Im sure many have wondered what this strange new star appeared on the horizon this year and why it is brighter than all the other objects, except for the Sun and the Moon, and its brightness increases continuously?

Video channel REN: Military Secret to Igor Prokopenko

All unbelieving Thomas Yarema and can immediately scroll down and start viewing photos and videos.

In 1984 in California, gathered scientists from different countries, based on numerous observations and above all the facts unexplained deviations in the motion of Uranus, Neptune, and the perihelion of Halley's comet, was the hypothesis that our Sun has its own remote satellite dwarf star. This star, moving in a highly elongated orbit and having a very long cycle of treatment, regular visits to the solar neighborhood. With its approach in the Solar System are catastrophic global changes. Star named after the Greek goddess of retribution — nemesis. However, despite its seemingly already powerful gravitational effect, the current means of observation to see Nemesis can not yet. This is the view of scientists. Read more>

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