planet happened before then, that at least 112,000 years ago,
… There were regions where the payment was only a small and in these parts Dark Forces began to prevail, turning people into slaves, "bio-robots". There were regions where Power Source not only neutralized the evolutionary edge, but also created favorable conditions for the evolution. "
Vedas: "As a Source of Life, gives all power
people, gods and various plants.
What he reveals in the nature of each,
what gifts he gives life …
In Gods he reveals the hidden forces
empowers people according to their thoughts … "
"… In the area H'Ariyskogo Sea was one of those areas, according to the Slavic-Aryan Vedas. For … the Slavic-Aryan these places were sacred and much earlier. "

There were, by the way, in the history of the attempts to find the gate of the source. One such attempt was just as when Northern troops return home from Dravid. But always, at all times, such efforts are thwarted, suppressed and will be stopped. For each mystery is their "shelf life", its custodian and person who opens an ancient mystery. What once again I found myself following the publication of the beginning of this material, I will say about this below, but for now will continue compilation of excerpts ::

Vedas: "These things happen in that distant time,
When Dravid back from Race.
They returned to their Belovodie,
To their homes and to the Source of Life.
Race long gone past few villages
Koi met in the Arima ancient.
After all, once the glory of living among Arima
And the gods have been in China a country …. "

"And now, returning to the native land with the choir,
With Native parties have dark news.
Gate of secretly invaded
Porush h'Ariyskogo Shrine at sea.
They sought out the cherished goal of POWER,
so Rasichi forces lost forever … "

Note: Arima (Great Dragon, China) at the time called China. Consequently, the Northern army of sea Haariyskomu Dravid to really move along the border with China. Well, now the concept has become the enemy plans? It is simple: to deprive the tired army in the battles of the Source of Strength — you see, and would have a chance to take revenge. But …

Knights sent six days reached the ruined and burned ancient sanctuary. Seven laps — 112 warriors rushed in pursuit. "

Vedas: "Seven circles hastily rushed into the path
tirelessly racing on horseback Goldrinn.
Six days later, I H'ARIYSKOGO SEA,
saw the site of a fire in the sanctuary of the ancient.
Croda to put all of the body of slain,
and the sacred fire lit by rite.
Funeral feast Having accomplished the defenders of Light
to find two groups of enemies rushed.
One headed Irislav Mnogomudry,
and distant heroes next to him.
Sought their squad in the eastern states,
Beyond the Sea, lying down, at sunrise Yarily.
There Rasichi accursed should seek,
leading to the ancient life of the source.
But the enemy did not saw those treasured trails
to whom the Magi went to the Source. "
"All it that heroes enemies caught in a valley between Lake Baikal and Yablonovy Ridge. The remaining Knights led Darislavom, they were only known trails along the ridge and cut off the retreat of the enemy. Rasicham were led all passes through the ridge, and they know where to flee after hitting enemy heroes Irislava. The survivors were met with enemies and destroyed. Curiously, after the defeat of the Sanctuary, the raiders went to find a way out of the Source of Life, could not find it, and were overtaken Vityaz Irislava. Thus, in the Third Lead indicates the approximate location of the release of the source to destination (most likely, a very powerful) — in the valley, which lies south-east of Lake Baikal and north slopes Yablonovy Spine "(see Figure above).

Here we must pay tribute to Nikolai Levashov, a source of strength for the place specified by it almost coincides with my information. That's just the outlines of Baikal obviously copied from modern maps, though, in general, to Levashov was another problem. Meanwhile, the formation of the lake continues to this day, scientists know this terrain more times will vary.

The search for information led me to the local history department of the Central Library Selenge region of Buryatia. There I found, did that so long sought. "At one time, 4-5 thousand years ago, the lowlands Selenge region with its lakes are likely to have been part of Lake Baikal.", And just at the southern extremity. Yes, and "topographical landscape of the region different from the present." Then came a time when the water is gone, it remains a small swamp, ie Haariyskoe melelo sea rapidly. This is what occurs more reliable facts, like that then, combined with a further increase of the new water level of Lake Baikal to the modern lake filled with water and Selenge region of Buryatia. Somewhere there is even an underground channel from the lake to the Baikal area Selenge (at least two of them: Goose Lake, the second largest after Lake Baikal and Lake pike. Pike Lake is also identical to the Baikal flora.). And, despite the difference in the heights of the water of the lakes on the chemical composition in the mid-20th century, was identical to the Baikal. It is of interest and the fact that for centuries these places are considered sacred. Here is one excerpt from the "History of Selenge region": "There have been in the land of the Selenga and left their memories Moldavian boyar Spafary Nicholas, Dutch EI Ides, German scientists and I.G.Gmelin G.F.Miller, Johann George, and many others. In 1830-1832 gg under the direction of Paul L. Schilling, Russian inventor and orientalist, held a major scientific expedition to Eastern Siberia. Schilling visited the temple goose lake. In describing the Goose Lake perpetually its sacredness. French explorer Paul Labbe, who came specially to review the datsan and llamas, reported: "… on the shores of Goose Lake, which is called the Mongols … Sacred Lake, is the abode of Bandido Hambo Lama." (We are talking about the famous Tamchinsky datsan). Popov IP writes: "When we started down the mountain, we have launched a wide valley with a blue lake … nest in the reeds of the lake many geese, ducks and other birds. Lama asked not to shoot this game, because lake is considered sacred. "

I just found out (here I publish only a part) it is logical to conclude that the Northern troops were placed on a modern map, only in the Selenga region of Buryatia, because:
1) The southern end Haariyskogo Sea 4,000 years ago, was here, and
2) around here in those days was a source of strength out on the surface of the Earth.
It only remains to try to find traces of the parking lot to the last doubts disappeared. Than I do. By the way, something to be found, but this information is more for professionals.

Remember, in the middle of this page I have said about Keepers? During my search of real evidence, after the publication of the first materials I found the old man, who identified himself Vedagorom, the Guardian path to the crystal knowledge. He is not just confirmed my information, but supplemented it details that I will not expound here. As he said,
three summers they are waiting (for all leaves that I) and here come true. This man is not alone. So here it is — almost three years alone precaution prevented me to take on the mystery of the stone, crystal, although I wanted to. I guessed, and only later came to understand how the material of inestimable importance. I had to bring you this secret — and now give the last thing that can be given in the clear. We can say openly: The fact that thousands of years looking for foreigners in the mountains of Tibet and India, and then at the bottom of Lake Baikal — this ancient artifact is 4000 years waiting in the wings in Selenga region of Buryatia.

And who still do not understand why you were looking for is not there, I will explain. India — is understandable, because the main events taking place there. But there remains and more evidence that the stone-flash Priests Northern troops took with them. When it came to light — all the evidence was taken (last — when India was a British colony), and began the search in the mountainous Tibet, in fact there was a "rate" of the Northern army, and before returning home, there was a general gathering. It was believed that somewhere in Tibet and was hidden or kept old flash drive yet, as the holy relic. It was the most logical, because it is so long, and went searching there. But all that was found — was not it. North priests knew their business — long kept secret until the 20th century. Yes, yes, you're right, it was the first academician A.V.Barchenko could get the ball rolling, he came out the same on-Baikal.

Barchenko died in 1938godu, but somewhere left a trace. Already on 26 April 1939 in the dead of Transbaikal taiga hut two men entered in the form of the NKVD. An elderly woman was shot once, and her husband were questioned for two days and then, did not know anything, killed. Son, who had returned from the chase, caught the end. To save his father, he could not, but the killer is not well-aimed bullets left from an experienced hunter. Burying their parents, son long waited for his arrest. But for him, no one came. The last time that he heard through the wide open door, the two men demanded that the half-dead father to give them no more, no less, as Stone with Orion …

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