Hypotheses and discoveries 8 movies watch online

Hypotheses and discoveries 8 movies watch online

We offer a collection of popular films from the BBC, Discovery on the topic: sanctuary of the universe. The collection includes materials such as: "A huge black hole," "How the Earth", "Sun", etc. Aimed at certain subjects and sample processing performed STRC "Culture
1. Sun
The sun is in control of all the details of our lives: the climate, the food, our body. What is going on Sun, impact on our planet. But the sun is unstable, it changes every day or a day, from year to year. How are constantly taking place in the Sun configuration affect us here on Earth?

2nd movie. "A huge black hole" (efir_10.07.2012)
Black holes in the universe — a powerful center of gravity, sucking everything in its path. What we'll see if approached them pass the point of no return and get into the region of curvature of space and time? What is implicit and we will open the secrets of the universe, if go to the center of a huge black hole?

The third movie. How the Earth. Part of the 1st. "Land" (efir_11.07.2012)
The mechanism of the planet Earth is in constant motion by the forces raging in the heart of the planet. This process began 4,000,000,000 600,000,000 years ago, when Land only formed. At the time, she was a ball of molten lava. Over millions of years it has cooled down, and it formed a tough crust. Through cracks in the crust broke through a new kind of lava. It was easier and forms the plate on the surface of the cortex, which later became the land.

4th movie. How does the Land. Part of the 2nd. "The Ocean" (efir_12.07.2012)
Oceans cover three-quarters of the surface of our planet. But ninety percent of the seabed no one has ever beheld. Many large-scale geological processes are driven by forces hidden deep under the water column. Under the seabed is uncharted territory.

5th movie. Speculation and discovery. The majestic India. Ashoka — warrior Buddha (efir_16.07.2012)
Ashoka, the greatest ruler in Indian history, the price of bloody wars for the first time joined the great subcontinent. Written evidence suggests a dramatic change in his life, influenced the history of the world. Of fierce warriors, he turned into the first pacifist on the royal throne. Who was the person who called at the peak of power to the world and India has led to prosperity?

6th movie. Speculation and discovery. "The majestic India. Undercover Taj Mahal" (efir_17.07.2012)
Sign of India — the pearl of architecture, majestic monument of passion — the Taj Mahal. His story tells of endless love Shah Janan, "lord of the world" to the lovely Mumtaz Mahal, the "chosen of the palace." Specifically for her, he built the most perfect building of all time. This is a declaration of love, enclosed in stone. What kind of lies lurking in the posh quarters of the Taj Mahal?

7th movie. Speculation and discovery. "Life and death in Pompeii" (efir_18.07.2012)
Two thousand years ago Mount Vesuvius unleashed on the inhabitants of Pompeii deadly rain. Pumice, volcanic ash and gases killed all living things. During a panic 50 four men took shelter in the basement. Some brought with them values, others did not have anything. They escaped the fate of their own neighbors — for a while. Scientists have studied their remains, and they told an amazing story.

8th movie. Speculation and discovery. Voynich Code. The most mysterious manuscript in the world (efir_19.07.2012)
People always encrypt their secrets: the military reports, love letters, secret knowledge. At some point, almost all of them transcribed. But in the midst of a huge old house is a cipher. This text centuries stood all tests to find out his secret. This is the Voynich manuscript. The most mysterious book in the world written by the creator of the unknown, quite obscure characters and illustrated with picture-puzzles. What are lurking keep those lines?

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

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