Hunters for the unknown — a new team to find anomalies

Ufologists and interested people from Perm: command "Hunters for the unknown", filmed the first series of its transmission. This is a group of enthusiasts that promises interesting programs from the world of the unknown. The first issue they were in an abandoned house in the village of Jubilee Perm region, where locals watched anomalies. The first experiment was a success: they filmed the strange moving spheres in a dark room …

After obtaining permission of the village administration, the crew conducted a study measuring the anomalous activity in the building.

As the head of the Perm branch portal RUFORS Nikolay Subbotin, in one of the apartments, located on the fifth floor of the house, ufologists have documented "a strange field activity in the IR range, characteristic of the presence of invisible energy formations." For two hours the team of "hunters" to install video cameras in the room, which was filming in the dark in the infrared. And for the purity of the experiment themselves ufologists are located on the two floors below.

After reviewing video, the researchers found her numerous ball-shaped objects flying in front of the camera, which "changed the trajectory and acted as a kind of sentient beings."
The whole process of seeking and obtaining an overnight recording facilities, as well as comments hunters unknown and ufologists scientists intend to include in the pilot episode of his project. It will be available to viewers online in December. While the video in postproduction.

"Hunters of the unknown," promotional video

"Hunters of the unknown," as the organizers of the project, is the process of search and study of anomalous phenomena, historical mysteries encountered. It will be a completely new Teleformat for the viewer who is used to the standard templates TV show.

The main difference between it — all the shooting go without doubles and additional training: "The camera, as if by an independent observer to be present next to the researchers, the process of fixing the quest, as it happens in real life without the staged shots and pre-prepared texts."
According to Nikolay Subbotin, in the future we plan to offer this format of the central channels for co-productions. The initial material for future editions of the authors will take only in Perm and Perm region for the promotion of "Perm style" on federal channels.


What can I say … Let the guys do it. I hope soon to see their first film. The main thing that they did not try to "suck" stories from the finger. Good luck to them!


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