Horrible Yeti

For over a hundred years from different parts of our planet there are reports of a strange creature that walks like a man on two legs, and his body is covered with hair. It is being called many things — "Yeti", "snowman".


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According to eyewitnesses, the growth of it reaches two meters, he has long arms, face, like a monkey, he is not aggressive and spiteful. It can be compared with apes or bears. Those who had a chance to see "Bigfoot", say when meeting these creatures do not show signs of anxiety, the presence of people does not frighten them.

Seen it in different places — as high up in the mountains, in the snow, and in the forests at the foot of the Himalayas. Strange creatures found in the mountains of the Pamirs. The locals call it being "wild man." Basically "Bigfoot" seen at night. But no one was able to catch it or at least take a picture. The fact that we managed to capture — only huge footprints in the snow.

Another humanoid creature similar to Bigfoot, lives in the forests of North America. It is called a sasquatch. It sounds like the nickname of "hairy giant". Some call it "Bigfoot", which means — "big foot". The closest "relative yeti" looks a lot like him — a two-meter height, the body covered with thick hair, huge footprints. But, unlike the yeti, sasquatch spiteful and aggressive. Those who had a chance to see him, and told that he frightened people attacked the moving cars and could even get into the homes of people and destroy everything! Eyewitnesses claim that the sasquatch stealing from people food.

But, just as in the case with the "Bigfoot", no one has to provide evidence that its closest relative is real. There are no photos or video footage of this creature.

It remains a mystery why none of the witnesses have not been able to gather real evidence of the existence of Bigfoot and Sasquatch? Or he "Bigfoot" does not allow them to do that?

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