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World Government. Harvard Project

Houston Project

In February 1985, at its regular meeting brought together a so-called "global shadow government." At this meeting it was decided to destroy the Soviet Union on 52 dwarf independent states and cause them to clash with each other.
Why? Experts estimate that by 2015, all our planet's resources will be exhausted. Will be only one "closet" — Russia — 1/6 of the Earth. The collapse of the Soviet Union were thrown hundreds of billions of dollars. This program received the code name "Harvard Project". This money was bought by all the government elite, all the media and in 1991 as they were able to implement his plan.

Now comes the second act of this program under the title "The Houston project." Not long ago, the world government without fear or cynically announced their plans: in 1985, the year they decided to 2020 to halve the population of the former Soviet Union. The older generation planned to destroy poverty and destroy the young generation debauchery, alcohol, tobacco and drugs. To all this, the West, and now spends billions of dollars now.
Margaret Thatcher, speaking in public 10 years ago, and lays out U.S. policy toward Russia, dropped a mysterious phrase. She said (verbatim): "economically feasible, according to the international community, to leave to live in Russia for 15 million people." When her translator, thinking that misheard translated — 50 million people, she corrected him and repeat — 15. And the other 135 million will be destroyed in this undeclared war alcohol. Four years after Margaret Thatcher, Madeleine Albright repeated the same thing, but in a milder form, "Economic feasibility of residence in Russia fifteen million people." 2 million of them will leave to serve the Trans-Siberian Railway — the shortest route to Europe. The rest will be served by the most dirty chemical and metallurgical plants and nuclear burial grounds. Putin's State Duma adopted a law on the transformation of Russia into the world's nuclear burial ground. Already in Siberia build a first-class road under the program of the world dumping of nuclear waste.
You and I absolutely do not want these cannibals! They need our natural spaces, our natural resources! We have taken the place of American Indians. For us, time is already under way and we have a little …

Recently in Russian book was published by John Coleman called "Committee of 300." J. Coleman — Colonel British intelligence — within 30 years of service, he studied inside the secret mechanisms of managing global world processes. He came to the conclusion that the global world processes are managed 300 richest clans of the world — "The Committee of 300." These 300 families linked brutal secret Masonic connections, they define the world politics and world government — the Group of Seven countries — as puppets do their bidding.
In the 70 years of the twentieth century, "the Committee of 300," ordered a very important research project, which found that the natural resources on Earth are limited and for a comfortable stay in the third millennium on all earthlings natural resources is not enough, and enough for only one billion people. Consequently, the "Committee of 300" formulated the theory of the "golden billion", which states that from 1970 to the 2070th year of the world you have to have more than one billion people, and the remaining 5.5 billion to be unconditional and the polls destroyed.
In the "golden billion" were: the population of the U.S. and Canada, Western Europe (East was not included), Israel and Japan. We — Russian people — one of the "golden billion" is not got it!
To implement their plans, "Committee of 300" launched a global destruction of the Earth's population. In 70 years, Africa has been reset the AIDS virus — it decided to destroy AIDS and hunger. We — the Nordic peoples — they decided to destroy the alcohol, tobacco and drugs. A Muslim nations that do not take no alcohol, no corruption, they just decided to destroy them physically — war!
Selecting your end for you, but you can make a choice in favor of life!

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