How to live to be a hundred

Konstantin Vasilyev "elder"

The problem of longevity and quality of life are very important for a person. Doctors say that the physiological potential of the people, allowing him to live on Earth to 120 — 140 years. We also have an average age of a person's life, depending on the region of residence and of 60 — 80 years. And our old age or the last years of his life take place in poor physical condition of illness, disability, dementia and mental illness. No wonder they say: Old age — no joy. It turns out that we are reducing the life almost doubled. Why is this happening? Most of the answers are obvious. Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, smoking, poor environment, hazardous working conditions, poor living conditions, contagious diseases and unhealthy lifestyles.

From the many bad habits can be eliminated, but avoid some of the negative effects on human extremely difficult. However, the ability to live to a hundred years in humans, even in difficult living conditions there, and old age can be a joy. Each stage of human life brings joy and positive.

Below are the factors that positively influence the length and quality of life. Some of them are difficult for the earthly man, but know they need to try to at least partially change their lives.

1.Residence rights.

Perfect organization of residence rights and its activities can be represented as follows. Create a production — the administrative cluster of separately located industrial zone having common sources of energy and water, and general sanitation and waste disposal system of production. At a distance of several kilometers from the industrial zone is administrative — cultural center. Cluster management, cultural and social organizations, building assemblies and meetings, scientific — research organizations, medical and veterinary institutions — the main components of the center.

Near the administrative center of the residential settlements are small, each number 3 — 5 thousand. Villages are in the nature. The small one-or two-story stone and wooden buildings, single-family. Around the home land area of 1 ha, there are garden, greenhouse and garden.

Stone buildings are made of porous limestone natural or artificial origin. Outside of the building are covered with ceramic tiles to give architectural form. Interior finish consists of only natural materials: plaster, adhesives, paints and coatings, glass and wood, linen curtains. Furniture, bedding and home furnishings are made only as of natural materials with no artificial additives.

Only in such environmental conditions in the open air a person can live a healthy life without the influence of various environmental hazards.

Most, read these lines, grin — where, how and by what means you can create conditions of life? Yes, it is. This question is probably the future. Few can boast of such conditions. Our terribly ugly city, built-up concrete boxes — buildings, mixed with industry, smoking and smoky gas emissions, a bad place to live. A partial solution to this problem can be found in the construction of summer homes or cottages in nature, where you can hold 5 — 6 months of the warm season, leaving to work in the city.

2. Healthy work for the benefit of society

Any man's work — it is a vital necessity, aimed not only to earn a living, but also an important element of the evolution of human consciousness. In his career, people not only learn the kinds of skills and knowledge, but also and develops many of the qualities necessary for successful evolution. Man must realize that his work brings healthy fruit for the whole society. Therefore, a healthy labor for the benefit of society, accompanied by the growth of knowledge and personal qualities, and not just mere earning money can prolong our lives, even in difficult conditions.

3. Meditation

Meditation or contemplation of an object off of his own consciousness and reflection. Method is known for a long time. But in the last century a lot of options for meditation, most of which are useless, and some turned into a theater of the absurd. A method, in fact, a very simple and efficient. And does not require any — or efforts and expertise. Man alone (no group meditation), better outdoors, in the garden or public park, begins to contemplate the beauty of nature or specific natural objects (river, lake, old tree). Admiring nature, fresh air, off the mind from thoughts of everyday problems and saves one from negative thoughts, its aura cleans and restores energy structure. Meditation can be done at home, choosing to contemplate things that cause you positive emotions: paintings, flowers, and various works of art. Conducting regular meditation will improve health and prolong his life.

4. Optimistic attitude towards the surrounding space, society and the cosmos

In our earthly life, unfortunately, a lot of negativity, which greatly affects the mind, life and consciousness. However, any person aspiring to development and a healthy lifestyle, must develop a positive attitude to the surrounding area and the community. In our world, there are many positive, interesting, generous and informative. If you only pay attention to the negative aspects and develop a distaste and non-perception of the world, it can lead to premature aging, disease and premature death from life. And this is contrary to the principles of life "homo sapiens" in the cosmos. We are living in a material world and hard to go through this life stage must adequately, with the required experience for the further evolution of the Cosmos.

Therefore, cultivating the positive, optimistic attitude to nature, humanity and our history is an important factor of influence on human life.

5. Rejection of accumulation and consumption psychology

One of the major space law states that a person must be in the life of reasonable sufficiency in consumption of material goods — only in moderation. Excessive consumption of material goods and natural resources, greed, hoarding and profit not only morally corrupt man, but also kills his health. It will be recalled and the ancient wisdom of humanity: Do not look for earthly riches, and seek heavenly riches, that is spiritual.

6. Rest

Proper rest man after work, at the end of the week, and during annual leave no doubt improve the quality of life. The issue is that many believe that the rest is drinking, sunbathing on the beaches and in the long dream. Many, going to warm countries and chose the hotel with the program «All inclusive», engaged the entire holiday gluttony and drunkenness, roasted through the beaches of immense exposure to the sun. Return these people home sick with the new acquired diseases.

Real vacation is a journey of discovery and tourism. In a study of natural and historical sites, people not only completely distracted from their home and work problems, but also acquire new knowledge and experience, as well as physical development.

7. Rejection of meat products

In ancient times, different people on the planet ate only plants, river and sea food. Climate change has forced some people to eat meat and animals. Myasoedstvo gradually becoming the norm, has spread around the globe and an important element of gastronomy. Today, many human diseases are caused by consumption of meat products. Animal fats, harmful substances, proteins foreign to the human body and the toxins cause obesity, overweight, salt deposits and gastrointestinal disease. Result myasoedstva known — premature aging and painful death.

This factor is one of the most powerful among the negative factors that reduce a person's life. The reader may object, remembering their friends or relatives live to 80 or 90 years old, who ate meat in large quantities. Perhaps these people have a very high potential for life and could live to older ages, if not eating meat. Correctly described myasoedstvo — myasoyadstvom.

8. Bearing and raising children.

Bearing and raising offspring is an important task for the reproduction of the population. For women, in general, fertility are important for health. Education of children — it is not only learning the norms of behavior of children in society and the primary knowledge, and transfer them to their own experience. Parents or caregivers enjoy interacting with children, give them your love, give children a sense of mutual and that they have a powerful emotional energy charge. No wonder they say that the children's laughter in the house will prolong the lives of adults.

9. Maintaining physical health

Physical development and maintenance of physical health is essential for a long and pain-free life. For each age should be a system of physical education and physical human health. Exercise and conditioning should be the norm for everyone, and the same necessity as brushing your teeth or eating. Perform basic exercises, one must maintain a healthy heart, joints and spine to old age.

10. Self-development and learning.

They say: You live — and learn. Wisely and correctly. A more accurate to say: if you want to live a century — and learn. Many scholars, artists and writers live long, productive work, keep a clear mind until his death. It follows that the constant work of the brain and creativity are important elements of the health and longevity. The brain is so constituted that his work identifies many body functions. Therefore, it must actively operate until the last days of life.

From the moment of birth to the last days of his life, a person has to actively learn, gain experience and knowledge. An important moment in human evolution is an independent development and education. If in ancient times, different people were serious and wise teacher — wise men, oracles, druids, who guided and taught many of the tricks of his players, in our time, these teachers do not have. There are many sources of information, books, courses of excellence, various schools and institutions, and religion. The whole problem lies in the fact that humanity has lost at some stage in their evolution, the true knowledge. A different kind of teacher, or do not have complete knowledge of a particular area, or have false knowledge in their particular field. Therefore, an independent search for knowledge, and self-learning is very important not only for the mental and spiritual development, but also to activate the brain and its active functioning into old age. The question arises — how to determine — with the right information, and where false? What information is needed for you and which are useless? The question is very difficult. But the decision is. In this case we have to use my internal filter, which allows you to filter the information from unnecessary. Such a filter is present in every person. And it is our information-distribution system or simply our soul and our heavenly mentor, a teacher and an assistant, has given us the highest divine sphere — higher 'I'. Meditation, reflection and work with a pendulum or a frame can get answers to many questions.

Finally, another important aspect of prolonging life and promoting health — natural energy sources. They can be used in conjunction with meditation for a more effective impact on the body. Natural source available to us are mature trees. Especially notable for their energy cedar, Siberian larch and oak. Other species of trees or ineffective (elm, pine, hornbeam, beech, linden), or even harmful energy (all spruce, poplar, aspen). Finding the shade of a tree in the spring or summer when the sap flow is in the tree, for 1-2 hours, and improves health. Even more effective impact of this natural source is, if a person climbs the trunk of the tree to a height of approximately? of the total height of the tree. Our ancestors — the Slavs knew it and actively use the natural method of healing. To do this, on the said height of the tree was built a wooden platform and stairs from the ground to the platform. People climbed the dais and enjoyed the view of the surrounding area and the positive energy that comes from a tree. The thing is that these kinds of trees, have a sort of energy aura — the energy field around the trunk and crown. This field has a similar structure to the energy structure of the person, but more powerful. People caught in the zone of the aura of the tree, feeds its energy system, while improving their health.

Even stronger natural, energy and heals the source of health and longevity are the geo-active zones with positive energy. Of areas such as in the form of individual points, and in the form of energy fields, a lot of the earth's surface (see "Effect of unknown geophysical factors on human life"). Our very distant ancestors — Alva — knew this and actively used these areas to promote health and increase the duration of their lives to a very old age! Individuals of Alva with energozon can live for hundreds of years! And this is not a joke or a sick fantasy! Alva with the Magi found the zones, built near these zones their villages, lived, worked, keeping your health up to 150 — 200 years. And before they reach that age and completing their life program in the world, euthanasia, saying goodbye to their families and neighbors. At Alva there was such a law, consistent with the divine plan — carried out his mission in the world and can return to their spiritual world. Such a person quickly and safely disable vital functions.

It will be quite a bit of time, and these will be open energozony man. Many prescription drugs will cease to exist, replaced by natural medicines come. Will become the norm as the widespread use in medicine wave therapy.

It's time we go back to the origins of the knowledge of our ancestors and begin to live by the laws of the cosmos, and not the evil one!

AV Denisov

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